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Team Trinders 08
Jun 13, 2007
right, just got back from doing an overnighter at Huckerbys in Gayton, this was my first time so i didnt know wt to expect.

First thing we had to do was set up my new bivvy which proved to be a doddle after all and was done in 5 minutes or less, this let me get down to the imporant stuff, geting fishing.

I always take my rods made up so didnt have to waste time setting up or anything just had to attach a boilie and then a small pva mesh bag and cast out, i cast about 10-15 yards out infront of me where i had been baiting with groundbait and hemp. the bait this time was a Dynamite Fresh Fish Boilie with a pva bag of horse feed pellets(maize pellets just cheaper )
whilst i was messing around with my second fish my rod screamed off after being in the water only 5 minutes and i was playing a nice carp when the hook pulled
recasting this one and carried on filling my method feeder and cast that out to a reedbed 15yds to my right, the bait was a Dynamtie The Source Boilie.
I had another blistering take on my PVA rod and finally netted a lovely long common of arounf 4lbs, not massive but gave a good account of himself even on 3lbtc Carp rod and 15lb line the reason for heavy gear is i was aiming for the bigger fish
This was recast and nothing happened for about half hour when my mates rod sprung into life and nearly pulled his pod in lol, he carefully played a 3lb common to the bank and finaly broke his duck.
Then it was dads turn, he was fishing bread on the surface and had a lovely mirror of 2lb 7oz, good fun on a centrepin and a 15ft float rod with 4lb line
Then all of a sudden the swims burst into life and me and my friend both had runs at the same time, these both resulted in carp of about 2lb
Then my other rod burst into life with the sound of my alarm filling the air, this was a long dogged fight which resulted in a battle scarred common of about 6lbs, once again , not the speci i was after but nice to catch on a good day.
after recasting both rods with a different bait, Spicy Shrimp and Prawn Boilies on the PVA and a Hali-Hooker on the method, the method registered a drop back so i struck and i hooked into what felt like a good fish but the hook pulled again
the method took center stage next when it tore off into the deep and resulted in a 1/2lb fully scaled mirror which was smallest of the day, my dad then decided that enough was enough and, happy with his 5 carp, decided to go and leave me and my mate to it.
this was fine by me and i decided to chuck a small method out on a quiver tip with maggots to try for some roach and bream and tench, nope, after 2 mins i had a rip roaring take and landed a carp of about 4lbs, this was soon followed by 3 more or 2lbs,1lbs and 4lbs in quick succession, then the PVA rod burned off with an angry carp attached which headed for the shed( ill explain later) but i managed to turn him and land him, a nice carp of 5lbs.
we then decided, because everyone had gone home, to go to the corner peg so we can cast near the shed, i should point out that the shed is half underwater and makes a good feature for fish.
We carted our bivvy and gear here and i spodded out some hemp, groundbait, maggots and corn and whacked my legers out to the shed, within 2 minutes a carp of 8lb 9oz was landed by me to show that the move had payed off, in the space of 3 hours me and my friend landed 10 fish between us, on worms, maggots, pop up corn and boilies.
my mate then had a bit of luck when he cast over a telephone wire and sh*t a brick because he thought it was electric, luckily it wasnt and the big BT sign on the mast gave the game away a little bit
we then decided, after the bites dried up, to start a fire to keep warm, we got loads of paper and logs n twigs and soon had a good fire blazing which lasted hours, i had one more fish at 1 in the morning and brought all the rods in because we were tired and didnt want to land a fish in torrential rain.

so i had a very good day compared to my friend who was doing exactly the same thing in the same swim, maybe it was the TFG Red Mist, Who knows??........
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