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Sep 18, 2001
Hartleylands Farm Fishery. Nick’s Lake. September 12th, 2009.
Southern Championship 2009.


Down to Hartleylands Farm today just outside the village of Cranbrook to fish the Southern Individual Championship on Nick’s Lake. Nick Gilbert had kindly taken care of organising this match and there promised to be a good turn out for it.

The view out of the window first thing was a little dull and grey, but the forecast predicted a bright warm sunny day so hopefully things would pick up. With the car loaded it was off to The Knoxbridge Café for breakfast, quite a few of the lads had the same idea so there was a good bit of banter and a couple of new faces introduced themselves before we made our way down to the fishery for the draw. Arriving at the fishery it was obvious that we had a pretty decent turn out for today's match, 24 of us to be exact. Nick finally got the draw under way with Matt’s help. Peg 34 for me, a nice short walk from the car, but not where I really fancied and with Vince drawing peg 23 I feared the loss of a Golden Nugget was very much on the cards. With my kit at my peg it was time to set up, but for some reason today I really couldn’t get into it and remarked on it to Terry who was on peg 33 to my right……​


Anyway with 1½hrs to get ready I finally managed to get things done. 1st thing set up was the feeder rod with a small method feeder to drop to the edge of the island. For the pole I set up 3 rigs……


These were essentially similar to those I’d used the previous weekend ie: a couple of Malman 4X12 Adam’s on 0·18 Power Match with size 16 Drennan Carp hooks to fish pellet as well as a small Malman SC Paste float on 0·20 Power Match with a size 12 Ashima Barbless hook for paste down the edge. Bait was a selection of various pellets and paste with 6 mm pellet for feed, while the groundbait was Sonubaits Method Mix……


11 am saw Nick call the All-In and I potted in 2 large pots of pellet and groundbait at 6 mtrs and a handful of pellet down the margins, then went out on the method feeder to allow the pole line to settle. Well that was the plan but as I picked up the rod I noticed that somehow I’d managed to miss out threading the line through the bottom rod rig !! (told you I wasn’t really focused when setting up) So I had to strip things down and start again. Anyway having re-rigged I dropped it to the edge of the island. A couple of taps and the tip wrapped round, the 1st fish was on, only for it to slip the hook halfway to the net. Better luck next cast however and a small Common of around 1 lb had me off and running. I managed another couple of similar examples in the next 20 minutes but got the impression that there weren’t any number of fish there so decided to try the pole line while catapulting some pellets over to the island in an attempt to draw some fish.

Unfortunately the pole line was no more productive, 45 minutes producing just another couple of small Carp and a skimmer. Time for another look on the method. Dropping the feeder close to the island, I’d just set the tip when it wrapped round, lifting into the fish I noticed a boil in the water by the island and a Duck paddling off at a rate of knots. Unfortunately I was attached to the Duck. Well the subsequent fight caused a deal of hilarity, but Terry managed to do the honours with the net. ‘Jemima’ was freed and appeared none the worse for her ordeal and Clive kindly did the ‘David Bailey’ bit for posterity……


With that episode out of the way I went back to the pole. It produced another couple of small Carp and a couple of small Roach, but it was still a struggle so I re fed all the lines and took the camera for a quick stroll. In fact I could hear splashing from Terry’s swim as I stood up, and was just in time to catch him sliding a Carp into the landing net.


Looking across from Terry’s swim I could see Vince and Jessebobs staring straight out in front of them, either they were concentrating hard or was it trying to ignore the bloody awful row singing coming from Al on the next peg ……


Meanwhile Clive was attached to something that was giving his purple Hydro a decent work out and giving him a bit of a run around ……


Simon and Mick were engaged in exchanging witty repartee, though some may have mistaken it for ripping the pee out of each other and wonder of wonders Mick was actually fishing the pole ……


Over on the other side thing were obviously not going to plan however as Matt (MD’s very own slapper) was fishing short down the margin !!!!……


On the way back to my peg I noticed that Clive was now concentrating his line of attack down the margin ……


…… and felt that it was probably my best chance of getting anything decent, so out came the paste rig for the final part of the match.
Jeff D had started fishing his margin as well and was having a good run of fish, but it really never happened for me. Just 4 Carp in the last hour, though they were of a better stamp than I’d been getting previously. When Nick called All-Out at 4pm I have to say that I was glad it was all over and I soon had the gear packed up and back in the car.

The Weigh-in was soon under way and Jeff’s 59 lbs+ was the first weight of any note. My meagre total of 30¼lbs being last in section.
Roy’s (Anglingman) 61 lbs+ was beaten by Nick’s level 69 lbs, while Al took the section and 3rd overall with 78¾lbs. Vince, despite suffering almost as bad a match as me (Including snapping his waggler rod) had managed 31½lbs and had a rather large grin as I handed him a Golden Nugget. Nick (BAG UP) had walked the section with 114½lbs that also won him the match. Ian Carley (CasterBlaster) put 70 lbs on the scales to take the next section while Neil Beard’s 107 lbs took the final section and 2nd overall.

Back to the car park for a quick presentation, then the inquests and pee taking started in earnest. Congratulations to Nick(BAG UP)Costar who now holds the title of MD’s Southern Champion, but more importantly ‘The Bragging Rights’ for a year. Thanks to Nick Gilbert for organising the whole thing and Thank You to all the anglers that turned up, without whom there wouldn’t have been a match. Let’s do it all again next year.


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Sep 18, 2001
Rayne Lodge Fishery. The Top Lake. September 19th, 2009.

Marsh AC club match.


So it was off to the Top Lake at Rayne Lodge just outside Braintree in Essex today for what should be the last Marsh AC club match of the year (Though we might manage to sneak another one in somewhere). It promised to feel a little strange as Dave Collier would be missing his first club match in nearly twenty years but I felt sure that we’d manage to muddle through without him. The initial look through the bedroom curtains held the promise of a decent day ahead, and it was pleasantly mild as I loaded the kit into the car and set off for deepest Essex. An easy trouble free run down saw me pulling into the Top Lake car park just after 8 am, where I found a few of the lads already sorting their kit and ferrying it down the hill to the lake. There were 16 of us today including two of our regular guests, Keith and Mick who had trekked down from Milton Keynes.

Now the Top Lake at Rayne Lodge is one of those picture book little lakes with trees trailing into the lake offering plenty of cover and features to fish to. Well it was !!!! Unfortunately someone appears to have acquired a chainsaw and has yet to discover the OFF switch. To say that the pruning in some swims has been extensive would be an understatement. Brutal bordering on vandalism would be more accurate in my opinion. By way of example the following photo shows the view from peg 16 last May……​


While the following photo shows the view from the same peg now ……


Anyway rant over and back to the business of the day. With Dave absent, Colin and Tony had taken care of the pegging and collection of the cash and it was soon time for the draw. Into the draw-bag and I find myself holding Peg 14a. Last year I would have run to it, but I wasn’t so enthusiastic today as it’s right at the heart of the recent ‘Pruning’. It’s one of Dave’s favourite swims, but in a way I’m glad he’s not here today as he would probably have cried to see it as it is now.

Well it was my swim for the next 6 hours so it was a question of making the most of it. For company today I had Keith over to my left on Peg 16, a quality angler and if he’s on a few fish, more than capable of doing the necessary. To my right there was Judy on peg 13 and Colin next to her on Peg 12. Tony has drawn peg 1 and there were a stack of fish in the corner to his right as we were drawing, and with Peg 22 drawn for Al (who hadn’t made it as it turned out) he’s got that corner to himself.


Time to set up and today I was going with a pellet and paste attack. The lake’s level was about a foot down from its normal level and I was going to fish one line straight out at around 7 mts where there was around 3ft of depth, and down both margins where there was around a foot. Rigs were my favourite Malman 4X12 Adam on 0·18 Power Match with size 16 Drennan Carp hook to fish pellet as well as a small Malman SC Paste float on 0·18 Power Match with a size 12 Ashima Barbless hook for paste on the 7 mtr line with a couple of Malman MTD1 dibbers rigged up on 0·18 Power Match, one with a 16 Drennan for pellet and the other with a size 12 Ashima for paste. I had my feeder rod rigged up in it’s ready sleeve but didn’t really want to go down that route unless I was struggling. Bait for the day was simply a selection of various pellets and paste, while feed was taken care of with 6 mm Skrettings pellets while a bag of groundbait was in the carryall if I needed it later.

So down to business as Colin signalled the All-In at 10 am. Out with a pot of pellet at 7 mtrs and some more by hand down the margins. A banded 8 mm to start was shipped out to 7 mtrs. A few little dinks, probably silvers pecking at the pellet. A few lift and drops, float dipped, missed it. Now something I noticed on a previous visit is how bad the condition a lot of the fishes mouths are and I’m sure that’s the reason for a lot of missed bites here, as it must be hard to get a hook-hold with the state of some of their mouths. Keith had landed his 1st fish “That’s the blank saved” he remarked. I was in almost straight after and soon had a Common of around 2 lbs safely in the net. I noticed that the fish was very slimy and hard to get hold of and made a mental note not to try lifting any into the keepnet. Another couple of fish followed for both Keith and myself, but sport was slow to say the least.

After a couple of hours I’d got 7 Carp and a couple of silvers, so out came the feeder rod and I knocked up a bit of groundbait, I’d banded an 8mm pellet and out went the method feeder to the corner of the island. An almost instant response in the form of a Mirror around the 2½lb mark didn’t lead to better things however. Colin strolled up with his sandwiches. He’d been having a torrid time of it with just 3 Carp to show for his efforts. Keith meanwhile has suffered from ’slippery fish’ syndrome and deposited a Carp safely back into the lake rather than his keepnet. With just 2 Carp to show for 45 minutes on the feeder I decided to cup in some loose groundbait and pellets on my 7 mtr line and take a quick stroll with my camera to allow it to settle.

I took a stroll down to see Mick (Keith’s travelling partner) on 11a. Tony had this swim on our visit last year and took a good bag from the left hand tree. It’s not there any more, just a stump but Mick was nicking a few from the left hand margin ……


I could see Eddie over on Peg 5 with what appeared to be a nice patch of lilies on his right to fish to, so hopefully he would be picking up a few ……


Making my way back, I stopped off at Colin, but things weren’t showing any signs of improving for him I’m afraid and he was at a loss as to what he could do to improve things ……


while Judy was in pretty much the same boat as Colin, but was plugging away and at least keeping up with him ……


Back to my peg and I noticed a couple of bubbles coming up on the 7 mtr line. Keith was a bit exasperated by the number of fish he’d had shed the hook and had managed to release yet another ‘slippery fish’ but he now appeared to be concentrating on his margin line……


Bites for me were still finicky so I decided to fish the 6 mm Skrettings I was feeding banded on the hook as they were really quite small compared with some other 6 mm pellets. That seemed to make all the difference for me, and while Keith started to put together a run of fish I felt that I was managing to match him and maybe even ease ahead a little bit. In fact it was all going pretty well apart from a couple of foul hookers, one of which trashed my pellet rig with 15 minutes to go. However swapping to my paste rig still kept the bites coming and I managed another 4 Carp before Colin called the All-Out at 4 pm.

Packing away I couldn’t help feeling a little frustrated at the way my match had gone, mostly due to the fact that the swim had been altered so drastically from the one I’d been expecting when I drew it, but on the plus side I felt confident that I’d beaten Keith and those around me. The Weigh-In was in full swing by the time that Keith and I caught up with it. Tony leading with a fine 79½lbs that would ultimately take his section and the honours on the day. Ron and Jim had managed a tie from adjacent pegs (3 & 4) with 28 lbs each while Eddie had winkled out 21½lbs from peg 5. Martin had managed a very creditable 63½lbs from Peg 7 only to be pipped by 1 lb from the next peg when Terry placed 64½lbs on the scales.


Poor Zack had struggled and could only manage a meagre 11½lbs from peg 10 while John put a level 73 lbs on the scales that would give him the section and 2nd overall on the day, but most importantly the bragging rights over Martin & Zack in the car on the way home.
Ken recorded 13½lbs from Peg 11, but it was Mick on Peg 11a with 42½lbs who took the section spoils after Colin and Judy tied from their adjacent pegs with a level 18 lbs each.


Round to my peg and my 25 Carp along with a few silvers took the scales round to 67¼lbs for a section win and 3rd overall. Keith’s 53½lbs at least saw him with the bragging rights over Mick on the way home. Roger round on Peg 20 weighed in 32½lbs but once again suffered the agony of losing a PB carp at the venue as he’d done last year, While Rod was the last to weigh with a level 14 lbs.

All that just left us with just the slog back up the hill to the car park. Thank Heavens that Dave wasn’t there to waltz up the hill with his powered trolley and take the mickey out of us all. So with the sections paid out the farewells were done, That’s it officially for the Marsh AC club matches this year, though we hope to fit one final outing in next month as Kevin is coming back to visit from the Bahamas, so we’ll try to sort out a day with him.

In the meantime it’s been a most enjoyable series of matches once more, and I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Dave for organising the matches as always and another BIG THANK YOU to all that have fished the matches, both members and guests who’ve made them great fun to fish as always. Here’s to more of the same next year.



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Sep 18, 2001
Hartleylands Farm Fishery. Peartree Lake. October 13th, 2009.


Well today is a rare midweek day out with a few of the lads from Marsh AC and Maggotdrowners . Not a club match as such, just a days fishing as Kevin has returned to these shores for six weeks before he and Jean finally make their move to The Bahamas. So that Kevin can get a final bit of fishing in ahead of their departure we’d arranged this trip down to Hartleylands today along with a final official club match at Colemans Cottage on Saturday.

I’ve still got a few days of Holiday to fit in before the end of the year, so booked the day off to venture out for an all to rare weekday session. Loading up the car just before 6am it was noticeably chilly and the car thermometer only read 4°C. I’d arranged to meet a few of the lads at The Knoxbridge Café for a spot of breakfast beforehand and when I got there Kevin, Jean and Al were already tucking in and we were soon joined by Tony and Jim. Soon we made our way down to the fishery to find the car park packed as there was a Police match on Nick’s and Bramley.

Dave soon had the draw organised and with just 13 of us fishing we just used the odd pegs on Peartree and I found Peg 19 in my hand. I soon had my gear round to the peg, though a soft trolley tyre made it harder work than usual.​


Settling in I had plenty of island to go at and I decided on a nice simple day fishing the method feeder, so setting up really took no time at all seeing as the rod was already set up in its ready sleeve. Indeed I had plenty of time to go back to the car and sort out my trolley tire. For company today I had Tony to my right on Peg 17 and DaveT (Faye’s Dad) on Peg 15, while to my left on Peg 21 was Terry. Apart from the groundbait I just had a selection of pellets for the hook and a few maggots.​


Dave blew the All-In at 10·15. I banded a white 6 mm pellet and with the feeder clipped up dropped it around a foot from the island. Within 30 seconds the tip wrapped round and a nice little Common Carp of around 1 lb was soon safely netted to get me off the mark. Back out and the tip wrapped again and Common number 2 was safely netted. The third cast produced exactly the same result, Happy Days.

Or not as it proved, subsequent casts produced not even a tremble on the tip, going through various hook baits had no effect at all and after an hour I decided to get the pole out. A quick look in my box found a suitable rig, a 4X12 KC Tricky on 0·14 power match with a size 18 Drennan Carp Match hook. Plumbing up at around 9 mtrs I found a nice even patch at around 3½ft deep. It was noticeable that nobody had really been catching much, apart from Bill up on Peg 11, so I decided to go for it and balled 6 balls of groundbait in to see if I could draw a few fish, Then went back out on the method to let things settle. Another 20 minutes on the method produced nothing however, so time for the pole. 20 minute on the pole was biteless as well so I fed 2 pots of pellets and took a stroll.

Tony had a few on the method and had mugged a 4 lb’er from the margin, but was struggling to put any sort of run of fish together……​


Dave T was happy with his lot as he’d managed to snare a carp that he was sure was his best ever on his new pole ……​


Jim was having a bit of a struggle tucked down in a corner on peg 13 and was having to watch Bill regularly putting a fish or two into his nets, even though he was suffering blank spells of his own……​


Martin and Rod were suffering in a similar vein to Jim, though John was managing the odd fish on the feeder from the end of the island.
I got round to Dave just as he was into another fish on the feeder, just a small stockie carp but welcome all the same……​


Al strolled round with his wife who’d come down to see him for a couple of hours and she and Jean were taking orders for pies from the farm shop, so with my order placed I strolled round to Kev who was actually into his second fish of the day ……​


Stopping for a chat with Terry he was struggling big time without a single fish to show for his efforts, despite there being fish moving in the reeds in his left hand margin.

Settling back into my peg I banded a 6 mm pellet and shipped out and settled for feeding just 10-15 pellets every put in. 10 minutes of lifting and dropping finally produced a bite, and a chunky little Mirror of around 1½lbs was a welcome result. Jean and Al’s wife arrived with the pies, and that Meat & Potato pie looked like it was going to be the best bite I was going to get on the day. I wish I could say it got better as the day progressed, but it didn’t, apart from Jean turning up with a freshly brewed mug of tea courtesy of Dave. Far to long between bites was the story, but I plugged away and ended with 19 fish which I thought might scrape 20 lbs, by the time Dave called the All-Out.

The Weigh-In didn’t take long. Kev kicked off with just a couple of fish for 2½lbs. Dave had fared better with 28¼lbs to show for his efforts, while John managed 14¼lbs. Bill took the bragging rights on the day with a hard earned 49 lbs, while DaveT managed 30½lbs for second (Including his 8½lb PB Common) Tony managed 22¼lbs to edge out my 19¾lbs. Terry managed to find a few in the end to weigh 16¼lbs while Al managed 30¼lbs for third on the day.

So no great shakes fishing wise, but good company and far better than a day at work. It’s off to Essex and Colemans Cottage on Saturday and hopefully a few more fish.​

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Sep 18, 2001
Colemans Cottage Fishery. Cottage Lake. October 17th, 2009.

Marsh AC club match.


