My GoodLuck & BadLuck

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Dec 4, 2001
Well ist the good luck i got myself a used Sony Digital Camera last night a SONY FD MAVICA DIGITAL STILL CAMERA MVC-FD- 75 For 40.00 a mate of the son's an Upgrade Photography Buff only had it 6mths paid 360 .00 from Jungle .com
Only he's seen the latest one out & want's that now i suppose because it;s quite large as digital camera's go now &you take photo's on a floppy disc that goe's in the side i was going to take it fishing to photo the fish i catch but on current form i 'll have take photo's of my shimano rod;s & reel's instead.
Bad Luck Car's off the road again ,Having starting problem's they can't find out what the problem only thing it sound's expensive.Bill&Iwere going to go tj's on the Soar tommorrow ,& Then i thought i know i'll go over my club's pool tommorrow instead but seen Bill tonight &he said there's a match on tommorrow morning so fishing out for tomorrow morning as well.May posibly go over in the afternoon instead

Cheer's Larry AKA as toma say's Shimano Man The Tackle Tart
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