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Jun 9, 2004
But its a bit of an all round post so here goes... One thought led to another... bit the like the couple of brambles I cut down at the bottom of my garden.. I've pre-warned the wife .. didnt realise so much of that 'greenery' was bramble.

Anyway, went fishing yesterday for a couple of hours as I did previous two days to same local reservoir. Small place, hard fishing and not the best of areas. Fished it as a lad from about 11, as it was one of only two places in walking distance.

Remember going with my cousin and getting in a fight once, probably my last one, after a couple of lads started chucking stones at us and after so much provocation we eneded up gettin stuck in. Glad he took the bigger one.

So..not the best of areas and I bet you're thinking why I bother, but there's an attraction about fishing somewhere without much of a drive, and it is a challenge fishing wise, free and there's the old times bit. Any fish and I would be happy is what I decided before I went.

Managed a few roach on maggot and pinkie days one and two which i was well chuffed with. Whiled away a couple of hours as I listened to the footie on the radio.

Yesterday switched to liquidised bread and punch and that really upped the catch rate. Not fished bread punch for 30 years and liquidised bread never. Cracking method, I'll be on it again.

Some lads were just up the bank, 3 or 4 soon became 6 or 8 then 10 or so. They came down asking for a few maggots etc, and how I was catching. Gave them some bread but they were never going to do much with the tackle they had or all the commotion but they were nice enough, rough n ready, but even polite. I was impressed.

As they walked past to leave they even thanked me for the maggots etc. I was even more impressed and thought , hey the world ain't so bad etc.... got that warm glow sort of feelin'.

A few minutes later I looked along the bank...looked like a bomb had hit someones shopping trolley and they'd abanded the place.

I picked up about 10 or 12 empty cans of black label /breaker, a large glass vodka bottle, bottle of pop,(glass) 2/3rds full carton of orange juice, assorted biscuit packets, chocolate bar wrappers. fag packets etc. Crammed as much as I could into a shopping bag I fished out of the lake, and gathered the rest as best I could.

It wouldnt take more than a couple trips like that to make the place look like a landfill. It was that bad.

Surely a couple of them must know its not right to do that. Maybe its just not cool to say so in front of the others ?

It must be the parents, can only be that. How you bring your kids up, The worst thing is they'll be dads themselves soon. If they arent already.


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Jun 10, 2006
idiots that do that im 19 and i take everything, i dont even put litteron the floor. thing is it spoils it for everybody else and ruins it for the wildlife aswell, its that bad up here that the club was considering stopping night fishing, its a real shame some people are like that


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May 29, 2006
There are only two things you take away from a fishing venue litter and memories and the only things you leave behind is bait for the fish and foot prints. Some peoples morals are up there a-- sorry for bad lan.
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