Well it was down to Colemans Cottage today for an impromptu final match on Cottage Lake with Marsh AC to give Kevin a fitting send off before he and Jean leave for The Bahamas. Now Cottage Lake is the original more established lake at Colemans and doesn’t get used for many matches, so it’s a bit of a trip into the unknown for most of us. With very little info available anywhere about this lake and the nights getting colder it was anyone's guess how it would fish, but I always enjoy fishing a water that’s new to me, so I soon had the motor loaded this morning and was away in good time and pulled into the fishery at around 7·50 am to be greeted by Tony who’d already been for a scout round the lake. First things first, up to the lodge where Terry, Eddie, Kevin and Jean were already in attendance and a ‘Full English’ was soon ordered and dispatched, and as the rest of the crew arrived a few of us set off to peg the lake.

First impressions were that it looked a little gem, only 19 pegs but well established in comparison to the newer lakes at the fishery and having decided which pegs to leave out we made our way back to the lodge, where Dave got the draw under way for the 13 of us present. Today for a bit of fun Dave had drawn 3 teams, 2 teams of 4 and one of five, with the team of 5 being able to drop their worst result, and I was in the team of 5 along with Colin, Graham, Zack and Rod. Into the hat and Peg 2 was mine, so gear collected from the car and down to the lake. For company today I had Rod on Peg 1 to my left and Kevin on Peg 4 to my right. The platform on my peg had seen better days, but nothing that couldn’t be sorted thanks to my box’s telescopic legs.

From the little info I’d managed to glean it seemed that there was a fair head of Carp, including some proper lumps and plenty of silvers. Looking at my peg, I had a tree overhanging the left hand margin and a bush to the right. The wind made it feel pretty chilly though luckily it was off my back. I decided on a pole approach, setting up 3 rigs. The 1st being a 4X12 Malman Adam on 0·20 power match straight through to a size 14 QM1 for a line at around 8 mtrs where I had around 3½ft of depth, and 2 Malman MTD1′s similarly rigged for down the margins 2 ft deep in the left and 1 ft in the right hand. Bait for the day was going to be 6 mm GOT expander pellets and corn with 6 mm pellets for feed.​


10 am and as Dave called the All-In I shipped out a pot of pellet with a few grains of corn to my 8 mtr line and fed some pellet down both margins. Tony was in to a fish almost straight away while I shipped out my rig baited with a grain of corn. No instant response for me however despite lifting and dropping the rig to try and provoke some action, just little dinks that I couldn’t connect with. Looking around a few people appeared to be taking the odd silver, but nobody appeared to be off to a flyer. 30 minutes in having changed to expander on the hook a good positive bite resulted in several feet of elastic, and after a spirited scrap a pristine Common of around 3 lbs was safely netted to get me off the mark. A second followed soon after, a Mirror this time of a similar size.
I could see Colin over on Peg 8 fishing tight to the bush overhanging his left hand margin and he seemed to be matching me fishing his favourite paste……


Twenty biteless minutes followed before the next bite, this time however it felt like a much more solid fish as it plodded off, steady pressure took it’s toll however and after about 5 minutes I slid the net under a Common that must have been close to 10 lbs. Another couple of fish soon followed, sadly not of quite the same stamp, both of them being closer to 2 lbs than 10, but very welcome none the less. So 5 fish in the net for around 20 lbs and things were looking good, the next bite however resulted in me being attached to something that felt more like a submarine than a fish, It just steadily headed off across the lake and all I could do was hang on with the pole tip under the water till the hook pulled. Unfortunately it trashed the rig. With a new rig sorted it was back out, but it took a good 20 minutes till another bite produced a small but perfectly formed Mirror of around 8 ozs. A look down both margins produced nothing at all, so I decided to re feed and have a stroll with the camera while things settled.

Rod appeared to be having a bit of a struggle with just a solitary skimmer to show for his efforts, while Graham was taking a steady stream of small silvers from his peg. Eddie seemed to have a decent feature to fish to, but the fish didn’t seem to agree and he was working hard for little reward……


Terry was another who was having trouble getting to grips with things and it was becoming pretty obvious that the overnight drops in temperature during the previous week had taken its toll on things. Young Zack had managed to winkle out a couple of Carp on the feeder however and was looking reasonably happy with his lot……


Martin had nicked a Carp as well and had also encountered a submarine that had seen him off. Round to Dave who was plugging away fishing maggot which had produced some silvers and a couple of Carp for him……


Tony was in pretty much the same position as Dave and fishing for anything with fins, while Colin’s paste attack had produced 5 Carp for him, though he’d lost 3 fish which he felt were foul hooked, and while Jean watched on from behind, Kevin had managed a couple of Carp on corn……


Back to my peg and I decided to try a banded 6 mm on the hook and almost immediately it produced a plump Common of around 1½lbs swiftly followed by a 12oz skimmer. I struck into the next bite and all hell seemed to be let loose as a big Carp charged off then boiled on the surface, a large Mirror that was hooked in the tail!!!!! Steady pressure saw me making progress, but the fun was still to come. Colemans supply all the nets at the fishery, but the landing nets are only 18″ spoons. Somehow and more by luck than judgement I managed to get the fish up and it’s head in the net 1st time, then the hook fell out. The fish was a stunning Mirror of around 10 lbs, the orange of it’s tail contrasting wonderfully with its dark brown flanks. Dave arrived and was surprised that I’d got it in so quickly as he felt sure that I would still be playing it. A quick chat during which I missed a couple of bites then Dave was on his way.

The afternoon settled into a pattern where I would get a couple of fish then have to wait 15-20 minutes before I would get another couple, and I felt this could be down to the fish patrolling around rather than settling and the water starting to loose a bit of it’s colour as it got cooler making the fish a little spooky. Still I was putting fish in the net though I always felt that Colin had the edge as he was keeping up with me and his fish seemed to be of a better average size.

Rod at last seemed to have had a a change of fortune hooking a decent Carp only to suffer one of those horrible moments as he played it all the way to the net only to have his 8 lb line break for no apparent reason. Dave however had better luck when he latched into a decent fish, and although it gave him a bit of a runaround he soon had it safely in the net……


My last fish proved to be a Tench of around 1¾lbs and when Dave called the All-Out at 4 pm I’d taken 17 Carp to go with that Tench and the skimmer which I felt would be somewhere close to 60 lbs.

So Kit packed away and on to the Weigh-In with Kevin once more taking up his familiar role of scalesman. Rod kicked things off with 1 lb for his solitary skimmer, while my fish came to 62½lbs. Kevin recorded 15¼lbs while it was Colin who took the honours on the day with a fine 67¾lbs. Tony found that his 25¼lbs was only good enough for 4th on the day as Dave produced 27¾lbs for 3rd. Martin recorded a level 14 lbs and Zack 12½lbs. Ken produced 8¼lbs while Terry had struggled for 8½lbs. Bob could only muster 3¾lbs and Eddie had only 3½lbs to show for his efforts. Graham being the last to weigh produced a hard earnt 10¼lbs as his reward for plugging away at the silvers. So back to the Lodge for a welcome cuppa and a slice of bread pudding paid for by Dave.

It turned out that our team had won on the day, meaning that Zack received his first ever pick-up from a match. While the weights had been a little disappointing in general I felt that the conditions hadn’t shown the lake in it’s best light, Match wise although it holds 19 pegs it probably can’t hold more than 16 in comfort which restricts it a little, but I for one would be more than happy to fish it again.

So that’s it, definitely the final Marsh AC match of the year, well unless we sneak out somewhere for an impromptu Christmas match.Where am I off to next? Who knows? but the report will be here when I find out.

Now the club doesn’t operate a championship as such but for a bit of fun I worked out a table of the seasons results using a 20 point system, allowing for an anglers worst result to be dropped and 1 point awarded for a DNW. Guests results were not included in the table and the matches at the Private Lake and Cottage Lake at Colemans weren’t included as neither of them were official club matches. As you can see it was very close in the end with Colin and Tony tied at the top. However Colin had 3 match wins to Tony’s 2 and also caught a greater weight of fish. My blow out on the 1st match at Monks and missing the 1st match at Colemans knocked me back. Perhaps I should have worked it out on aggregate weight. ;)

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Sep 18, 2001
Wyland International Angling Centre, near Battle, East Sussex. December 12th, 2009.
Southern Fur & Feather.


Time for the annual Maggotdrowning Southern Fur & Feather match and we’re back down at Wylands on House Lake today. Pressure of work has meant that I haven’t been out fishing for nearly 2 months so it was good just to be going fishing today. I was hoping that the weather would be a little kinder than last year, but looking through the curtains it was looking pretty cold and that was confirmed as I loaded the car. I rolled into the car park around 7·50 am in tandem with Mark (MoleMan) and found Bill, Simon, Trevor and Wayne already in residence at the tea hut. The bad news however was that there was no food on the go, and the bailiff had only opened it so we could get a cuppa before we started.

Looking across the lake it was obvious that some drastic gardening had gone on since last year with the island that’s reached by the footbridge cut in half to form two, a lot of the trees cut back and a number of bivvy friendly swims installed on the woodside bank and the bank to the left of the bridge. Mark soon had the draw underway for the 14 of us in attendance and put in 3 more pegs for absentees who hadn’t cancelled. I ended up with peg 16, one of 4 new pegs to the left of the bridge. For company today I had Tony to my left on 17, while to my right was Wayne on 15 and Trevor on 14 next to the bridge. Positioning my box I couldn’t help noticing the icy easterly that was blowing from right to left into our pegs, and then for good measure it started raining.​


Now with a good head of silvers present and the cold snap probably slowing the carp down, I’d picked a couple of top kits with soft white Hydro and made up a couple of silvers rigs, 4X12 carpa tricky’s on 0·12 to 0·10 with size 20 Red Drennan Barbless Carp Maggot hooks. Now the main body of house lake offers depths of around 4-6 ft on the pole line, so I was a little taken aback to find no more than 2½ft regardless of where I plumbed up. Bait for today was red & white maggot, 4 mm expanders and some micro pellet.

10 am and Mark blew for the All-in, I potted some maggot and pellet straight out at 8 mtrs and a similar amount about 10 ft to the left of it.
Out with the rig baited with a single red maggot and 30 seconds later a small roach made sure that I wouldn’t be facing a DNW. Further small roach followed in the next 2 hours, but Tony and I were really struggling, Wayne appeared to be doing a bit better, while Trevor fishing the whip was definitely doing the best of the four of us……


Feeling a little disheartened I grabbed the camera and took a stroll. Jeff had once again drawn on the island and was getting regular action with some skimmers helping him build a decent net. Looking across I could see Mark on the 1st peg and rumour had it that he already had a bonus Carp in the net……


Indeed it appeared that all those on the wood bank had got off to a decent start, especially Simon and Andy……


and I could see that Vince over on the dam was getting a few meaning that he was looking odds on for another Golden Nugget off me today……


I could see Bill sitting in splendid isolation with the tea hut bank all to himself, and as I made my way over he was into a fish that was taking just a bit to much elastic for it to be anything other than a Carp. A couple of anxious minutes followed, but soon it was safely in the net, a nice bonus fish……


Mick looked to be lost in concentration and getting amongst a few silvers himself ……


Indeed the whole of the main part of the lake seemed to be fishing quite well as I made my way back to my peg. I stopped off for a chat with Trev to try and pick his brains as it’s his local fishery and he suggested that I needed to up my feeding despite the bitter cold as that’s what the fish normally responded to. So back to my peg and off with the kinder pot and out with the catapult.

Well it worked to a degree, in that the roach started to come a bit more frequently, but they were still just 1-2 oz fish with the occasional 4 oz bonus fish. With around half an hour to go Terry (Wily Coyote) Goff appeared having come down to see how we were getting on, and it was as I chatted to Tony that I struck into another roach bite only to see quite a lot of White Hydro, and a nervous couple of minutes followed before I slid the net under a Carp of around 5 lbs. However that was the end of the excitement for me and Mark blew the All-out at 3 pm just as the rain returned for us to pack up in. Thankfully we were using fishery keepnets so were able to pack up in double quick time and get the gear back to the car before the weigh in.

Mark kicked off with 20¾lbs and was rapidly overtaken by Simon with 24¼lbs, Stuart managed 15½lbs before Andy brought 37lbs to the scales including 3 Carp. Vince’s 16lbs+ secured the Golden Nugget from yours truly :cry: while Jay put a match winning 38¼lbs on the scales. Mick recorded 12¾lbs while Bills level 34 lbs left him ruing 3 lost carp, anyone of which would have given him the win. Next up Jeff and Trevor both put 25½lbs on the scales for joint 5th place. Wayne had 14½lbs, my meagre total was 11 lbs 6ozs leaving poor Tony last to weigh and last on the day with just 4¼lbs to show for his efforts.

At least everyone took home a prize on the day, one day hopefully we’ll catch it on a day when the weather gods are smiling on us.
A Big Thank You to Mark for organising the match, and to all that turned up on the day. Same again next year folks?

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Sep 18, 2001
Monk Lakes. Match Lake 4. March 27th, 2010.

Marsh AC club match


Well after what seems like forever I’m finally getting back out on the bank. A combination of atrocious weather and pressure of work has seen me having my own private close season since Christmas, but today sees the 1st Marsh AC club match of the year down at Monk Lakes on Match Lake 4, so it’s time to blow the cobwebs away and see if I can remember how to catch a few fish. So with the alarm going off at 5·30 am I soon had the cats fed and my coffee made and drunk before loading up the car and setting off for Monks. I pulled up in the car park around 7·45 am with the sun shining to find a few of the lads already in attendance and tucking into breakfast in various forms. A bacon & egg baguette washed down with a tea took care of things for me and as the rest arrived Dave took care of collecting in the subs and peg fees while Tony and I strolled up to lake 4 to check out the pegging.

The lake was almost flat calm with barely a hint of breeze, though as this is Monk Lakes the odds were that the wind would get up as soon as we settled into our pegs. Only peg 157 needed to be left out as it’s tight in a corner. Keith, Clive and Al who have been regular guests for quite a while had accepted invites to join the club this year, while Bill G was guesting as was Pete Thompson who had travelled down from Milton Keynes with Keith, and Kevin & Jean were also back with us having had to cancel their plans to move to The Bahamas.

So into the draw bag and with none of us having any real experience of this lake, nobody seemed to worried about what peg they would draw. Peg 136 ended up in my hand, at least I would be able to park pretty close to it. Getting the kit out of the car I could feel the wind starting to get up and by the time I’d set up it was blowing quite briskly onto my back. For company I had Bill G on 137 who had the end of the island in front and had set up a waggler to fish it and he would alternate between this and the pole all match to keep some fish coming. At least we would have a bit of banter regardless of the outcome. My peg looked OK with a comfortable 14½ mtrs to the island. With the depth being a pretty constant 3½ft all over I just set up a couple of rigs, both 4X12 Malman Champers on 0·16 power match to 0·14 with a size 18 Drennan Carp Match hook. Bait for today would be a selection of GOT 6 mm soft hookers and some sweetcorn with GOT micros for feed.​


10·00 am saw Dave call the All-in, and Bill was in straight away with a Carp of around 3 lbs on the pole at 13 mtrs. My start wasn’t so good with lots of rubbish on the bottom of my chosen line against the island I had to come back about a meter from the island to find a clear patch. Bill probably had 7 or 8 fish before I managed my 1st, a small Carp of around a pound and while Bill appeared to be ticking along nicely I was just getting the odd Gudgeon and small Tench……


Around 11 am Vince arrived to see how we were getting on and brought me a welcome cuppa. By this time the wind had got up to a decent blow making things more awkward and I sent Vince off with my camera to take a few photos and see what others were doing. Bill was still catching though he was suffering from a few bumped fish and a snag on his waggler line seemed to be costing him a few hook lengths, but he was still on course to take our £1 side bet.


On Vince’s return his report was that although everyone seemed to be catching, nobody was taking it apart, though most seemed to be fishing maggot, so I asked Vince to pop down to the site shop and get me ½pint of reds and he duly obliged. 1st put in with double red on the hook I landed a small but scale perfect Golden Rudd which Vince photographed before saying farewell and heading for home.


Young Zack had a bit of a shock when his double maggot was taken by a 5 lb+ Pike (I had no idea there were any present) which he weighed and returned. All the time it was getting colder and with the sky getting darker it was obvious that we were due some rain at some point. At least the red maggots were starting to pick up a few more fish for me, not enough to do any damage, but in all honesty I was just enjoying being out on the bank again after a 3 month layoff. Jean as always appeared with a welcome cup of tea and even went and got a burger for Bill and I. After the burger I fed a load of micro’s with some corn and a few reds at 7 mtrs and went for a stroll of my own with the camera to allow it to settle.

Keith was fishing a top 3 and right on cue caught a decent skimmer for the camera…


While Colin was doing his best ‘Bankside Bush’ impression in his camo gear, and as usual was keeping how he was doing pretty close to his chest, although admitting to having a few ……


Tony was looking remarkably cheerful, despite having the no 9 section of his 401 fall apart in his hands earlier in the day (Tony has had no luck with this pole since he brought it secondhand, with countless sections breaking :mad:) ………


Further round Pete Thompson was struggling to hit his bites, and felt that he was falling behind Clive on the next peg………


Clive was looking like someone out of an advert, sitting on his shiny new Space Station and using a shiny new pole, which seemed to be doing the business for him …….


Indeed he landed a decent Carp while I was chatting to him leading me to believe that he was doing better than he was letting on……


By the time I got round to Dave the wind was blowing full on into his peg and causing his joints to suffer, though he’d managed a few, admitting to around 10 different species in his nets ……


Kevin was just glad to be out fishing, having had the misfortune to suffer a couple of strokes in recent months, but with Jean keeping a careful eye on him to make sure he didn’t overdo things, he’d had a succession of small Carp to his feeder tactics and was obviously enjoying himself ……


Back at my peg the feed appeared to have done the job as there were a few bites to be had, very few Carp though, but a mixture of small skimmers, Ide, Gudgeon, Tench and Roach kept me interested as squalls of rain made things uncomfortable for everyone. With about an hour to go Bill lost yet another hook to the snag on his waggler line and decided he’d have a stroll, while I kept plugging away picking up the odd fish including a solitary small Carp of around 2lbs that I managed to nick from my left hand margin before Dave called the All-out at 4 pm. Thankfully it didn’t take to long to pack up and get the gear back to the car as it was only parked about 10 yards away.


