Nasby reservoir

Feb 12, 2021
Hello any advice would be great is there any what I would call normal course fishing at nasby reservoir or is it just a specimen venue now looking for somewhere to go in couple weeks time as I am looking close to home due to restrictions


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May 10, 2010
Naseby is somewhere I never got around to fish before leaving Leicestershire. It is known for big carp and pike, but also for big nets of roach.

From the Canal & River Trust web page...

Naseby is well stocked with the Fishers Pond strain carp to approaching 40lb, with a typical-sized fish being in the range of 8lb to 30lb. There's also a huge head of roach, which are often shoaled up on the dam wall. A haul of 50lb-plus of silvers is not unknown.

When the water is high after a wet winter, the dam wall platforms are your best bet for accessible pegs and these are often hotspots for winter pike fishing. Naseby has produced pike to over 30lb in the past. In the summer and autumn the water levels drop and you can fish from the reservoir bed, which is mostly made of gravel.