My Review of the TKS 30

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May 26, 2006
Well, after all the topics on here asking questions about the TKS range of poles, I thought Id jot down my personal experiences with my TKS 30.

I got the pole for Xmas from the good lady[:D][:D], but with all the naff weather I had to wait a couple of weeks to give it a "proper" test.

First off the package:
14.5m pole
4x power top 2's
1x match kit (included with the pole)
1x cupping kit
1x Mini half ex reversible extension which fits both the 13m and 14.5m butt sections.

Not a bad amount of spares for the money (RRP 549)

The top kits are, as is standard throughout the TKS range, all marked with cutting back lines. Also for those that dont know the whole TKS range of poles use the same top kits, so they are all interchangeable.[:T] Nice touch that!
Spares for the poles are pretty well priced too, the power kits are 29.99, and the match kits are a reasonable 39.99.

I have fitted 3 of the power kits with Middy Shock Core 12-16, and one with Middy Shock Core 18-20 hollow elastics. I was unabe to get hold of any external bushes to fit snugly (I.E MAP bushes) when I cut back to the original mark for 18+ elastics, so with only cutting back an extra inch or so I fitted the largest blue Middy bushes on all 4 power kits.
On the match kit, as I dont really do that much river or canal fishing (I have another pole I use for that), I have simply removed the number 1 section and found that again, the blue Middy bush fitted quite nicely, and I have fitted the Middy 5-10 Shock Core hollow.

So, onto the pole itself.
At 11m, its perfectly straight and very fishable one handed, and very responsive, even with a power kit fitted with hollow elastic.
At 13m, its still very straight (my mate who has a Daiwa All Terrain was sat next to me once, and he commented on how stiff it seemed compared to his![:0])
At 14.5m, it starts to get a bit heavy, but its to be expected from a sub 1000 pole, but its still quite straight, and very little bounce on the "strike".

I have tinkered with having the mini extension in place, but not really had the need to use it for any length of time yet, so cant really comment on that just yet[;)]

How it performs:

In the last few weeks I have fished quite a few matches, and so far the pole has stood up to howling gales, sleet, snow, rain and just about everything else the weather gods can throw at it[:0]
There have been moments when Ive thought it was going to just get obliterated by the high winds, but even though its bent round a heck of alot, its not once made any noises that have made me think it wasnt up to it.
Im not saying its indestructable, but after this weeks match, and extremely high cross winds, Im happy to use it at 10m all day in that!

So far I have had some good fish on the pole, and its coped perfectly with fish up to low double figures. The power kits dont bend too much under pressure, which is something I prefer in my top kits, as I prefer the elastic to do the work, and they have very good wall strength/thickness.
Even when larger fish have taken that last gasp lunge at the net, it stays true, and doesnt groan at all.
To date I havent had the need to use the match kit, but on looking at it, it doesnt actually seem to be alot different to the power kits, so I have every confidence in it.

Shipping out and back is made easy with the smooth finish from the butt sections right down to the number 5, and even when its wet, its still fairly easy to ship out, although by the time you get to 14.5m, if your hands are sticky, then it does pay to rest it lightly on your knees and slide it out for the last couple of feet.[;)]
Breaking down when shipping back and playing a fish is also easy, and so far I havent had any sections stick on me, even when I have had to break down twice due to little room behind me.
The joints have shown very little signs of wear yet either, so it shows that there is a decent amonut of material there[^]

All in all, I am very happy with my TKS30.

Ok, so its not a high end priced pole, but up against all the others in its price range, I honestly dont think there are many out there that can beat it.

My one small gripe with the package is the cupping kit sections. (as some may have seen my post earler in the year).
The kit that came with the pole is wayyyyyyyyy too long and the taper is far different to the power kits. Infact if you cut it back to the same length as the Power kits, you would end up with a very wide tip that would be nigh on impossible to find a cupping set that would fit. Apparently the kits were produced from a mandrel for another MAP pole.

I have been told by Mike Robinson from MAP that there is now a new cupping kit that is made specifically for the TKS range.

That being my only down side, I am still very happy with the pole.

Hopefully this will provide a little insight for others looking at the TKS range.



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Jul 13, 2008
Nice review! I had a waggle with the tks 40 at the weekend after all the good things I've heard on here and must say I was impressed! Wiped the floor with others in its price range!
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Jun 19, 2004
Steve i have the tks 40 and i rate it highly,better than my daiwa g8 and as good as my old superlegions.....My only gripe is the weight of the power kits but i would have no qualms putting red hydro in 1 of them.....

Cupping kit was a poor design but overcome easily by cutting back to same size as power kit and gluing adaptor internally(fits snug)

Cheers kev
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Oct 21, 2006
yes a very good review that mate,ive just sold a map tks40 which is unbelievable for the price,only reason i got shot was i got a cracking deal on a shimano aspire..i can vouch the fact that tks poles are well worth the money and dont think anyone will be disappointd with them,heard the tks50 is out soon and its a cracker by all accounts....
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