The weigh-in started at my peg where my net weighed a level 21 lbs which was more than I thought I had. Bill’s 26 lbs safely secured the £1 side bet between the two of us. Colin’s mixed bag weighed in at a level 33 lbs. Next up was Keith who put a fine 50¾lbs on the scales that would eventually net him 2nd place. Hot on Keith’s heels was Tony who despite the disaster with his pole weighed 45¼lbs which would prove to be good enough for 3rd place. The winner however proved to be Clive round on peg 152 who used his new kit to good effect putting a level 54 lbs on the scales to take the win on the day.

So that’s it, the 1st trip of the year done and dusted and hopefully a few cobwebs blown away. Where next? who knows, but the report will appear here from wherever it is.

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Sep 18, 2001
Churchgate Lakes. The Bottom Lake. April 24th, 2010.

Marsh AC club match.


Well it’s the second Marsh match of the year today. There’s a slight change of plan however as we were supposed to be fishing the Top Lake, but with only 22 pegs on there after some recent changes, and with 20 anglers booked in for today's match the decision was made to change to the Bottom Lake. I have to say that the last couple of matches that the club has had on there haven’t really been resounding successes so hopefully it will fish a bit better for us today.

I’d arranged to meet up with Dave at his house at 7 am, and it’s a good job I did. As I got out of the car I saw that I hadn’t put my pellets in the car, Luckily Dave always has loads so I blagged some from him. Cars loaded and a quick trip through the Dartford Tunnel into darkest Essex saw us pulling into the fishery car park just before 8 am.

It promised to be a glorious day weather wise with the sun shining out of a clear blue sky, but the first order of the day was breakfast in the café cooked by Tony Runnalls (the Fishery Manager) while everyone caught up with the latest gossip. It was Dave’s Birthday today and his good lady Gladys had come with him on what has become her annual outing with the club. There’s a bit of history here as on her first visit here in October 2007 she had beaten Dave off the next peg, while on our last visit in July 2008, I was the one being beaten, so the pressure was on to avoid being “Gladys’d” so avoiding frightful amounts of stick in the future.

Into the draw and I found peg 2 sticking to my hand, a nice short walk from the car park but not the best of draws as it’s always struggled to produce in our matches on the lake. The peg itself looks glorious……


…….with the corner of an island that can be reached at around 20 mtrs. For company today I had Keith on peg 1 ……


…… so the competition would be stiff, but at least the banter would be good while peg 3 wasn’t drawn. I decided to be positive in my approach today targeting the larger fish that are present in the lake. I set up a couple of Shakespeare 11 ft pellet waggler rods and a feeder rod with a small method feeder to attack the point of the island, while I just set up 1 pole rig for a late look down the margin as a back up. Bait for the day was simply 6 mm hard pellet and some corn, while the groundbait for the feeder was the new GOT ‘Yellow Peril’ with some added Atomic micros. There’s a huge head of smaller fish that can be caught fishing maggot, but the matches always seem to go to those who get amongst the better specimens, especially the Carp and Bream, so they were my targets for today.

So at 10 am Dave called the All-In and we were underway, the method feeder being dispatched to the corner of the island with a banded pellet on the hook, while I pinged a few pellets over in preparation for the waggler later. Keith started on the lead to the island and was soon off the mark with a small Tench. I stuck at the method for 45 minutes before I was rewarded with my first fish, a small F1 that promptly dived at the keepnet and transferred the hook to it before I had the chance to net it. Carp 1-0, Was it going to be one of those days? Out with the waggler and I was finally rewarded with an Ide of around 1 lb+ to get me off the mark. Dave was on an early stroll round and informed me that Gladys was catching well and already had 35 fish to crank the pressure up. Gladys always fishes maggot on a top 2 for whatever swims and while I knew most of her fish would be small there was always the chance of the odd bonus and she would probably put 10 lbs+ on the scales at the end, so no pressure there then.

A Bream was my next fish and at around 2½lbs more than welcome, this was swiftly followed another, unfortunately this one was nearer 2½ozs. Keith however was reporting rather a lot of black Hydro being pulled from his topkit !!!!!!!! The culprit proved to be a decent Common that was soon residing in the bottom of Keith’s landing net………


I was then briefly attached to something that decided to vanish at a rate of knots round the back of the island before shedding the hook and killing sport in the process. Carp 2-0. I took a look down the margin that I’d been feeding regularly from the off with a grain of corn on the hook but without an indication to give me any encouragement after 15 minutes I decided to have a stroll with the camera.

Tony on peg 25 was getting amongst some decent Ide down on peg 25, but the chap that seemed to be doing the best on that bank was Clive fishing meat long he’d picked up some decent Bream and a couple of Carp, but had lost a Bream that he reckoned was bigger than his landing net !!!!!……..


Gladys had slowed down a bit (Thank heavens for small mercies) while Dave fishing his customary 4 sections had the contented look of a man who felt he had the measure of his wife ……


Over on the far side the wind was putting a nice ripple onto the water and Jim could be found steadily putting a net of small fish together, but was a little frustrated that he couldn’t find any bonus fish ……


…… especially as Mick (fishing as Keith’s guest having accompanied him down from Milton Keynes) was quietly putting together a good net with some decent Bream fishing his right hand margin………


…… Colin was having a bit of a struggle and had reverted to fishing the maggot, but Al was fishing hemp & tares up in the water and was finding a few Ide and bream. Tony (Wily Coyote) was tucked away in peg 5 but was having better luck catching the sun than getting the fish to co-operate ……


……. and young Zack was sticking at it, but struggling to find a bite with just a couple of fish to show for his efforts…….


Back at my peg and the waggler still failed to produce so I decided to fish the method for the remainder of the match in the hope that I could find a decent Carp to get me out of Jail. Tony meanwhile had hooked a decent Carp, a right lump in fact and was gingerly playing it on his new pole, and getting plenty of encouragement to give it a bit of teddy ……. needless to say the hook pulled, but at least he got plenty of Sympathy ……..NOT !!!!!!!!


Meanwhile Clive had come for a stroll round complete with camera, and right on cue the tip on my feeder rod shot round, Fish on, softly softly as it was obviously a Carp that could save my day……


……. Well retribution for taking the mickey out of Tony was swift as everything went slack, a pigtailed line showing that a knot had failed at the swivel ……


…… Mugger had been well and truly mugged. Carp 3-0.


So a couple of hours to go and it looked like I needed snookers. I tied a new rig up, paying special attention to the knots this time and set up a hair rig to take 3 grains of sweetcorn, sh*t or bust time. Time ticked on, Keith managed another a smaller Carp from his margin, but not so much as a rattle on my tip.

3·55 pm and just 5 minutes to go, time for one last cast before the inevitable stick that I just knew would be coming my way. 3 fresh grains of corn on the rig and back out accompanied with a little prayer……………. Well the tip had barely settled when it steadily pulled round and just kept going . I just had to lift the rod and as soon as I felt it I knew this was the fish that I needed. A nervous couple of minutes followed, not helped by various shouts of encouragement (or was it disbelief) from around the lake, before I slid it safely over the net accompanied by a shout of relief that could be heard around the lake, a definite double, I slipped it safely into the keepnet just as Dave called the All-Out.

As I packed my kit away I have to say that I felt pretty relieved, though I’m sure I could hear “Two Minutes,Two bloody Minutes “coming from Dave’s direction. Keith and I were on the scales today and as we set off round the lake Tony on peg 25 took an early lead with a level 20 lbs. Clive on peg 20 soon overtook that however with 45 lbs. Gladys set the target of 12½lbs to avoid humiliation, which Dave sailed past with 22½lbs. Jim put 17 lbs on the scales, but the main man on the day was Keith’s guest Mick who comfortably took the win with 63¼lbs of mainly Bream. Al’s 23 lbs was to prove good enough for 3rd overall. My moment of truth arrived and that late Carp weighed just over 11 lbs and boosted my total weight to 16¼lbs, so no ‘Gladysing’ for me. Keith rounded things off with a hard earnt 17¾lbs.

Back to the car park for the results, and most seemed to think that it hadn’t fished that badly, and after a chorus of HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Dave we said our farewells.

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Monk Lakes. Match Lake 2 & 4. May 3rd, 2010.

Faye’s Match

Organised by

With all proceeds going to support


Around this time last year Bill G organised a fund raising match in aid of in support of a young lady called Faye, who has become very close to the hearts of a lot of the members who use the forum on the website and you can read the story of just how that day went HERE.

It was such a success, that Bill has taken up the reins once more and we’re back down at Monk Lakes today to do it all over again. So having risen at some ungodly hour to take Mrs M to work for 6 am, I couldn’t help noticing just how cold it was outside, so the first job after another coffee and toast was to dig the thermals out and climb into them before loading the car. With one thing and another it was just gone 7 am once I set off, but a smooth run down saw me pulling into the car park around 8 am. Evidently I passed Clive and Tony on the way down, but they were unable to pick up my slipstream and arrived a little later.

A good turnout seemed assured as people assembled and various breakfast goodies were devoured as introductions were made to new faces and friendships renewed. People had come from far and wide for this match, notably Geoff and his better half Mags, from Motherwell in Scotland, while Arkwright and his good lady Pat had trekked down from Lancashire along with a few other ‘Monkeys’ from above the Watford Gap and the ‘Pink One’ that is Jessebobs escaped from Bristol for the day.

Faye’s Dad, Dave T had come down for the day to offer his support, as unfortunately Faye was still in Adenbrookes with Mum Liz keeping her company. With the draw rolling round it was also good to see Vince putting in an appearance. Unfortunately he’s been suffering from a bout of pneumonia, preventing him from fishing, but he still found the time to come down to meet everyone and lend Bill a hand with the draw. So in for the draw and peg 145 stuck to my hand. Up on Lake 4 and I was quite happy as with the islands and a fair bit of vegetation it may offer a bit of shelter on what promised to be an absolute grueller of a day weather wise…….. yeah right.

Well the peg looked great, but the wind was howling in, but at least it was at my back. It meant that I could comfortably fish at around 7 mtrs on the pole and with a decent 2½ft in the margin and a nice level 3 ft+ at 7 mtrs those would be my 2 lines utilising 2 rigs that were still in my box from an earlier club match on the lake back in March. I also set up my feeder rod as I had it with me in its ready sleeve. Bait for the day was maggot, pellet and corn with some groundbait for the method. For company I had Bill’s club mate John to my left while to my right was ‘Mermaid’ Linda’s husband Chris and Al. Did I mention the wind??? 1st job was to retrieve my seat box cover that went flying past me and then navigated half the lake before docking in Jessebob's swim, mind you he was going to need all he could get if he thought he was going to fill 3 nets today ……

So 10·30 am and Bill called the All-In, feed onto both lines and out to 7 mts with double maggot on the hook, a bit of lifting and dropping and 5 minutes in a nice fat Gudgeon broke the duck. The next hour saw just a couple of small Carp and a few skimmers for me, but John seemed to be finding a few as was Steve (spots) Potter up on peg 149……

Dave T came along for a chat and I gave him my camera with instructions to take a few pictures on his travels. Bill put in an appearance a little later, but word was that while most had caught, very few were catching regularly as the wind was doing its best to make life difficult for most on both lakes.

Next up Kevin’s partner Jean and Pat (The Raffle Ticket Mafia) arrived and with their subtle charms had soon extracted cash from us all in exchange for 1000+ raffle tickets.

Meanwhile over on Lake 2 it was starting to look more like an audition for ‘Deadliest Catch’ than a fishing match as the wind , rain and occasional bouts of hail interspersed with sunshine was making conditions more than a tad difficult for a lot of the anglers. However tucked away behind his brolly on peg 67 Jon (Mutley) Reed was having one of those sessions we all dream about……

Now Jon is no match angler but a combination of simple feeder tactics and regularly pinging feed over the top kept fish coming to his rod virtually all match.
Further up on peg 73 Keith (shallowman) Haynes was making the most of it fishing chopped worm & caster for anything with fins and was slowly building a good weight.

I’d invited a work colleague, Dave Janes along today to fish his 1st ever match, he’s not long started pole fishing, and struggled a bit as the concept of a match was so new to him……

but he was delighted to get his best ever carp on the pole which weighed in at 12½lbs…

For a lot though it was just a case of battling through and nicking the odd fish where possible Geoff had told me that Mags always brings the rain with her when she leaves Scotland …………… He wasn’t wrong. Arkwright must have wondered why he’d travelled all the way down from Lancashire, as us southern lads had obviously lied to him about these Southern ‘Baggin’ waters, but he stuck at it and had a few ……

Mick was under severe pressure as he had granddaughter Rosie for company on the next peg ……

No that’s wrong as Mick really doesn’t ‘do’ pressure, being one of the most relaxed anglers you could ever hope to meet……

…… and between nicking a couple and helping young Rosie, honour remained intact at the end with Mick getting the decision by a clear 10ozs.
Gary (garycatch) Catchpole had drawn the fabled peg 45 and was slowly putting a few together ……

Linda aka Mermaid was also getting a few, and it was just a question of whether it would prove to be enough to give her the bragging rights over husband Chris who was over on Lake 4……

Meanwhile back on Lake 4 Trevor was getting a few towards the island when the wind dropped, but it was never for long enough……


and Al was battling on and getting the odd fish, but couldn’t put a run of them together……


So with a couple of hours to go I decided that enough was enough with the pole and reached for the feeder rod. 3 grains of corn hair rigged and lobbed towards the island. Within a minute the tip wrapped round and a small Mirror was safely into the net. That set the pattern for my last 2 hours, regular fish, but a few hook lengths were claimed by various snags that seemed to litter the area, but at least it kept me reasonably busy till Bill called the All-Out at 3·30 pm.

Al and I had the scales for Lake 4 and thankfully given the conditions the Weigh-In didn’t take to long as the weather started to close in once more. Steve (spots) Potter taking the section with 56½lbs ahead of Steve (Jessebobs) Burgess’s 42¼lbs.
So with the gear packed away it was back to the car park for the results. Overall the day belonged to Jon (Mutley) Reed with a fine 101lbs to take the win ahead of Keith (shallowman) Haynes’s level 85lbs, while Steve (spots) Potter’s 56½lbs filled 3rd place.
Bill G then said a few words of thanks before announcing that the total raised for Post Pals on the day had come to £853 and with another £270 still to come from an auction for a day at Rolfs Lake should take the total to over £1100.
Dave T then thanked everyone for their efforts and read out the following letter that Faye had sent as she was unable to attend …
Thanks to everyone for coming to the match.
We know many of you have travelled a long way. I’m sorry I can’t be there in person. I was hoping to be there but Addenbrookes won’t let me come home yet.
Me & my mum will be thinking of you all today. Hope you all caught lots of fish & have enjoyed yourselves. Thanks for supporting my charity Post Pals. The money raised helps many other seriously ill children.
Thank you for all your messages on the MaggotDrowners site.
A special thank you to Bill for organising everything again.
Hopefully I will see you all at the next one.
Love to you all

Well after that all that remained was to draw the raffle, and with that out of the way farewells were bid. I’d just like to say a word of thanks, firstly to Bill G for all his efforts organising the day, and to all those anglers that took part, and Monk Lakes who donated a sizeable part of the peg fees back to the cause. Same again next year folks?

Overall Results


Section Results


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Rolf’s Lake. Holton. Oxfordshire. May 15th, 2010.

Jinx Match 1
Well here we go again. Today sees that happy band of idiots fools maniacs nutters that comprise The Jinx Squad back on the banks to do it all again for yet another year with all 6 of this years matches at Rolfs Lake.​

Peter, Malc, Gem, Tony R, Terry, Steve, Ade.
Simon, Paul D, Paul R, Nick W-P, Nick W, Mitch.
Fred, Matt, Kevin, Jon, Geoff, Dave C, Dave M.
Dai, Clive, Marcus, Ant, Al, Steve, Dave W.

There’s loads of questions to be answered over the course of the coming weeks………..​
Can I avoid PEG 13?
How many will suffer a Minxing and who’ll end up wearing the THE PINK HAT ?
Will Paul ever draw a sunny peg when he brings Jayne with him?
Will Simps and Gem get hitched?
Will Clive finish somewhere other than 2nd overall?
Will Jon actually land a fish if someone points a camera at him?​
The answers to these questions and many more will all be revealed in the reports that will appear here in the weeks ahead.
So on to the day, the luxury of fishing these matches is the start time, meaning that I don’t have to get up at silly O’clock. I could have a lay in till 7·30 am, feed the cats and make a coffee, a quick scan of the forums before loading the car and setting off via Battersea for my usual stop at The Jimmy Griddle where one of their ‘Full English Breakfasts’ made for a good start to the day . A smooth run down saw me pulling into the car park at Rolf’s around 10·30 am along with Clive and Tony. Geoff along with Paul D and his guest Mick were already in situ, and once Pauline had provided a mug of coffee the banter commenced as we waited for the others to arrive. The car park soon filled up, Gem arrived, you couldn’t miss her in her new shirt, along with that PINK HAT!!!!!!!!!!……​


…… which was soon passed on to Steve (Steak) for the day as he’d ‘won’ it at the MD’s Lindholme match.


Well it was supposed to be an 11·30 draw, but of course it was late, a nesting Moorhen on peg 34 being blamed this time ……​


Anyway with the draw underway I found myself with peg 21 (so no peg 13 for me today.) It’s one of those pegs that doesn’t get fished as often as some, so doesn’t get as much bait going in, but can throw up a good weight on its day.​


For company I had Marcus(Budgie)Burgess, Gem’s Pairs partner on peg 19, while Paul Roberts was to my left on peg 23. There was a bit of scum on the water, but with the wind blowing into the peg I was hopeful of a few. Fish could be seen topping out towards the middle, ideal for the pellet waggler, but for this match I was on one of the pegs where rods aren’t allowed.

So I set up a 4 pole rigs. One for straight out at around 8mtrs was a MW 0·6g Diamond for the 8 mtr line on the deck on 0·20 Power Match with a size 14 Drennan Carp Match and a MW Trev with similar line and hook for up in the water. and a further couple of MW 0·4g Power Diamonds on 0·20 Power Match with size 16 series 2 hooks to fish to the end of the bush on my right and down the side of the bush on my left. Bait for the day was to be a mix of soft and hard pellets in various sizes with some corn as a back up, while feed was 4 & 6 mm fishery pellets.

One worrying aspect of the day however was the fact that John and Pauline were having a day out and were leaving Eddie TG in charge. Now Eddie knows the lake like the back of his hand and has a habit of giving Gem a bit of coaching when he’s in attendance, which is a bit of a worry when you’re looking to avoid a Minxing.

So at 1·30pm Malc called the All-In, a good handful of pellet into all 3 swims and out to the 8 mtr line with an 8 mm banded pellet on the deck rig.. A couple of lift and drops and the float buried. A gentle lift met with a solid resistance, but the fish didn’t bolt off just following the pole back, however just as I got back to the top 2 something spooked it and it dived at the keepnet, neatly transferring the hook in the process. Simon appeared to be suffering similarly as his first fish dived under his platform before snapping him off.

Not the best of starts, and in all honesty it went downhill from there. I had to wait nearly an hour for the next bite, which turned out to be one of the smaller Commons weighing around 5 lb, but at least it was a fish in the net. The next bite came around 3 pm. Malc was having a stroll, camera in hand, so of course I missed it only to foul hook a fish as I lifted the rig, well that led me a bit of a dance before the rig shot back with a scale on the end, much to Malc’s amusement ……​


Most of us in that corner seemed to be struggling, though none of us more than Budgie, who halfway through the match had just a solitary Roach to show for his efforts ……​


Needing a break I re fed heavily, then grabbed the camera for a stroll. Clive was fishing long for once and as I looked over it appeared to be paying dividends as he was in the process of landing one ……​


Simps was one of the few who appeared to be catching steadily, so Jon had reverted to the pellet waggler in an attempt to get in on the act……​


Most however were feeling the full force of The Jinx Effect, but Dave Moore has a bit of a grin on his face denoting that he was obviously getting a bit of action despite being on peg13 ……​


Al was on peg 12, but was feeling a little rough, so much so that he and Dave would pack up early to get him home……​


Malc was on peg 9 with Liam in tow, but apart from the one weigher was in the same boat as a lot of us just waiting for things to happen ……​


Round on peg 8 was Nick(monkey) no doubt hoping that this would be the peg to finally provide him with that magic first ‘Ton’, alas it was not to be, in fact it was proving to be a real grueller for him ……​


…… and it didn’t make him feel any better to see that Ant on peg 7 was catching regularly without appearing to even have to feed ……​


Ade(Slim) was tucked away on peg 2, but as I made my way round he was into a fish having been fishing long down into empty peg 3 to his left……​


Over on peg 38 I could see Paul D who was returning to the Jinx Series after a few years break carefully playing what transpired to be his first carp of the day​


Geoff was having a decent day on 36 and putting a few together, as was his old sparring partner Dai who was on peg 32 ……​


Steak was having an absolute mare, was it down to that PINK HAT, or the fact that he had The Minx for company on the next peg?……​


Jon by now was playing a carp on the waggler, and appeared to have broken the hoodoo of the camera as despite a number of shutters clicking he landed it safely ……​


Back to my peg, and I wish I could say it got better, but the truth is it didn’t, the final 2 hours yielding just another 2 carp of around 6 lbs and a solitary skimmer, and I have to say that it was a bit of a relief when Malc called the All-Out at 6·30 pm.

Once I got my kit put away I caught up with the Weigh-In. Geoff had started things off with 87 lbs, but was soon overtaken by Slim’s 100¾lbs, however Ant ended up winning A section with a fine 126½lbs from peg 7. Dave Moore managed the best weight from the motorway bank with 65¼lbs, my 3 carp and a skimmer rolling the scales round to just 20 lbs. Clive took the win in C section with just 55 lbs, while Simps was the man to beat in B section with a level 156 lbs to take the win on the day. Gem put 33¼lbs on the scales meaning a dozen of us had been Minxed, while Dai managed 99¼lbs from peg 32.

So to the results and after that all that remained was for Gem to chose the recipient of THE PINK HAT for the next match.
Well it was no surprise to find it coming my way, much to everyone's obvious delight, so it will be a PINK HAT day for me in 3 weeks time ……​




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Sep 18, 2001
Rolf’s Lake. Holton. Oxfordshire. June 5th, 2010.


Jinx Match 2

Well, another Saturday and another Jinx Match. I awoke to the sun streaming through the curtains and the forecast was for a warm one, so after a quick shower it was time to feed the cats and make a coffee, and get the car loaded before setting off via Battersea for my usual stop at The Jimmy Griddle where Sausages, Bacon, Eggs and a Fried Slice washed down with a mug of tea took care of breakfast. An uneventful run down saw me pulling into the car park at Rolf’s around 10·30 am to find the place rapidly filling up. With Pauline providing a mug of coffee the banter commenced as we waited for the others to arrive. The car park soon filled up and just prior to the draw Gem handed over that PINK HAT!!!!!!!!!! ……​
So on to the draw, I’m in A section which is the Little Lake today, and hoping that a half decent draw would allow me to have a better day today. So into the draw bag and I find that peg 36 was to be my home for the match……​


If I’m honest it’s the last peg in the section that I wanted to be on, however someone had a decent result the previous Sunday fishing the feeder from there so that was going to be plan A for me today. The rod was a Mach 3 11 ft feeder paired with a Daiwa 3012 Whisker spooled with 6 lb Maxima. Just a simple running ledger rig with a Drennan cage feeder attached via a link swivel, finished off with a size 14 QM1 with a hair to take 3 pieces of sweetcorn. Groundbait was simply a bag of 4 mm fishery pellets wetted down with a generous dusting of GOT Green Grub groundbait to bind them together. I also set up a Shakespeare Mach3 XT 11 ft Pellet Waggler coupled with the new 035 MACH 3 XT Front Drag Reel spooled up with 4 lb Maxima along with a 3 AAA waggler to fish a banded pellet as I was planning to catapult pellets over where I was fishing the feeder and if it brought the fish up I may be able to nick a few. I also set up a couple of shallow pole rigs, but wasn’t really planning on using them.

So at 1pm Malc called the All-In. Out with the feeder rod and within a couple of minutes a firm wrap on the tip signalled fish on. A spirited fight ensued but the first fish of the day was soon residing in the landing net, a weigher that went 10 lbs and a most satisfactory way to kick of the day. Unfortunately a second fish was in no hurry to take the bait leaving me looking at a stationary tip for quite a while.

Dave and Clive over on pegs 7 & 8 appeared to be going along quite steadily though. Indeed Dave had managed a proper lump on his feeder rod, weighing in at 18½lbs, comfortably the largest fish that Dave had caught on a rod and reel ……​


Steve to my right on peg 34 was fishing up to the buoys and had got off to a decent start and already looked like he would take all the catching……​


In general though things appeared to be slow for most, With the temperature around 27°C the sky had clouded over leaving it feeling oppressively sticky and both the anglers and the fish lethargic. Over on peg 4 I could see Simon, at first it appeared that he was having a good day with quite a few fish, but the reality was that he was being plagued with foul hookers, which having stretch his elastic to improbable lengths were shedding the hook before he could net them ……​


“Budgie” on peg 40 appeared to be suffering another grueller, and hoping for a better outcome than he’d suffered on the 1st Jinx Match when he’d finished last ……​

Paul on peg 2 had managed a couple, but it looked as if the fish in his peg were on steroids, as they were giving him a right old run around before he could finally get them in the net……​


Around half way through the match Malc’s dulcet tones were heard, which is always a worry as disaster for others seems to follow him as a constant companion. This time it was Steve’s turn to suffer the force of The Jinx with his No 4 section breaking as Malc raised his camera……​


Meanwhile Jon to my left on peg 38 was working through plans A-Z but all he could tempt were a few small roach and perch from down by his keepnets……​


Things had picked up for me however with a couple of quick fish falling to the feeder, but when I looked round while playing the second and found The Jinx himself pointing his camera in my direction I have to admit to a few anxious moments before it was safely in the net……​


Time marched on and I managed another couple of fish, 1 to the feeder and 1 to the waggler, but reports from round the lake indicated that the fishing was proving to be very hard for most. Dave and Clive appeared to be still ticking along nicely, especially Clive who appeared to be making hay on the feeder……​


…… however it transpired that he was losing the majority of them. Steve was still catching on peg 34, even getting a decent Perch on a white Boilie !!
Dave over on peg 6 had managed a couple from his 6 mtr line and was no doubt hoping for a strong finish to the match ……​


I’d had another quiet spell when Dave strolled round for a chat. He must have brought me a bit of luck, because I managed another couple of carp as we chatted. He soon departed no doubt inspired to redouble his efforts and Kev’s partner Jean appeared with a welcome cup of coffee for me.

I managed a final couple of fish as the match drew to an end, one of which was foul hooked in the dorsal fin and gave me a right run around before I managed to bundle it into the net. Malc finally called the All-Out at 6 pm, which in typical Jinx fashion was the cue for a short sharp rain shower just to cool us down prior to packing away.

So with the kit packed up and back to the car it was time for the Weigh-In. Steve was first to weigh and his 92½lbs set a mark that wasn’t going to be beaten. I thought I had about 50 lbs so was pleasantly surprised to find 61½lbs as my final weight. Jon had over 40 fish to record 4 lbs 10ozs, Mostly small stuff. Budgie had finally snared a carp to record 15½lbs. Paul’s 41¼lbs was edged out by Simon’s 45½lbs. Dave put a level 35 lbs on the scales. I was a bit surprised at Dave C's and Clive’s weights as I’d expected them both to be pushing Steve, but Clive’s 55¾lbs edged out Dave’s weight of 52 lbs 2ozs. Rolf’s Lake regular Pete Archer had been guesting on peg 13 but had suffered with untold foul hookers and recorded 48¾lbs. Another team had weighed in the other half of the lake, the highlight of which were 44½lbs from peg 19 for Al, Malc with 47¾lbs from peg 25, while peg 30 produced a fine 76 lbs for Ade. Gem had only managed 1¾lbs, but had still handed Minxings to 3 of the lads so at least I would be waving goodbye to THE PINK HAT.

Back for the results and Pete Archer kindly provided some prizes from his sponsor Vespe. So with the results all done and dusted, all that remained was to find out who Gem would choose to be the lucky recipient that gets to wear that PINK HAT for the next match? Well readers, allow me to present Mr Paul Dolby ……​



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Rolf’s Lake. Holton. Oxfordshire. June 19th, 2010.


Jinx Match 3

Well it’s Saturday once again and that means it’s time for the 3rd Jinx Match. It looked like a lovely summers day in prospect when I pulled back the curtains today and the sun streamed through the window. However I soon revised those thoughts as I loaded the car and a distinctly chill wind lowered the temperature somewhat. Definitely an excuse for a Full English en route to the lake. Anyway, good time was made and I pulled into the car park at Rolf’s around 10·15 am. A good few of the lads were already in attendance, and with a fresh mug of coffee the prospects for the day ahead were soon under discussion as we waited for the draw.​

Now of course Paul D was going to be the owner of THE PINK HAT today. Unfortunately his wife had phoned Malc the previous evening to say that he was ill and wouldn’t be there !! Well Gem decided to put the names of those previously Minxed on the first 2 matches into THE PINK HAT to find a substitute owner for the day……………………… and the lucky winner was Steve Wilson……


On to the draw and I’m in Section B today, the home of my nemesis…… PEG 13. In to the bag I plunged my hand, and thankfully found peg 10 was to be mine for the day, Simon being the lucky occupant of PEG 13 for today……​

Now I’ve never fished peg 10 before so a quick chat with John soon gave me some idea of what to expect as he’d fished it on the Wednesday Open.
So round to the peg with my gear and I find that I’ve got Clive for company on peg 11, but surprisingly neither peg 8 or 9 have been drawn today, unfortunately though the right hand bush stops you being able to fish into 9, but it meant that Jon opposite on peg 32 would have a rake of water to go at unopposed. All the while it was growing noticeably cloudier and cooler while the wind put a good ripple on the water and I was glad I’d brought a hoodie with me.

John had recommended targeting the skimmers at 6 mtrs on corn at the start, so rig 1 was a 4X12 Malman Adam on 0·20 power match straight through to a size 16 QM1. Rig 2 was a MW 0·4g XT for the 10 mtr line on the deck on 0·20 Power Match with a size 14 QM1, while rig 3 was a MW Trev on 0·20 Power Match with a size 14 Drennan Carp Match for pellet and paste down the margin. Setting up my cupping kit the thread snapped off, so no cup kit today. Never mind, I could feed the 6 mtr line and margins by hand and a catapult would suffice for the 10 mtr line. Bait for the day would be various pellets, corn and paste, with the feed being the usual mix of fishery pellets.

So 1 pm and Malc called the All-In. A good handful of pellet with a few bits of corn followed by a couple of bits of corn on the hook out to the 6 mtr line ……

Within a minute the float buried and lifting into it I felt a decent sized Carp power off towards peg 9. It was also obvious that it was foul hooked in the tail and I was going to have trouble doing anything with it! Well after around 5 minutes it was obvious that the hook wasn’t about to lose it’s hold, so I decided to show it who was boss. WRONG DECISION!!!!!!! as I lifted the top kit there was a loud BANG next to my right ear, leaving me as the proud owner of a 6 piece top 2……

…… but still attached to the fish. Recovering from the shock I had no option other than to hand-line the fish, and thankfully I managed to land it without further drama, a chunky Mirror that weighed 13 lbs. As I returned the fish I could see Jon doing battle, he also had a foul hooker, but thankfully for him he got it in safely with no damage to his kit, a 12 lb’er being the culprit in his case……


Taking a few minutes to compose myself, a look around the lake revealed that things had got off to a generally slow start for most, though Clive had managed a couple of decent skimmers to get himself off the mark, however it wasn’t long before both he and Simon decided to take a look down their margins which resulted in them both fishing into peg 12……


My swim had been trashed though by the foul hooker charging around it, and for the next hour or so all I could manage were a few small roach and skimmers, regardless of which line I tried. Budgie over on peg 28 appeared to have made the best start to the match having had 2 or 3 carp, though he’d also lost a couple ……


Gem had been heard to let out her customary scream and asked me to witness the fish as she weighed it at 8½lbs, was it an omen of Minxings to come? Hopefully not to many today, as Gem and Malc would be taking a couple of hours out from the match today to visit Malc’s mum who is in hospital.
For the majority though, it was proving hard. The Jinx Effect obviously being back with a vengeance for this years series. With around 2 hours gone I decided to re feed and take a stroll with the camera. Clive had that look of studied concentration that only a veteran of countless visits to Rolfs can carry off.


While Simon’s smile was probably trying to hide a fear of a second Minxing in 7 days having been beaten by The Minx along with 21 others on the Wyrley & Essington Canal the previous Sunday ……


Tucked away on peg 14, young Mitch was quietly getting on with it despite wearing some rather dubious headgear of his own ……


Next door on peg 15 was Keith (guesting today) on his first ever visit to Rolfs. He’d suffered an early demonstration of the power of Rolfs fish when one had given him the run around for 15 minutes on the pellet waggler, and had obviously decided that the pole would be easier on his arms……


Ant was on peg 17 today, Now there’s always a bit of friendly rivalry between him and Simps, but he was hoping to at least pull back a result today ……


Fred (milo) was up on peg 18, it’s proved to be one of those infuriating pegs this year, a good weight one match and very little the next, but Fred was sticking at it determined to get a few out of it……


Terry on peg 19 was having a mare with just a few small perch to show for his efforts so he had a bit to do to avoid a third straight Minxing this series ……


Next door on rarely fished peg 20 was Ade (slim shady). Now Ade is probably Gem’s number one target for a Minxing this year having avoided having his name added to The Minx List for the best part of 3 years despite a couple of close shaves, but even he was looking worried today, though he did hook into his first carp of the day as we chatted ……


Geoff on peg 22, who’d once more travelled down from Scotland was contenting himself fishing for anything with fins. Meanwhile Nick(monkey) was sitting it out on peg 25 and hoping things would pick up as the match progressed ……


On peg 26 was Paul, who once again had drawn a car park peg on a day that he had his good lady Jayne to accompany him……


Tim was struggling pegged between Budgie and Steve on peg 31, and although Steve was getting a few bites they weren’t all from carp but skimmers……


Round on peg 34 Dai was starting to get a few bites, but was having trouble with fish shedding the hook for no apparent reason ……


Dave Moore was on peg 36 and was once more being given a good going over by the Rolfs residents, as they were happily showing themselves in his swim, but refusing to co-operate by taking any of his offerings regardless of how he presented them …


Malc and Gem had left for the hospital by now, and Al was down on peg 40 with his son (Little Al) for company today, but he only had 3 small carp to show for his efforts. Tony had managed 3 decent carp from peg 2, but shortly after I took this photo……


he was comprehensively seen off by a proper lump leaving him with a busted top kit. As I arrived at peg 4 Kevin was re-elasticating a top kit having been unfortunate enough to tread on a top kit as he went to weigh a decent carp……


…… unfortunately that wasn’t the end of it for Kev, as later on another carp pulled the freshly elasticated top kit off his pole and consigned it to the depths of the lake as he was playing it. Meanwhile round on peg 7 on his own, Mat was quietly enjoying himself catching a few decent fish, one of which was caught on camera by Simon ……


So back to my peg once more, and I wish I could say that things improved, but alas they didn’t, just another few small roach snaffling the bait. Simon had finally got something with a bit of weight, though not what he was expecting in the shape of a cracking Golden Orfe …


Jon was still taking the odd fish, as was Budgie, but the man that started to motor towards the finish of the match was Clive who managed to tempt a decent run of fish from under the bushes to his right ……


Most of which I witnessed as he brought them to me to verify their weight ……


Malc and Gem had returned by now, Malc having a couple of quick fish as soon as he returned to his peg, and Gem also managed to add another couple to her tally and crank up the pressure to avoid a Minxing.

With half an hour to go my swim at 10 mtrs suddenly burst into life, giving me 3 carp in 3 put ins and with about 5 minutes to go I had a 4th which dived under my platform as I tried to net it. Fortunately I managed to extract it from there, much to Simon’s amazement, but as I shipped out to try for another Malc called the All-Out.

Now you may remember that I mentioned that Al had his son Little Al with him today, well with the match over Little Al had a go with dad’s gear for 10 minutes. Well he’s obviously a natural as within a matter of moments he’d caught a carp for himself……………………………….. an absolute cracker of a Common that weighed 14lbs……


As we packed up our kit I noticed that Gem had taken all her nets out, so 27 lbs would be the target to avoid a Minxing and I was pretty confident I’d avoided that thanks to the final half hour. With the kit back at the car there were a few worrying about their fate as the Weigh-In started.

Dai got off to a good start with 78¾lbs on the scales which would prove to be good enough to win the section, indeed it wasn’t even challenged with Tony’s 59¼lbs and Matt’s 60¾ lbs coming closest. My fish made 40½lbs, but was firmly beaten by Clive’s 87¾lbs not only taking the section, but the overall match as well. Poor Simon’s meagre 7¾lbs ensured consecutive Minxings for him. The next interest focused on peg 20 and Slim’s weight, which came in at 24½lbs meaning that The Minx had got him at last. Nick recorded 58¼lbs to just pinch C section from Keith’s 57 lbs 2ozs (a decent result on Keith’s first ever visit) Finally Budgie’s level 79 lbs prove good enough for 2nd in B section from Jon’s 72½lbs.

So finally with the results out of the way, all that remained was the ritual humiliation where those that had been Minxed were lined up for The Minx to chose the recipient of THE PINK HAT to be worn at the next Match ……​


Well in all honesty there was only going to be one person that got it…… The proud owner of THE PINK HAT for Match 4……………

Ade (Slim Shady) Williams
NB: Don’t worry Paul D hasn’t escaped THE PINK HAT and a suitable forfeit will be in place in time for the next match.​


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Mill Barn Coarse Fishery, Great Wakering, Essex. June 26th, 2010.


Marsh AC club match.

Well it’s time for yet another Marsh AC club match today, and I’m off to Mill Barn Coarse Fishery, just outside the village of Great Wakering down in Essex it’s a new venue for a lot of us and we’re fishing The Reservoir that’s been recommended to us by club member Graham Manning. The weather forecast promises that it’s going to be a scorcher . Anyway with the gear loaded up it wasn’t a bad trip down and I pulled up in the car park of The Anchor where breakfast had been arranged around 7·15 am to find Kevin & Jean and Keith & Mick already there. The others soon arrived and a very nice Breakfast was promptly dispatched, after which we followed Graham in convoy up to the venue.

Once we had all assembled in the car park, Tony and Colin collected up the fees and got the draw under way. I found myself with peg 5 for my home from the day, a little tucked into the corner restricting my options, but after a chat with Tony & Colin I decided to make the most of it. It was rumoured to be something of a flyer with a sunken island out in front of it, but in reality, the island was really in front of Roger and Rod and I didn’t want to risk casting over either of them ……​


I set up 3 rigs for the pole, 2 for the margins where there was around 3 ft tight in and another for around 6 mtrs where I had around 7 ft. I also set up my feeder rod with a running method feeder and the waggler as I’d heard that there was a good head of carp present and I expected them to come up in the water at some point today given the weather. Bait was to be corn and a variety of hard and soft pellets in various sizes, while the groundbait for the feeder was a 50/50 mix of Mojo and GOT Yellow Peril .

The All-In was called at 10 am, I fed some pellets and corn into both margins and 1st cast I put the method feeder straight into the trees to my left, Not a good start!!!!! After re-rigging the feeder the next cast was a little better dropping just short of the tree line. It didn’t take long for something to take an interest in the hair rigged corn with the tip pulling confidently round and the culprit, a small common of around 2½lbs was soon safely in the net.

It was already starting to get hot with the sun beaming down, though thankfully a decent breeze was putting a ripple on the water and keeping things bearable. A second carp of around the same stamp soon followed for me, and I could hear from remarks that a few fish were starting to come out further along the bank……​


Over on the car park bank I could see that Roger had started on the float and while sport didn’t appear to be fast and furious, it was surely only a matter of time before some fish would start to come his way…….​


From my vantage point I could see that Kev had found a bit of early action with some carp and skimmers on the feeder, and I have to say that Kev’s set up certainly makes for a comfortable and relaxed approach compared to the usual seatbox set up you see most people using ……​


Colin, to my right was having a look down the margins, and while it was producing a few for him, he was having a bit of trouble from fish shedding the hook, while a couple just snapped rigs like cotton !!……​


For my part, the initial good start had come to a grinding halt with just a couple of skimmers added to those 2 initial carp. A look down both margins with the pole producing just another skimmer and a couple of roach, so after re feeding all pole lines I decided to take a stroll and see how others were fairing ……​


Mick who had travelled down from Milton Keynes as Keith’s guest was fishing with his usual laid back approach, though he was missing being able to use his beloved meat, a bait he sets great store in ……​


Meanwhile Keith on the next peg was starting to get amongst a few from the margins, targeting an area by an inflow pipe. However the fish weren’t letting him have it his own way, sorting out more than a few rigs with one even stripping the red hydro from a top kit showing the fighting qualities of the fish in the reservoir ……​


Terry wasn’t experiencing anything like as much action, though he felt he was at least on his way to a better weight than he’d recorded recently, having suffered some poor days with his last 3 visits to Rolf’s in The Jinx Series……​


Al had a frustrating start to the day, trying to get the fish going on the Pellet Waggler, he’d spent the first hour trying to steer clear of ducks that were snaffling his pellets every time he fed, but as the match wore on the ducks moved away and he steadily started to put a run of fish together……​


Zack was having a bit of a quiet time, but had the satisfaction of landing a double figure Carp which was almost certainly a new PB ……​


I stopped off to see how Tony was doing and found that he was suffering too, as the fish were testing his gear to and in some cases beyond its limits, meanwhile on the peg next door I was quite surprised to find Clive with something other than a pole in his hand. Indeed he was having a go with the pellet waggler, and he was having a few, though it was also noticeable that he had a spanking new set of Trambucco keepnets that were floating well, so there obviously wasn’t to much in them at that stage ……​

On the end peg though Graham, who had put the venue forward seemed to be putting his experience of the fishery to good use on the end peg and was having a fair old struggle with what was obviously a decent fish ……​


Indeed it proved to be a bit of a rarity, in the shape of a fine Grass Carp that must have been very close to double figures and well worthy of a photo for its happy captor.​


So back to my peg, another look where I’d fed with the pole failed to produce anything other than a couple of small skimmers, while Colin was still nicking the odd decent carp from his margin lines. I went back to the feeder and as Roger was still fishing close in I gave it a chuck to the sunken island. While this produced a few fish for me I still couldn’t get them lined up and I felt that I was falling behind as Colin was getting larger fish at the same rate as me. I just couldn’t find a bonus fish. In desperation I had a plumb up with the waggler at around 12 mtrs where I could comfortably feed 8 mm hard pellets and found around 8 ft, and it was this line that I decided to concentrate on for the last couple of hours. This line eventually started to produce with some regularity. Nothing big (the largest was probably no more than 5 lbs) but fast powerful fish that took line off the clutch on the strike and fought every inch of the way to the net.​

By the time that the All-Out was called at 4 pm I felt that I had around 60 lbs in the net and had thoroughly enjoyed the day. With the gear packed away and back in the car I caught up with the Weigh-In. Graham had kicked things off with a fine 66¼lbs getting the better of Clive’s 59½lbs though they were both pipped by Tony’s 69¼lbs. Al however had the weight of the day with a fine 92½lbs to ensure the win on the day. Zack’s solitary carp at 10¼lbs did prove to be a new PB for him ……​


…… but John took the car pool from Zack and Martin with 40½lbs. Keith put a level 74 lbs on the scales for 3rd on the day and the bragging right from Mick on the way home in the car to Milton Keynes. Colin weighed 77 lbs for second on the day, while my 69¼lbs gave me a share of 4th with Tony. All in all a good day out with the club, with everyone in agreement that the venue is worthy of a return next season.​

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Sep 18, 2001
Rolf’s Lake. Holton. Oxfordshire. July 24th, 2010.


Jinx Match 4

Well after a break of 4 weeks I’m getting back on the bank side today with a return to Rolfs Lake for the 4th Jinx Match. Ade (Slim Shady) is in possession of the PINK HAT today, as is Paul D who missed his turn on the third match through illness so there’s bound to be plenty of banter flying about. Initial thoughts when I looked out of the window this morning were that it looked like a lovely day to be going fishing. As usual a full English was the order of the day at my favourite café in Battersea en route to the lake, and a smooth run down saw me pulling into the car park just after 10 am.

A few were already in attendance as there had been a Friday night Open match that they’d fished and stopped over. As usual the car park soon filled up as groups discussed the prospects for the day ahead. Hopefully the feed that had gone in overnight would find the fish with their heads down and ready to have a serious munch. With the 3 sections having been rotated on the previous 3 matches, there was going to be a fresh draw today to decide the sections for the final 3 matches. Unfortunately Ade wasn’t in attendance for his turn on the PINK HAT so Gem decided to wear it herself, but Paul D was and proudly wearing his. Malc had the kids with him once more, so Crystal was dispatched with Liam to collect the ‘Guess the Weight’ monies, so that she wouldn’t feel to bored, and with that out of the way it was time for the draw.


Plunging my hand into the draw bag I found peg 18 was to be my home for the day. I knew that Gem had fished it on the night match so had a quick chat with her to find out how she’d fished it before loading up my gear for the short stroll round there. For company today I had Steve Wilson on peg 17 while Steve(steak) my pairs partner was out of site on peg 19.


It’s a peg that I hadn’t fished previously. It’s a decent looking peg with the large bush separating it from peg 19 on the left and another bush in the right hand margin, but it hadn’t produced a ‘Ton+’ since May 22nd. My plan of attack for today would be 2 margin swims at around 4 mtrs that Gem had fished the night before and a line straight out at around 9 mtrs.


I set up 3 rigs, a Malman Adam on 0·20 with a size 16 Guru QM1 that would cover both margin swims. A MW 0·4 Power Diamond again on 0·20 with a size 16 Guru QM1 for on the deck at 9 mtrs where I had around 5 ft of depth and finally a MW Cookie on a similar set up for up in the water over the 9 mtr line. Peg 18 is one of the few pegs that you can’t use a rod on in this series, so they stayed in the holdall. Bait and feed was taken care of by 6 & 8 mm fishery pellets and some sweetcorn, along with various soft hookers.

So at 1·30 pm Malc called the All-In. I shipped out 2 large pots of mixed pellets and sweetcorn to 9 mtrs, fed 2 good handfuls of pellet into the 2 margin swims and went straight out to 9 mtrs with an 8 mm banded pellet on the hook. The float settled and 5 seconds later buried !!!! and after a spirited fight a chunky Mirror of around 7 lbs was safely in the net to get me off the mark. Next put in and the float was soon away, this time I could feel straight away that the fish was foul hooked and despite my best efforts to get it in, all I was left to show for it was a large scale on the hook . Now foul hookers can be a bit of a nightmare at Rolfs so I decided to catapult my feed in from that point, hopefully spreading the fish out a bit, rather than group them in too tight an area.

At this point a triumphal scream was heard from Gem who was on Peg 9, it signified that she had her first fish safely in the net and meant that the other 25 anglers were staring down the barrel at a Minxing and a chance of wearing THE PINK HAT, especially as Peg 9 has been consistently been producing big weights, and Eddie TG had arrived with his camera and was bound to give her some coaching during the match.

Next put in for me produced a bit of a surprise in the form of a large skimmer, not quite what I was after, but welcome none the less. Steve was also off the mark but was already starting to suffer with foul hookers that would go on to frustrate him throughout the match. Over on the Car Park bank I’d noticed that Nick on Peg 26 had already been up to the weigh station with a couple of fish……


Now Nick started fishing The Jinx Series back in 2005 and while he would only class himself as a pleasure angler, his one ambition is to catch a ‘Ton’ and we’ve all been willing him on to achieve it, but so far in 6 years of Jinx matches he’s been thwarted, but he was off to a decent start today on a peg with a bit of form, so fingers crossed for him.

Tony was opposite me on Peg 22 and seemed to be having a bit of a struggle, indeed he’d been unfortunate enough to bust a top kit trying to keep a fish out of the bush to his left earlier on, and things wouldn’t improve as he would break another later in the match ……


While Dave Moore next to Tony on Peg 23 had also started quietly and was struggling to make anything happen, though he may have been glad of the slow start having fished last nights match as well ……


After my quick start it had slowed down a bit and after a couple of hours I had 6 carp, but had lost another 5 that had been foul hooked, so I decided to re-feed with 3 big potfuls and take a stroll with the camera. Fred, fresh from joining the Rolfs 200+ club with a win on Wednesday’s Open was ticking along on Peg 15 and hopeful of a decent last couple of hours down the margin. Simon was tucked away on Peg 14 and owning up to 8 fish, but you could tell that in the back of his mind lay the spectre of a Minxing ……


Budgie was the lucky occupier of Peg 13 today and reckoned he only had half a dozen skimmers and a solitary carp to show for his efforts, though he appeared to be playing another carp as I walked away……


Jon on Peg 11 had the look on his face that told you just how much he was struggling, while Al had gone walkabout from Peg 10 which said it all as he seldom leaves his peg in the course of the match ……


I arrived at Peg 9 to find The Minx doing battle with what was obviously a decent fish……


Of course Eddie was there as well offering a few hints and tips so things weren’t looking good, a feeling that was reinforced when Gem put the culprit on the scales, a cracking Common of 16½lbs ……


Geoff and Dave the Fish were next door on pegs 8 & 7, but things obviously weren’t going to plan as Geoff was fishing the feeder!!!! something I haven’t seen him do for a long while……


Dave was also on the feeder, and if anything was having a worse time of it than Geoff which was strange as there had been a load of fish feeding there prior to the match. However they did seem to be cheered up by watching Dave(Webbo) working his way through his supply of feeders over on Peg 34 as a number of carp took a tour of the lilies in his peg ……


Malc was on Peg 5, sitting behind him were Crystal & Liam, Crystal looked a little bored so Liam decided she needed his help to smile for the camera……


Clive on Peg 4 was just retrieving a rig from a tree when I arrived. He’d had a decent start then lost the fish so had decided to take a look down the margin toward the corner ……


Nick Williams was over on Peg 38 and it seemed that the peg was producing a few for him today ……


Dai on Peg 36 however had that fixed expression that only comes from having a grueller, while watching almost everyone else putting fish in their nets ……


So back to my peg and with a few bubbles coming up at 9 mtrs my first put in resulted in……………. another foul hooker.
I decided at this point to fish the 6 mm hard pellets that I was feeding and that seemed to make the difference. 3 carp and another couple of decent skimmers followed in short order. The one thing puzzling me however is the lack of weighers I’ve had fishing at Rolfs this year, in the three previous matches I’ve only had two weighers that weighed 10 lbs and 13 lbs. You really need a few bonus fish to do the decent weights, but I just haven’t been able to find them. Still fortunately for me the fish kept coming regularly a mix of Mirrors and Commons that were all around the 7-8 lb mark, though I did manage to find one bonus, a Common of 11½lbs before Malc called the All-Out at 6·30 pm. Looking down at my clicker I’d estimated that I had around 125 lbs, but with rumours of Gem having 100 lbs of weighers on the board the Weigh-In was going to be a nervous affair for many of us.

So with the gear back in the car, the general consensus was that an awful lot were on for a Minxing as we made our way to peg 34 to start the Weigh-In. Webbo kicked of things with a level 81 lbs. Nick soon set the pace with 123 lbs , but Malc put 176¼lbs on the scales, a mark that wouldn’t be beaten, giving him the win on the day. Next was the weight that we’d all been secretly dreading, and you could hear the sighs of resignation when 126¾lbs was called for Gem. Fred on peg 15 ran Malc really close with an excellent 173 lbs, giving him 2nd on the day. My carp came up 8ozs short of Gem’s weight but my 3 skimmers saved the day giving me a total of 133¾lbs which was good enough for 3rd overall. The largest cheer of the day was reserved for Nick (Monkey) who recorded 109¾lbs to finally get his ‘Ton’ after 6 years of trying. Nice one Nick.(y)

So while Malc sorted the results Paul Roberts provided the cabaret as he went on to retrieve a keepnet fitting he needed for his next days match. Well it would be rude not to record the event wouldn’t it……


So with that over and the results announced it just remained for The Minx to decide on the lucky recipient of THE PINK HAT for the next match, and she was spoiled for choice with the line up of The Minxed today, but after a couple of suspected heart attacks among the assembled candidates ……


…………. it came to rest on Clive.​


Well that should be that, but someone reminded Nick that he’d once said that if he ever caught his ‘Ton’ he’d jump in the Lake ‘Fisho’ style. Well Top Fella, true to his word he went for it and luckily Simon caught it on Video to save it for posterity.



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Rolf’s Lake. Holton. Oxfordshire. July 31st, 2010.


Jinx Match 5

Well it’s back to Rolfs again today for the 5th match of the Jinx Series . Once more Malc has organised a Friday Jinx 2010 Special Evening Match after the success of the one last year, Although the evening match doesn’t count toward the Jinx Series results a lot of the Series regulars were fishing it as well as a few guests. Unfortunately work has conspired to prevent me fishing it once more but hopefully the feed going in overnight should make for a decent match today. By the time I’d loaded the car it was starting to rain and by the time I was sitting down to breakfast at my usual stop in Battersea it was coming down in stair rods. It had stopped however by the time I got to the M40 and as I drove into the car park at Rolfs the sun was shining.

It was quite strange to arrive at Rolfs and find an almost full car park as I’m normally one of the first to arrive, but with so many of today's anglers having fished Friday’s night match it was to be expected. I soon caught up with the previous nights goings on, and as usual it comprised the usual mix of success and failure. Malc had won the match from peg 8 and with me being in A section today I remarked that I would be quite happy to draw it today. PINK HAT wearers today are Clive and Ade(having missed the previous match) with what must be a first as they are together in The Pairs.​


Well with virtually everyone there early the draw actually started early !!!!!!!!! (quite scary unheard of even). Into the draw bag and I opened my hand to reveal……….. Peg 8, hopefully a good omen for the day ahead. So with the gear loaded up it was off round the Little Lake to my peg. For company today I had Mat Edwards on peg 7 to my right, while to my left on peg 9 was Kev along with his partner Jean, so I was guaranteed a mid match cup of coffee (Thanks Jean (y)).​


Now I knew having spoken to Malc that he’d fed and fished tight to the bush during the night so today's plan would revolve around there and a line out front at around 6 mtrs. Rigs were just two MW 0·4 Power Diamonds on 0·20 with a size 16 Guru QM1 for on the deck at 6 mtrs, while the margin rigs were two 0·2 MW HC margins again on 0·20 with size 16 Guru QM1′s. I decided against setting up a feeder as I wanted to concentrate on just the 2 lines. Bait and feed were a combination of 6 and 8 mm fishery pellets along with some sweet corn.

