My PB Carp


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Jul 15, 2022
Hello All, I'm new around here but have been fishing for a while now.

I've recently got more into my fishing, particularly at my local fishery Magiscroft. I'm not a species specific angle, more a 'anything with fins' and I'm happy. However, I took my brother up recently and he caught fairly decent carp without even trying. And I made it my mission to trump him, simply for the brotherly rivalry!

Fishing a waggler on a 10ft float road and size 16 at the venues main lake, I was chucking in groundbait, hemp and 2mm pellets over the top and pulling in fish all day. A few decent roach, perch and skimmers. Late in the session, the float taps and I assume it to be the usual smaller fish tugging on the bait. A few taps later and the float buries, and my reel starts screaming.

A decent scrap on my light setup and I pulled in my own PB carp. 45 mins later and I done it again!

The first image being my brothers attempt, and the last 2 being mine :D


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Sep 18, 2001
Nice one fella, Carp always put up a scrap on light gear. Congrats on your new PB and welcome to the forum. :upthumb: