My lockdown winter since Xmas.


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Sep 20, 2018
With the rivers a torrent, the local canal like chocolate and club lakes in the fields I've spent just about every one of my Wednesday non working days at my local commercial catching the silvers. Ryecroft Fishery is 3 miles up the road from me so ideal in these restricted travel times etc. I have been fishing the carp lake as it has a good head of silvers and all the carp are large so no pesky pounders to spoil your fun. I started fishing some of the noted pegs but moved to different areas that are a bit harder with little match form to make it more interesting. Main lines of attack have been pole at 11m max down to 6m fishing natural baits over ground bait. I've fished in torrential rain, snow and gales and when most of the lake has frozen over so a real mixed bag of conditions. I've been lucky to catch every session with fish numbers from lowest 32 up to best day 83. Lots of nice roach and skimmers and proper bream to 3lb etc. Ready for a change now but been some great sport fished mostly dead reds or pinkies so cheap bait bill straight out the freezer. IMG_20201010_102028.jpg IMG_20201007_122414.jpg IMG_20210102_134233.jpg IMG_20201007_143330.jpg IMG_20210224_104941.jpg IMG_20210203_110440.jpg IMG_20201118_111234.jpg