So at 1 pm John rang the fishery bell for the All-In. I potted out 2 large cups of mixed pellet and sweetcorn to 6 mtrs and fed a handful of pellet tight to the bush, then shipped out a banded 8 mm pellet to the 6 mtr line. Almost before I’d had a chance to start however Mat was landing his 1st feeder caught carp, only a small fish at around 5 lbs but a decent start none the less. Well despite lifting and dropping the rig and flicking a few pellets out continually it was around 15 minutes before my float slid away for the 1st time. It was immediately obvious that it was A: a large fish and B: It was foul hooked. After around 2 minutes I was beginning to think that I might be in with a chance of landing it, however it was not to be as the rig came flying back with a scale the size of a 50p piece attached to the hook. Another 15 minutes passed before the float slid away again, not such a large fish this time but properly hooked which resulted in a nice plump Mirror of around 8 lbs safely in the net to get me off the mark.

The next hour however produced nothing more for me other than another 3 foul hooked fish, none of which yielded anything other than a scale to join the collection on the side tray, a small perch on double sweetcorn and a couple of roach. Matt however was still getting a few on the feeder and appeared to be steadily pulling away from me……​


As I pondered my next step my mind was made up for me by the site of a tail pattern in the water by the bush were I’d been feeding. The problem is getting the fish out before they bury themselves in the snags underneath it. Fish to far out from it and you wont get a bite, so it’s a question of being brave and working your way in toward it till you get a bite. Inch by inch I got a bit braver, then the float buried. Maximum side strain saw the fish come out into open water, then the fun began. This was obviously one of the larger residents and it just plodded around for 5 minutes as I made a little ground on it……​


Suddenly it popped up at my feet and I gratefully scooped it into my waiting landing net. A glorious Common and obviously a weigher I was more than happy to see it take the scales round to an even 18 lbs. With the fish safely returned I edged the rig in carefully once more and the float immediately buried. An almost instant replay of the previous fish followed before I was once again sliding the net under another large Common and making my way up to the Weigh-Station only to find that this fish also weighed an even 18 lbs !!!
3 in 3 put ins was surely hoping for to much, but once more the float vanished and a spirited tussle ensued before the fish, another Common was safely in the landing net……​

Not quite the size of the previous two, this one was a mere 14 lbs, but that was 50 lbs on the board in around 20 minutes !! However it couldn’t last and the next bite resulted in the rig being dragged through the snags before flying back completely trashed.

Back in with the spare rig but the disturbance had obviously spooked them so I re-fed and took the opportunity to tie another rig. At this point I heard Malc pipe up from the car park bank “Oi Pete, You’re facing the wrong way” always the joker he’d noticed that I was sitting with my back to the water as I made up the rig. By now Jean had supplied a welcome coffee and it was back to business, but as I looked up it was obvious that things were picking up on the car park bank as looking up I could see Clive (peg 32) Nick (peg 29) and Malc (peg 28) all playing fish at the same time ……​


By now Mat was alternating between the feeder and his pole and I was convinced he was still ahead of me especially as he’d had a 19½lb Common on the pole. Peg 8 is one of those that stops you from seeing what’s going on around the lake and with very few people having a stroll today I assumed that most were catching. I was still getting bites, but the larger fish seemed to have disappeared, to be replaced by a bunch of psycho Mirrors that seem to fight like fish twice their weight and never know when they are beaten.

In the last 1½ hours I did manage to get 8 of them safely into the keepnets but an equal number of them won the battle to stay out of them, but a decent Common weighing 12 lbs did grace my landing net in the final 5 minutes before John rang the fishery bell for the All-Out at 6 pm.

Packing away my gear and chatting to Mat I was happy that I had caught a ‘Ton’ but still convinced that he’d beaten me, but he was adamant that most of his fish were small and he doubted that he’d got a ‘Ton’, though I was sure he had. Anyway with the gear back at the car park it was obvious that while a good few fish had been caught a few of the lads had struggled.

So onto the Weigh-In and the 1st weight of note was Simon (peg 38) with 98 lbs who’d finally managed to catch well in the final 1½hrs. However he was immediately overtaken by Ant (peg 2) with 112½lbs. Fred (peg 5) managed to top that with 115½lbs which would prove to be good enough for 3rd on the day. Mat did indeed have his 1st "Jinx "Ton" recording 106½lbs but my fish weighed 128 lbs for the A section win and 2nd overall on the day. Dave Collier (peg 11) weighed 100½lbs to take the win in B section, his 1st ever Jinx"TON". Marcus(Budgie) won C section and took the overall win on the day with a fine 130½lbs, also his 1st "JINX ‘Ton". Al (peg23) weighed 105lbs which included a magnificent Common of 20½lbs which is the heaviest fish ever weighed in on a Jinx Match. Finally Clive weighed 99¾lbs to just miss the ‘Ton’ by 4ozs.

So back to the hut where we all chewed over the day and waited patiently for Malc to sort out the day’s results…….​


So with that out of the way it just remained for The Minx to sort out who would have the honour of THE PINK HAT for the final match .
Now of course there are 2 PINK HATS in circulation now and having missed out on a Full House by not getting Fred today (he’ll miss the final match as he’s away on holiday) she decided to put the peg numbers of those that were Minxed today into the draw bag and draw them, so Step forward Jon(Hatchye)Hatch……​


and Nick(Monkey)Watkins-Price ……​


…… who will be the lucky wearers when the final Jinx Match is fished on Saturday 21st August.

As for me, I’ve got a busy weekend ahead as I’m back at Rolfs on Friday for Dave the Fish’s Invitation Match which is followed on the Saturday and Sunday by the Rolfs Pairs Tournament. Obviously a report of all 3 days will follow but it may be a couple of days after.​



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Rolf’s Lake. Holton. Oxfordshire. August 6th, 2010.

Dave the Fish’s
Invitation Match.


Well today I’m once again making the trip down to Rolfs Lake for an invitation match organised by Dave the Fish as a prequel to the Rolfs Pairs Tournament 2010. This has become something of an annual event fished by a number of those that will be fishing at the weekend and a few that won’t. It’s a nice light hearted match, fully in keeping with the Maggotdrowning ethos that allows everyone to settle in for the weekend ahead with plenty of time to spare. I’d been looking forward to this with a keen sense of anticipation for a few weeks prior to the event, but had a bit of a shock on Thursday when I got a phone call from Dave(Webbo) informing me that he’d been unable to get any trophies for the Pairs Match, and asking me if there was anything I could do to remedy the situation. Fortunately there is a company local to me who deal in nothing other than trophies and a quick trip down to their shop sorted the problem, so a big THANK YOU to Alan Clarke and his staff at CLASSIC TROPHIES for getting us out of the brown sticky stuff at very short notice.​


It was a bit of a dull grey day with a hint of drizzle in the air when I woke up on Friday morning, so with the car loaded with all my gear, including the extras necessary needed for a 3 day stay it was off to Battersea for breakfast before driving through London to reach the M40, Thankfully this went amazingly well and I pulled into the fishery car park just after 10 am. Geoff P and Mick the Chippy were already in situ as were our hosts for the weekend ahead John & Pauline. First things first, so I soon got my bivvie erected as it was obvious that we were going to get some rain at some point in the day. With that out of the way and the car park staring to fill as others arrived I gave Mick a hand with his bivvie. Like many of us, not being a hardened carper the bivvie only comes out for the annual trip to Rolfs and remembering where all the rods go takes a while. we got there in the end though.

By now the car park was filling up, Dai had brought his caravan, along with his wife Anne, daughter Hayley and the dog, while Malc had Liam and Crystal in tow. Now Malc had invested the large sum of £14 in a new 4 man tent and was trying to erect it for the 1st time with the aid of the kids and Hayley, unfortunately the only instructions were a single photo of what it should look like, Despite showing him how to fit the supporting poles, you could tell it wasn’t going well when Hayley told Malc to “Step away from the tent :mad: and as she had a mallet in her hand it seemed like a good idea at the time. I then got a phone call from Paul(nomorelongwalks)East who had pulled out due to a family commitment, and he told me that the arrangement had been cancelled so he was coming down later anyway for a weekend with the gang despite not being able to fish.

Chris(cybermanc)Ellis and Tom(tommodiesel)Little had arrived early to set up as they were fishing The Pairs at the weekend, but Dave invited them to fish today as they’d arrived ahead of schedule so there were 19 of us ready to go when Dave called for the draw around 12·30 pm despite a few of the attendees being caught up in M40 traffic. We were going to fish from 2·15 – 7·15 pm anyway so Pauline drew for those missing.
Into the draw bag and I found peg 28 on the car park bank would be my home for 5 hours, a nice short walk and a peg I hadn’t fished before……​


John had mentioned that today looked ideal for the feeder and that seemed as good a starting point as any especially as I had it already set up in its rod sleeve. Pole wise I just set up a couple of Malman Adam 4×12′s on 0·20 with a size 14 Guru QM1′s for fishing to the bushes on either side and a Malman 4×12 Snake IV on 0·20 with a size 14 Guru QM1 for a line at 5 mtrs. Bait for the session would be a variety of hard fishery pellets, corn and GOT Baits soft hookers.

Simps, Gem and Budgie had made it in time for the start so it was a full compliment of 19 by the time that Dave signalled the All-In with what sounded like a strangled duck. Geoff over on peg 10 soon had a few feet of orange Vespe coming from his pole and was soon off the mark with the 1st Carp of the weekend. I managed a quick Carp on the feeder, a Mirror of around 7 lbs to get me off the mark, while Simps was soon out onto the pole line and got a decent 16 lb’er to get him off the mark, but it was Dave on peg 24 who seemed to get off to the best start fishing the pellet cone or “Feederless Feeder” as he calls it, it seemed to be doing the business today as a succession of fish came to the net……​


Gem was on peg 9 and after her customary shout signalling her 1st fish had a lot of us worried about a Minxing as it’s a peg capable of producing a good weight, as Gem had proved taking a ‘Ton+’ and a load of scalps off of it a couple of weeks ago in a Jinx Match ……​


Well things didn’t get any better for me with nothing further to show on the feeder or all 3 pole lines apart from foul hooking a rather angry Carp in the tail. This gave me a good run around but I thought I was in with a chance of landing it, unfortunately as I piled on the pressure in an attempt to net it the line close to the hook parted shooting the rest of the rig back towards me and embedding the float into the middle finger of my right hand. Looking at it with a degree of shock I decided that it shouldn’t really be there and pulled it straight out only to be rewarded with the sight of large amounts of blood pouring out of my battered digit :oops:. Luckily Maria has always insisted that I carry a small first aid kit in my carryall for just this type of event so I was able to staunch the flow and bandage it up.

So with nothing else having come my way after 2½ hours so I decided to fill it in on the 5 mtr line and go for a stroll with the camera. I passed a rather disconsolate Tom(Tommodiesel)Little on peg 30 who was fishless ……​


and found Clive on peg 32, now this peg is starting to haunt Clive like peg 13 haunts me, and I have to say that Clive had the look of a man resigned to a Minxing and just going through the motions as he could see that he was falling behind Gem who was directly opposite him ……​


Mick was on peg 34 and was having a bit of a struggle getting to grips with it today, but was plugging away and putting his faith in Marukyu or Mary Q as he calls it to turn things round for him.​


Malc was tucked away down on peg 38 and had Liam and Crystal to keep him company and maybe bring him some luck……​


strangely Malc was fishing the feeder, a surprising site as he normally fishes the pole all the time at Rolfs but it appeared to be working for him as he was into a run of Carp on it ……​


Budgie on peg 40 was nowhere to be seen, which summed up the way his match was going, while Dai was on peg 2 and putting a few together, but just glad to be there after suffering concussion having cracked his head on the tailgate of Geoff’s car the previous weekend ……​


Chris Withall was having a real struggle on peg 4 and had resorted to fishing the waggler and maggot for anything with fins to put some fish in the net ……​


peg 6 found Dave Moore wrapped up in his hoodie, not in the best of health, he probably shouldn’t have been fishing and the sport wasn’t exactly providing the tonic he needed……​


Terry had finally managed a half decent draw in peg 7 but the residents had obviously heard of his previous exploits this season and decided to heap a bit more suffering on him leaving him facing a sixth Minxing on the trot ……​


while Scott(methodgob) had run to peg 8 only to find that he needn’t have rushed as the fish were making him work hard for each one of them ……​


By the time I arrived back at my peg Paul had arrived and came over to say Hello, I was also rewarded with a bite! not the hoped for Carp, but a decent skimmer that was soon safely in the net and it was soon followed by another, and such fish can save a Minxing on a hard day. Over on my Nemesis peg 13 Chris(Cybermanc) was getting a few, but losing to many for his liking ……​


Dave over on peg 14 was suffering a bit of a grueller, I reckon it was the sound of that strangled duck at the start had scared his fish off……​


All the action seem to be coming from the pegs to the right of me though, Simon was playing catch up with Dave who was still getting regular fish, and while Simon was getting quite a few foul hookers from his 5 mtr line he was landing quite a few of them……​


However Ant over on peg 18 was coming on strong with a good run of fish late on and Steve(steak) on peg 22 was quietly getting on with things fishing worm and avoiding the foul hookers that were causing havoc for most ……​


I’d managed one more Carp by the time that Paul came back to see how I was doing. No sooner had he sat down behind me than I latched into a foul hooker that went tearing off across the lake taking my rig with it. I remarked to Paul that I couldn’t be bothered to set up another rig with 45 minutes to go so just dropped my feeder rig onto the 5 mtr line with a single grain of corn on the hook. Well the tip wrapped round almost instantly and I soon had another carp in the net and I managed another six before Dave found that strangled duck again to sound the All-Out. I have to say that I was quite surprised to have finished so well and though I had 50 lbs+ which just might save me from a Minxing.

So with the gear packed away it was time for the Weigh-In and Malc soon set the pace with 73¾lbs to easily win his section, after which it was a tale of woe for many with the next weight of any relevance to most being Gem’s who set the mark of 52¼lbs + to avoid a Minxing. The Minxed List grew until the scales reached Ant who recorded the first Ton of the day with 109¼lbs, good enough for 3rd on the day and just pipping Steve who weighed 108½lbs. Round to Dave who was well chuffed with his 136½lbs, but it was only good enough for 2nd as Simon took a fine win recording 144½lbs. My late run of fish resulted in a weight of 62 lbs for me so no Minxing for me today and a surprise section win as a bonus.

So THANK YOU to Dave the Fish for today's Invite, an enjoyable match regardless of the weights and a great way to kick off the weekend.

So with everything out of the way it was back to the bivvies as the barbecue and various cookers were fired up, beers were opened and the inquest on the days events were discussed along with the prospects for the weekend ahead. It went on long into the night for some, and was still going when I rolled into my sleeping bag just after midnight and it didn’t take long before I was sound asleep :sleep:. What would lie ahead? It wouldn’t be long till we found out.
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Rolf’s Lake. Holton. Oxfordshire. August 7th-8th, 2010
Rolf’s Pairs Tournament 2010.


Well having stayed over at Rolfs after Dave Collier’s match, I awoke around 7·30 am to a rather grey and cloudy day, it had obviously rained during the night, but I soon had the kettle on and breakfast sorted. There was going to be a full house today with some more anglers arriving, making 30 members of the Maggotdrowning forum (18 of them members of this years Jinx Squad ) assembled from all over the country to fish the Rolfs Pairs Tournament 2010, a 2 legged affair fished over both the Saturday & Sunday and this is the 5th year running that the competition has taken place.
Soon people were sorting out their kit while others were arriving and adding to the tented village for the weekend. Conversations were turning to what pegs were going to be fancied draws and how the pairings would turn out. At 11 am I had a phone call from Al Loader to let us know that unfortunately work had conspired to stop him fishing this weekend, this left us one short but luckily John kindly agreed to lend Paul East his gear to fish so we were soon back up to the required number.

Around 11·30 am John sounded the fishery bell signalling that Dave and I were going to conduct the Pairs Draw, and it has to be said that there were a few strong pairs drawn including 5 pairs made up of anglers that had all been fishing The Jinx Series this year so they were up to speed with how the lake was fishing. My partner for the weekend was Richard(tricky)East, one of the newer forum members and a newcomer to Rolfs. With that out of the way it was time to draw for today's pegs, and it was around this time that things started to go wrong for me, Yes you guessed it, I opened my hand to find my Nemesis staring back at me………Peg 13. Unfortunately for Clive he committed the schoolboy error of standing right behind me in the draw and got caught up in the vortex of my misfortune :devilish: and was duly rewarded with peg 32 once more. Well it provided plenty of amusement for the assembled crowd while Clive and I debated what punishment was suitable for our drawing hands………​


Well with the match being fished from 2 – 7 pm there was plenty of time to set up, even if I didn’t exactly rush to my peg ……​


The rigs were simple, a Malman Adam 4×12 on 0·20 Power Match with a size 14 QM1 hook for the 10 mtr line on the deck. A Malman Adam 4×10 on 0·20 Power Match with a size 14 QM1 hook for the 5 mtr line. I also set up a MW Trev on 0·20 Power Match with a size 14 Drennan Carp Match for down the margin. Bait for the session would be my usual mix of hard fishery pellets, corn and GOT Baits soft hookers.

