My rotten day.


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Aug 6, 2011
Have you ever had one of those truly rotten days?

I arrived at the venue. "'ere Phil have you seen your front offside tyre?"
A flat and getting flatter. Oh joy. It'll have to wait.
Start unloading the gear. Thinks This rod feels a bit funny. Took the quivertip rod out of it's bag. A lovely Daiwa Matchwinner - S that I've fairly recently bought off a member (sorry, can't remember who it was). The top half had broken, obviously resented something falling on it in the van. Dunno what. Oh naughty words.
Trekked to the peg. Looked promising. About fifteen yards of four and a half foot deep water between me and a reedbed.
Clear sunny day, zero wind, water as clear as gin. What could possibly go wrong? (That's irony).
Four and a half hours later me, the bloke to my left and the bloke to my right have not had a bite, a knock, a tickle NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH.
So, pack up, back to the van, load up and change the wheel.
At least the rain that was forecast didn't appear.
Perhaps it was payback for the good time I had last evening as my luscious lady friend was feeling a little frisky.........