Mystery solved!


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Jun 1, 2017
A short time back, I wrote on one of the scamming threads, that we received a letter saying, as our property had been in the wrong band since it was built, 20 years ago. we were due a rebate on our council tax. Whilst the letter seemed to have few inconsistences, we were credited with just under £4000 (we have only lived here for 10 years) and we have also dropped down a tax band.
I had no idea how it happened, until today. There are 4 properties the same as ours in our close and a couple in the drive behind. One of our neighbours called around and said he had looked at the tax band on the houses in our close and then the banding on the identical properties in the other street and found they were in the band below ours! So had contacted the council.

Of course it could have misfired and they might have raised their band. There must be more mistakes like this around.
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