Well at 2 pm John sounded the fishery bell to signal the All-In. My initial feed was at 5 and 10 mtrs and down the right hand margin, and my 1st put in at 10 mtrs with a banded 8 mm pellet produced almost instant action as a Carp tore off across the lake leaving just a scale on the hook ……​


Dave next door on peg 11 had snared a quick skimmer on the “feederless feeder” and after about 20 minutes I’d managed a small Carp of around 6 lbs. It all went a bit quiet after that however with just a couple of small Roach to break the monotony. The car park bank looked like the place to be from where I was sitting with all the anglers playing fish at one time or another, indeed Steve snared a Common of 21½lbs but weighed and returned it without as much as a smile much to the consternation of 2 anglers that had dropped in to take a look at the lake before their forthcoming match there. However there was soon a sound that all anglers hate, a loud CRACK and I looked up to see Clive’s pole being towed toward the little lake. The number 5 section had failed but fortunately John managed to hook it out and with the fish still attached Clive played it out from peg 33……​


This was followed by another sharp CRACK, this time a top 2 belonging to Mitch on peg 3, amazingly Paul(tommyturtle001)Thompson on peg 10 hooked about 15 minutes later with his pellet wag. Well with nothing happening in my peg I reverted to my usual fall back, I filled it in at 5 mtrs and set off with my camera. Mick(The Chippy)Pearson was on peg 9 and had been a bit worried about fishing so close to the bush, but he’d gone for it and been rewarded with a 16 lb Common early on which gave him the confidence to stick at it ……​


Alex was on peg 8 and was steadily picking up a few fish from down the track at 6 mtrs and across to the far bank ……​


Scott on peg 7 was trying to get to grips with his peg but was slowly falling behind Alex despite his best efforts ……​


I found Geoff on peg 5 and it was a case of steady away for him as he looked to be on the way to building a decent net of fish …​


Paul was on peg 4 and just pleased to be fishing the match after all, Tony was tucked away in the corner on peg 3 and was admitting to having a few, which knowing Tony meant he was on a shed full, but he too had smashed a number 5 section earlier on. Gem (The Minx) was on peg 1, fishing to the bush and with 3 weigher’s already on the board was looking good to add a few more to The Minxed List ……​


Working my way round I stopped to commiserate with Clive and try to work out just how many concrete trucks would be needed to fill in pegs 13 and 32 ……​


Malc was on peg 25 and it looked as if the power of The Jinx was having a positive effect as he was catching from both his swims and well on his way to a really good weight ……​


Terry on peg 23 was looking a lot happier than I’ve seen him recently at Rolfs, with 3 good Carp in the opening period and the odd fish still putting in an appearance it seemed that there was every chance that he might avoid yet another Minxing today.​


Steve(steak) had moved round a couple of pegs today to peg 20 and still catching, but today he was suffering his fair share of foul hookers and also lost a huge Perch at the net that he felt may have gone 5lbs ……​


Tom admitted to having a real struggle on peg 19 and Colin was suffering with foul hookers on peg 18. Simon was having another decent day on 17, while Gaz on peg 16 was having a frustrating time and struggling to work out just how they wanted it ……​


My Pairs partner Richard was on peg 15 and had just switched to fishing worm, while Dave Collier was on peg 14 for a second day running and not really enjoying it anymore than yesterday. Back at my peg a quick chat with Webbo revealed that I hadn’t missed much, though he’d had a couple of fish that had snagged him in the bush to his left.​


Well time marched on with little happening for me, though the car park bank still seemed to be producing and I’d just glanced at my watch and noticed there was an hour to go when my float slid under, lifting into it I was suddenly aware that the amount of resistance indicated something other than a Roach on the other end……​


It proved to be a decent Common and a weigher to boot at 12½lbs. Happily it wasn’t on its own either as in the last hour I added a further 7 carp to the keepnet before John rang the bell for the All-Out. As we packed away a few of the lads were ribbing me that I may as well leave my gear there as I was bound to draw it again tomorrow, but surely fate wouldn’t be that unkind to me would it? Anyway declining to tempt fate I soon had my gear back to the car park.

So to the Weigh-In and the first weight of any note was Jon Hatch who managed the first ‘Ton’ with 100¾lbs from peg 39. Gem had suffered a quiet second half to her match meaning that the cut off for a Minxing was 45¼lbs today. Tony had a cracking day in more ways than one and recorded an excellent 197½lbs, just short of a ‘Double Ton’ from peg3, yet it would prove to be only good enough for 2nd on the day. Tony’s Pairs Partner Geoff backed him up well with 93½lbs from peg 5, which would see them going into day 2 in 1st place . My fish registered 64½lbs which at least meant that I’d escaped a Minxing while my partner Richard managed 1 lb more leaving us in mid table. Simon managed the ‘Ton’ with a fine 155¾lbs from peg 17 for 3rd on the day. Malc had the catch of the day though with a superb ‘Double Ton’ recording 211 lbs for the win on the day While Steve Wilson recorded the days final ‘Ton’ with 113¾lbs from peg 19.

So with all the results collated it was Tony & Geoff in 1st place with Ant & Steve in 2nd and Malc & Gaz in 3rd.

So it was now time for a BBQ and a beer or two and as the darkness moved in, groups settled down to discuss the day events …..​


or to mull over tactics for the match tomorrow, or simply catch up with the latest gossip and have a good laugh ……​


It was past midnight when I made my way back to my bivvie. Would I have nightmares of peg 13? Surely I couldn’t draw it again could I ? All would be revealed in the morning …………………​
I awoke around 7am and shock horror, I’d had a good nights sleep. Even better, the sun was shining from a blue sky. On with the kettle for the first cup of coffee, while Webbo’s kind offer of Sausage & Bacon rolls took care of breakfast.

Today was going to be an early draw just after 9 am as we were fishing from 11 am-4 pm so that those that had travelled a considerable distance would be able to get home at a sensible sort of time. So having washed breakfast down with a second cup of coffee it was time to think about packing away the bivvie . It’s one of those jobs I hate, but for a change it seemed to go reasonably well and I managed to cram it all into the unfeasibly small carrying bag on the first attempt, so with everything packed away into the car I was ready for whatever fate would throw my way today.

Lining up for the draw I must admit to a feeling of dread as I knew ‘IT‘ was still in the draw bag as I inched closer.
However I was soon feeling better as I heard a groan from Scott ahead of me, Yes he’d claimed peg 13 for his very own today. I felt I should commiserate with him, but all I could manage was a silly grin and laughter :LOL:. Plunging my hand into the bag I found myself looking down on peg 1, yet another peg I’d not fished previously, that The Minx had fished yesterday……​


So round to peg 1 with the gear to set up. Now normally it’s just pegs 40 & 2 on this bank that are used, but for a change this weekend pegs 39, 1 & 3 had been used. Geoff had drawn peg 3 and was hoping for a similar result to that achieved by his partner Tony who’d fished it the previous day, while to my right on peg 39 was Gaz hoping for a better result than yesterday. Poor Jonny Broadbent had just wheeled his Rive to peg 38 and turned round to do something else when there was an almighty SPLASH!!!! The box complete with wheelkit had rolled down the bank depositing itself in his peg, not the ideal start to his day.

Rig wise I just set up a couple of Malman Adam 4×12′s on 0·20 with a size 14 Guru QM1′s to cover the 5 and 10 mtr lines which were of similar depth and a Malman 4×12 Snake IV on 0·20 with a size 14 Guru QM1 to fish the bottom of the marginal shelf under the bush to my left. I also got the feeder rod out of it’s ready sleeve just in case things got desperate Bait for the session would be my usual mix of hard fishery pellets, corn and GOT Baits soft hookers.

I have to say that it felt quite strange setting up so early for a match at Rolfs, and I felt that we may all be in for a bit of a grueller, especially with the change in the weather as well. At 11 am John signalled the All-In by ringing the bell and I fed all 3 of my lines before starting on a banded 8 mm at 5 mtrs. While I couldn’t see Geoff on peg 3 I could hear him and it was obvious that he’d caught a fish pretty quickly. Dave had joined the action pretty quickly as well, winkling out a couple of Carp from down his right hand margin. Other than that though there didn’t seem to be much happening.​


Gaz had gone out long fishing shallow and got of the mark with a Common of around 12 lbs……​


I couldn’t buy as much as a bite however, nothing not even a solitary silver to show for my efforts after 3 hours. The bush that had produced for Gem yesterday offered little in the way of cover from the sun today and the only signs of anything were at 10 mtrs where the usual fizzing kept happening over the feed. The feeder with dampened pellet and double sweetcorn on the hook finally produced a bite just after 2 pm and a feisty little Mirror of around 6 lbs was soon safely in the net to save the dreaded DNW, but with Gem on peg 8 and getting a few fish I just knew that I was on for a Minxing today.
Malc had been on a stroll round and reported that most were struggling today and it appeared that Chris on peg 7 and Tony on peg 26 were having the best of it today and with Geoff having a few on a difficult day it would probably be enough for them to secure the title. However Ant had started to have a couple over on peg 38……​


Strangely despite struggling today I hadn’t filled it in and gone for a walk, just stuck at it and plugged away though it appeared to be all in vain. With about an hour left I managed a Common of around 7 lbs on the pole at 10 mtrs.​


Could this be the start of a decent last hour for me for the third match in a row? In a word NO. All that followed were a couple of foul hookers which just left me with scales for souvenirs, while a third led me a merry dance forcing me to thread my top kit under the platform……​


……. on two separate occasions before the hook pulled free. In fact it ended up feeling like a blessed relief when John rang the bell for the All-Out at 4 pm.

So time to pack everything away which was all going smoothly until I noticed that 3 sections of my margin pole were missing. I knew where I’d left them, and knew in my heart where they would be ……………. In the lake. Oh well it had to be done, down to my underpants and flip flops and in, it wasn’t to unpleasant and I located the sections straight away. Geoff gave me a hand out and as I turned round who should I spy with a camera but Malc, A fair cop I suppose after all the times I’ve caught him ……​


Rather than waste time I weighed my 2 carp at the weigh station behind me, recording a whole 13¼lbs on the board and returned to the business of packing away as the Weigh-In passed me by, the rate of it’s progress revealing just how hard the fishing had been today. Notable weights were Chris(cybermanc)Ellis who’d fished the feeder all day on peg 7 for 111 lbs and his 1st ever match win. Tony coming 2nd overall for the second day running with 90¼lbs. While Clive managed to draw somewhere other than peg 32 and with a level 60 lbs was 3rd on the day. Meanwhile Gem had 50½lbs which meant that apart from the top 3 and the Malman brothers the rest of us got Minxed.​


So with everything out of the way we assembled outside the hut for the results to be read out, pools to be paid out and the trophies awarded by Mr Maggotdrowning himself, Dave(Webbo)Webster to the winning team of………​

Geoff Palmer & Tony Roberts

Congratulations to both of them.
Well earnt over the weekend finishing 22 points clear,
and Tony becoming the 1st angler to win it twice.
Finally a few words of Thanks are due to the following people………
John & Pauline Bennett for allowing us the use of their superb fishery during the weekend.
Dave Webster, for bringing us all and organising the whole weekend.
Tubertini who provided enough goodies to make sure that everyone took home a little something.
Finally, all those Maggotdrowners that took part, the weekend wouldn’t be the success it is without you.(y)

Pairs Result


Saturday Individual Result


Sunday Individual Result

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Sep 18, 2001
Colemans Cottage Fishery. Pathfield Lake. August 14th, 2010.

Marsh AC club match.


It’s off to Essex for me today to Colemans Cottage to fish just my 4th club match of the year. Hopefully it’ll be a decent day and everyone will catch a few . However I nearly didn’t make it today having woken at 1·30 am and been violently sick for no apparent reason. I finally got back to sleep around 3 am, so only got about 3 hours sleep before the alarm went off. A grey drizzly day wasn’t the greatest incentive, but I figured I would probably feel better on the bank out in the fresh air. I arrived at the fishery just after 8 am and decided a small breakfast was in order to check out the state of my stomach. Dave soon had the monies collected and the draw underway. Now normally the low numbers are the favourite pegs on Pathfield Lake, so you can imagine my delight at drawing peg 26 down on the shallow newer part of the lake. Dave of course had his usual low draw and I’m sure I detected a little smirk when he recorded my draw on the sheet.

So out to collect my nets and a stroll down to take a look at my peg, an end peg effectively as peg 25 was empty today and there seemed to be a few fish feeding, so back to the car park to collect my gear and stroll back down to the peg. I’ve got Kevin for company today on peg 28 so I should be good for a mid match cup of coffee courtesy of Jean.​


It’s probably 13mtrs to the island, and the targets today are Carp, Mirrors and Commons + a decent head of recently stocked F1′s along with silvers which include Barbel. Now I said it was shallow but even I was surprised when an initial plumb up revealed a maximum of 15 inches down the track at around 5 mtrs and just 12 inches in the margins. Now given that there are some decent carp present and they tend to take off like bullets in such shallow water I set up a couple of modified Rolf’s rigs, and these were Malman Adam 4×10′s on 0·20 Power Match with a size 14 QM1 hooks adjusted to suit + a Malman MTD2 on 0·20 Power Match with a size 16 QM1 hook for shallow. I also set up a 4X12 Middy Paste Float, it’s a really strong line through design made up on ·20 Ultima Power Match finished off with a Drennan size 12 Carp Method hook to fish paste in both margins. Bait was just 6 and 8 mm hard pellet, 6 mm GOT Baits Expanders and GOT Baits Atomic Paste.

So at 10 am Dave signalled the All-In, a hand ful of pellet onto the 5 mtr line and a pinch into each margin. The plan was to concentrate on the 5 mtr line and regularly flick pellet into the margins, but not to touch them till a tail pattern showed. Out to the 5 mtr line which was already bubbling and fizzing with a 6 mm expander produced an instant bite, a small F1 which was immediately followed by it’s twin, not quite what I was hoping for, but I was off the mark.
I swapped to a banded 8 mm in the hope of attracting something slightly larger, but all I got for my trouble was a couple of foul hookers which tore off at a rate of knots before shedding the hook. A change to banded 6 mm produced a series of frustrating little digs at the float until it finally buried and I connected with a feisty Common of around 3 lbs which battled all the way to the net.

This seemed to set the pattern for the next 3 hours, I wasn’t setting the place alight with maybe 30 lbs in the net, but nobody else was apparently from what I could see and had gathered from a couple of anglers that were strolling around, though Chris Newton on peg 23 reported having had around a dozen fish​


…… and I’d noticed that Chris Withall had strolled down from peg 20 to collect a second carp net quite early on.

Around half way through I spotted a tail pattern in the left hand margin and soon had a couple of better Commons of around 5lbs safely in the net. Clive appeared at this point and I had another of around 3 lbs which he captured on camera before returning to his peg……​



Unfortunately the next fish proved to be a foul hooker which absolutely trashed the margin before shedding the hook.
Rather than risk wrecking it further I decided to re-feed both margins with a couple of handfuls of pellet and take a stroll with the camera to allow it to settle.
Graham was on peg 30 which had plenty of marginal cover along with fish obviously feeding, but he was having a bit of a struggle trying to tempt them to take a bait……​


Martin opposite seemed pretty quiet with what looked like a feeder rod set up to try and tempt a few……​


Next was Keith on peg 33, who I noticed already had a second carp net in, he was pretty cagey about it though reckoning that it was empty at that point, but he’s a damn good angler and I couldn’t be sure that he wasn’t telling porkies ……​


Tony on peg 36 hadn’t broken any BeastMaster sections, but said that he was struggling to get to grips with things today……​


My last port of call was to Clive who was on peg 3 today. He had an overflow pipe trickling water into his left hand margin, and it was here that he was fishing, and judging by the tail patterns the fish were there too ……​


He said that he was being plagued by foul hookers though which was really frustrating him, but as I went to return to my peg he hooked and landed a lively pearl white Ghostie ……​


As I made my way back down the bank I noticed Tony was also into a Ghostie himself, this one a lovely brassy flanked fish ……​


So it was starting to look that a few people were sandbagging with their tales of struggle, and with Keith also sliding a Carp over the landing net as I passed him, I knew that I was going to need a decent final couple of hours……​


Ever the optimist I grabbed a second carp net for myself as I returned to my peg and staked it out on my return. Jean supplied a welcome cup of coffee as I made my mind up to ignore the 5 mtr line and just fish paste in the margin for the remainder. It was slow at first with a few hesitant bites that I missed, but I soon got into a rhythm feeding and fishing both margins close to my nets……​


…….. taking a fish from either side before swapping over to avoid to much disturbance, the odd foul hooker disturbed this, but on the whole the last hour and a half saw my catch rate increase nicely. By the time Dave called the all out at 4 pm, I was confident that I had high double figures, but had lost track a bit having mislaid my clicker, but I was kicking myself a bit for not having fished the paste sooner and hoping that it hadn’t cost me to badly.

With the gear back in the car, the inquests started, Keith was owning up to 60-70 ish as was Clive, all would be revealed by the scales. Clive soon set the mark with 77½lbs which he seemed reasonably pleased with, but in general the low numbers hadn’t fished as well as expected today with Dave Colliers’s 66 lbs being the next best. Indeed it wasn’t till we got to peg 17 that we saw another weight to overtake Clive’s, Ken Walker following up his 2nd place on the previous club match at Blasford Hill with a fine 80½lbs today, which would bring him a similar result. Chris Withall on peg 20 had a busy day, his 77½lbs equalling Clive’s weight. Round to my peg and I was honestly surprised when my weight was called at a level 131 lbs which would prove to be the best of the day. The last weigh of note was Keith’s at 78½lbs which gave him 3rd overall, just pipping Clive and Chris.

The nice bit about Colemans is going back to the clubhouse for the results and being able to get a cuppa and a bite to eat while Dave sorted the results and dished out the section pools, before we said our farewells. The next club match is at Rockells Farm which is always one to look forward to, but before that I’m back at Rolfs Lake next Saturday for the final Jinx Match of the year.​

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Rolf’s Lake. Holton. Oxfordshire. August 21st, 2010.


Jinx Match 6

Well it’s the Final Jinx Match of the year today, and it’s still all to play for with Malc, Clive and myself all still in with a chance of individual glory. It’s been a fantastic Series this year, really enjoyable and we’re finishing off with a BBQ at the end of the match. The cats decided they wanted feeding and got me up early this morning so the car was soon loaded up and found it’s way straight to The Jimmy Griddle in Battersea for my customary ‘Full English’ before transporting me to Rolfs. Pulling into the car park just after 9 am there were a good few people present already as they had fished the Friday Night Open and were just starting to surface from their slumbers, In fact the first friendly face to great me was Dai’s German Shepherd ‘Gina’……​


Time for a coffee and a chat and it seemed that the night match hadn’t fished that well, which most put down to low oxygen levels, and with that being the case John soon had the aerators and the pump up and running, then I set off to help Malc, Liam and John pack away the lights that had been set up from the previous night. Just as we were finishing Malc’s wife Julie put in an appearance, somehow Malc had persuaded her to come down and camp in a tent over the weekend, although she’s not keen on either fishing or camping. It’s taken me 9 years to meet this Saint, although I’ve spoken to her over the phone on numerous occasions, though it was a bit of a worry as it meant for the first time ever the whole Jinx Clan would be in attendance at a Jinx Match !!!!!!!!!!!​


So with the car park filling up Nick’s wife Lisa arrived with a batch of homemade Eccles cakes, and while we sampled them (and very nice they were too) talk turned to what lay ahead, and the general consensus was that it would probably be hard. Draw time approached at 12ish and with B section being my home for the day and the honour of drawing first having won my section on the last match it meant that Peg 13 was lurking in the bag for me, much to everyone's amusement. Plunging my hand into the bag I was rewarded with peg 29, Mat being the lucky angler on Peg 13 today. Well at least it meant a nice short walk, but with Simon on peg 32 and Dave Moore on peg 9 I was going to have my work cut out today.​


I had Nick Jones, making a welcome return as a guest to my left on peg 30 and Steve(steak) my pairs partner to my right on peg 28 for company today. With a cloudy grey sky which the sun was trying to break through and a strong south westerly wind blowing down into the little lake today I couldn’t help feeling that we could be in for a bit of a grueller.

The rigs were simple and freshly tied as we had plenty of time before the 1·30 pm start, consisting of a couple of Malman 4×12 Adam’s on 0·20 Power Match with a size 14 QM1 hooks for the 5 mtr line on the deck while a 0·2 MW HC margin again on 0·20 with a size 14 Guru QM1 was set up to fish to the bushes in the margins. I also set up my feeder rod as a back up, but was hoping I wouldn’t need it. Bait for today would be the usual variety of hard fishery pellets, corn and GOT Baits soft hookers.

So at 1·30 pm John rang the fishery bell to signal the All-In. A couple of pots of pellet and corn and a handful of pellet to each bush took care of the feed before a banded 8 mm was shipped out to the 5mtr line.​


A few people were quickly into fish, so perhaps a good day was in the offing after all, indeed after 5 minutes my float buried and I lifted into what was obviously a Carp and within a couple of minutes a Common of around 8 lbs was safely in the keepnet. However within 20 minutes the vast majority of the big lake appeared to switch off, in fact for the next 2 hours all I managed to add was a Bream of around 2½lbs and a few Roach. Steve was using worm but all he could find were small Perch no matter where he tried in his peg, though he was briefly attached to a Carp that was obviously foul hooked before it trashed his rig. Indeed it was turning into the predicted grueller, though Simon was picking of the odd fish fishing to the bush on peg 32…​


…… and along with a couple of weigher’s he also managed a Chub of 4 lbs which was a new PB for him ……​


Jean arrived with a very welcome cup of coffee while I had a look on the feeder and managed to nick another Carp of around 6 lbs, but with Dave on peg 9………​


…… and Steve on peg 11 ……​


…… still taking the odd fish it wasn’t enough, so after re-feeding the peg it was time to let it settle and take a walk with the camera. Paul’s wife Jayne had pulled peg 8 out of the bag for him today and I caught him in the middle of a spirited fight with one of the pegs residents ……​


Nick(monkey) and Jon were the Pink Hat wearers for this match and Nick was having a bit of a mare on peg 5 and staring another Minxing firmly in the face despite support from Lisa and son Josh today……​


I could see Gem down on peg 38, tucked up in her fleece against the wind and with weigher’s on the board leaving more than a few of us worried ……​


A chat with Tony on peg 26 revealed that silvers were all he could muster and he was just hoping the Carp would turn up for him before the end of the match……​


Paul was next up on peg 25 and was positively ‘bagging’, the trouble was that they were all small silvers instead of the hoped for Carp, but fishing maggot was probably asking for it ……​


Next up was Dave Collier on peg 23 admitting to a couple of carp and apparently sharing the bush between their pegs with Malc in an attempt to extract a few more from his peg……​


Malc for his part was fishing his usual match as close into the bank as he could get while keeping an eye out for how Clive was doing on peg 20…….​


Now Clive it has to be said isn’t exactly enamoured with peg 20, but with the fishing being hard for everyone was giving it his best shot and owning up to 3 Carp at that point……​


Geoff on peg 19 was happy enough with his lot and asked me to pop along with my camera at the weigh in as he had a couple of Perch that he wanted a picture of ……​


So back top my peg, Steve was still working his way through what had to be one of the largest shoals of small Perch going, while the tip of my pole float was as dry as a bone, stubbornly refusing to go under and get wet. However it was Mat over on Peg 13 who was taking a proper beating from the peg as all he had to show for his efforts was a couple of Roach ……​


Well with around an hour to go, wonder of wonders, my float slid away, I almost missed it as it caught me by surprise, it gave a really good account of itself and although it didn’t feel like a really heavy fish it took a surprisingly large amount of elastic out of the top kit, so much so that I was forced to land it on a top 3……​

but a fish is a fish when you’re struggling and I was happy just to see the Carp nestling safely in the net. I actually managed to catch another 4 after that, but in all honesty I could have done with another hour before the All-Out was called at 6·30 pm, because the fish were bubbling in my swim as we packed away.

It transpired that a few of the lads that were stopping over and travelling back on Sunday started the Weigh-in almost immediately and by the time I’d packed away they were a good half way round the lake. Ade had kicked things off with a level 65 lbs from peg 34 while Gem had set The Minx Mark at 34¼lbs from peg 38. Budgie had managed a very creditable 84 lbs from peg 40 but it would only be good enough for 2nd in section and 2nd overall on the day as Terry on peg 2 had taken 98 lbs 6ozs for the section win and his first ever Match win. Steve’s 62¼lbs gave him 2nd in B section, while Kevin Loveland weighed 49¾lbs to win C section. Geoff’s 44½lbs took 2nd in section and I caught up in time to photograph his 2 Perch……​


…… my fish came to 41¼lbs but Simon won B section with a fine 68¾lbs and 3rd overall on the day.

So with the Weigh-in complete Malc retired to work out the final positions while we tucked into the BBQ prepared by John and the ladies ………​


Nick had brought some home brew for us to try and very palatable it was as well, while Burgers, sausages, chicken etc all found a willing home as the days events were discussed ……​


Then Malc stepped up to Thank John and Pauline on behalf of the whole Jinx Squad for allowing us to run the series at the lake before finally announcing the series result with the rider that it was all subject to verification as it was so close, but the winner of the Series was Clive at long last having been runner up for the 2 previous years. 3 points back in 2nd place was Malc (The Jinx), who tied with me on points, but beat me on aggregate weight to leave me in 3rd place.

However Malc and Simon had triumphed in the Pairs, while Clive took 2nd place with his partner Ade and 3rd place went to Gem (The Minx) and her partner Budgie.

So with yet another Jinx Series coming to a close farewells were said and plans laid for next year, but as I made my way back to the car park in the gathering gloom I spotted Liam sitting on peg 32 having a go with Simons tackle and he appeared to be playing a Carp……​


… which was soon landed with Simon acting as Liam’s ghillie and proudly displayed for the camera ……​

Scary really as it looks like we’ll have yet another Jinx to contend with in the future. :devilish:

Overall Result


Section Results




Overall Individual Series Result.

NB:Anglers were allowed to drop their worst section result during the series so that the Overall Series results were decided by best 5 out of 6 section points.
Overall weight counting in the result of Anglers tying on points.

Overall Pairs Result.

NB: Pairs were allowed to drop their worst points total during the series so that the results were decided by best 5 out of 6 points scores. Overall weights counting in the result of Pairs tying on points. Guests fished when a Pairs Partner was absent and their weights and points were included in the overall totals.

So just a few words of Thanks to finish off. It’s been a great Series this year and that’s due in no small way to Malc(The Jinx) himself, for organising and running the whole thing, and who has probably been more organised this year than at any time that I can ever remember.​

John & Pauline who have been kind enough to put up with The Jinx Squad and their antics once more at their Fishery which does them and Rolf’s memory enormous credit as always.​

Finally, The Jinx Squad and their Guests over the course of the Series. It’s the people that fish it that makes the Series the pleasure it is. Take a bow, and see you all next year. (y)

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Sep 18, 2001
Private Lake, East Sussex. September 5th, 2010.
Badpegpicker’s Southern Pairs 2010.


It was off down to a Private Lake in East Sussex today for me to fish the Southern Pairs Match organised by Steve Oswick aka badpegpicker through the forum. The weather looked pretty promising as I loaded up the car and after a stop in Bromley for a spot of breakfast I made good time and pulled into the fishery car park around 8·10 am.​


There was a good turn out come draw time, but unfortunately we had one no show, not a problem normally, but with this being a Pairs match a bit of a problem. The solution decided on was that after the draw the angler short of a partner would be allowed to count his weight twice, and that angler turned out to be Keith(shallowman)Haynes.​


I had found myself with peg 3 on the dam wall. Keith(gandhi) had drawn peg 1, and I had Steve on peg 2……​


and Keith(keith74)Powell on peg 4 in the corner for immediate company today………​


My Pairs partner for the day was Paul(nomorelongwalks)East who had drawn peg 13. Mark(moleman)Hathaway was tucked away behind the island on peg 11 which was effectively an end peg meaning that he and Keith would have to be in with a chance as they are both more than capable of making the most of decent draws.

Now I don’t fish the lake that much, but I tend to treat it in a similar way to Rolfs as there’s a decent head of Carp present that run into double figures though the average is probably around the 6 lbs mark, and with only Carp and Tench counting in today's match I just set up 3 rigs. A Malman 4×12 Adam on 0·20 Power Match with a size 14 QM1 hook for the 5 mtr line on the deck, an a similarly rigged Malman Paste float but with a size 12 Ashima hook for paste while a 0·2 MW HC margin again on 0·20 with a size 14 Guru QM1 was set up to fish the margins and double up as an up in the water rig if needed. Bait for today was a mix of hard pellets, corn and GOT Baits soft hookers and Atomic paste with 4 mm pellets for feed.

With a bit of time to go before the All-In I took a quick stroll to see where others were drawn. Clive was ready for action on peg 16 and guaranteed at least one bite today…​


Sven was trying to pick a few bits of local knowledge from Bill’s brain, but unfortunately the strain appeared to be getting to Bill (it’s not easy trying to hold a stomach that size in)……​


I managed to get back just before Steve called the All-In. I shipped out a couple of pots of pellet and corn to 5 mtrs and fed a couple of handfuls of pellet down the margins before shipping a grain of corn out to 5 mtrs…………​


Steve was into a fish first put in, but only briefly as it shed the hook however he was in again straight after, and soon had that one safely in the net. A couple of people had taken quick fish and it looked as if Jeff on peg 6 was in for a good match as he was soon into fish fishing the method out toward the island.

Fifteen minutes in and a change to banded 6 mm pellet saw me into my first fish, a fighting fit Mirror of around 6 lbs that was more than welcome to get me off the mark. However it was soon obvious that nobody was really taking it apart. It took me another twenty minutes before I got another bite, A Common this time, slightly smaller than the first fish but very welcome none the less. Jean strolled down with a very welcome cup of coffee and reported that things were slow all round. After around 1½hours I’d managed another couple of Carp when fellow Jinx Squad member Jon Hatch appeared, He was visiting relatives locally and had snuck down to the lake to see how we were all doing, it was a shame he couldn’t fish, but family has to come first at times.

By 1·30 pm I couldn’t buy a bite so re-fed the 5 mtr line quite heavily and took a stroll with the camera. Keith on peg 1 was having a frustrating time trying to work out just where in his swim his next bite would come from……​


Dave on peg 18 was attached to what appeared to be a decent fish that was giving him a bit of a run around, but he was slowly gaining the upper hand ……​


Clive was plugging away but only had a couple of fish to show for his efforts at this stage and had that look that I’ve seen before (normally when he’s on peg 32 at Rolfs)…​


Bill was into a decent fish on the feeder and enjoying every minute of it, giving Clive a running commentary alluding to the final destination of the ‘Golden Nugget’ involved in their side bet……​


Then I got to my Pairs partner Paul. I have to say that his news didn’t inspire me when it came to our chances of framing in the match as he hadn’t had a single fish apart from Perch which didn’t count today. Kevin was admitting to 3 fish on peg 12 but was being handicapped by an aching shoulder meaning that he couldn’t fish right across to the island……​


Fellow Chelsea supporter Hathers was into a fish as I arrived and certainly seemed to be going well for at least a section win, though he was a tad put out at having to return 5 chub weighing around a pound a piece as they didn’t count today……​


Richie(BME) seemed happy enough, this really isn’t his normal type of fishing being more of a river man, but he had a Carp in the net that he was sure was a new PB so was well chuffed. Terry was sitting it out on the feeder at peg 7 and owning up to 4 in the net……​


Jeff who I felt was well away for the section had been alternating between the method and the pellet waggler had it seemed had a bit of trouble keeping the fish on the hook and while he appeared to have been catching well, had lost a few to many for his liking before he could get them to the net ……​


Nick on peg 5 was having a bit of a grueller, he’s just getting back into his match fishing having had a bit of a lay off and only had a single carp to show for his efforts. Keith on peg 4 as just slipping the net under a Carp as I arrived , so despite him being a Spurs supporter I did the decent thing and took a picture of it for him ……​


Back to my peg and there were a few bubbles showing at 5 mtrs, and first put in produced a fifth Carp for me almost straight away, a better fish of around 8 lbs, but try as I might I couldn’t tempt another bite after a further 30 minutes. Time for a look in the margins. Lowering a grain of corn into the right hand margin the float cocked and disappeared. The fish gave a good account of itself……​


…… before finally slipping over the net, a really chunky Mirror of around 10 lbs. Time to take a look down the left hand margin and once again an instant response saw another fish power off ……​


…… unfortunately it totally trashed the margin swim in it’s efforts to make good its escape, but thankfully it was unsuccessful and was soon safely in the net, another decent Mirror. That however was all the action from the margins as yet again the bites dried up.

Steve was trying everything and after going shallow finally managed his 3rd fish of the day, not before it had given him a bit of a run around though. I’d managed another couple of small carp from my 5 mtr line, but with half an hour to go I was quite looking forward to the All-Out to put an end to a frustrating day. However at that point it all started to go right for me and in the final 30 minutes I managed to catch another 5 Carp before Steve called the All-Out. It just goes to show that you never can tell, it was just a pity that they didn’t turn up a bit earlier.

So as we packed away the inquest started. Keith strolled round from peg 4 to hand me a ‘Golden Nugget’ that had been our side bet, all the sweeter coming from a Spurs fan, and though I feared that I would have to hand it onto Hathers I knew he would appreciate its origin. As we waited to start the weigh-in at peg 1 Paul strolled past with the news that he had nothing to weigh, so that was us out of the running before the weigh-in had begun.:(

Keith started the ball rolling with a hard earned 53¼lbs. My fish came in at a level 73 lbs which surprisingly gave me the section win as Jeff put 68¾lbs on the scales. Richie had his big Carp weighed separately, and indeed it was a new PB for him at 15¾lbs and his smile said it all……​


Hathers had topped the weight today with 95¼lbs and Kev had managed 42 lbs despite his shoulder. Greg on peg 14 had obviously nicked all Paul’s fish to record 57¼lbs. Bill had pipped Clive in the Battle of the Nuggets, While Keith was looking to double up having recorded 53¾lbs.

So back to the car park where Steve announced the results. and in first place on the day and the MD’s Southern Pairs Winners 2010 were Keith Ashby & Mark Hathaway with 5 points. 2nd was Keith Haynes & Keith Haynes with 6 points, while Jeff Driscoll & Clive Pritchard took 3rd with 9 points.

All in all a hard days fishing, but fished in the right attitude by the anglers who made it a good day.
A Big Thank You to Steve for organising the match and Congratulations to all the Winners. Same again next year?​

Pairs Result

Individual Result
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Sep 18, 2001
Rolf’s Lake. Holton. Oxfordshire. September 9th, 2010.

A RiveT Piscatorial Promotion


I’m off down to Rolf’s Lake today for A RiveT Piscatorial Promotion along with the lads from TalkAngling . I missed getting my name down for this when it was posted on the forum, but managed to get a place on the match when a few people dropped out. I don’t normally get the chance to fish during the week but as I’ve got few holiday days left it wasn’t a problem for me to get a day off. Now the thing is, the TalkAngling lads tend to like an early start to their matches and the plan was for a 9·30 am draw with the fishing from 11-4 pm. This meant an early start for me, but no problem as I said that I’d drop Maria off at work around 6 am. This meant that I could still get a ‘Full English’ from my favourite little café in Battersea before doing battle with the London traffic. Thankfully the plan went like clockwork and I rolled into the car park at around 8·45 am.

A few of the lads were already there, including fellow Jinx Squad member Simon who’d managed to get a place on today's match the day before, and Mark C and Royst who I hadn’t seen for a while as they no longer fish the series…….​


Soon the car park started to fill up, and the chat turned to the prospects for the day ahead, and if I’m honest I wasn’t sure just how it would fish. This was the third day in a row there had been a match on the lake and previous experience has shown that it can make for hard fishing, and the fishing times weren’t going to help either as the fish tend not to get their heads down till around 3-4 pm.​


Anyway come 9·30 and no draw !! We were all still waiting for Rive T and Larry who’d got themselves lost having ventured so far south. They finally rolled up around 10 am, and after the usual ribbing and pee taking the draw finally got under way with a revised time meaning we would be fishing from 12-5 pm. Hand in the bag time, Simon had drawn peg 32 and I found myself holding ……… peg 8, well happy with that.​


Round to my peg and time to set up. I was planning to just fish a couple of lines today. 5 mtrs down the track and to the bushes on my left, and although I also set up the feeder to fish across, that was a bit of an afterthought……​


Rigs were my usual ones, Malman 4×12 Adam’s on 0·20 Power Match with size 14 QM1 hooks for the 5mtr line on the deck with 0·2 MW HC margin’s again on 0·20 with size 14 Guru QM1′s to fish to the bushes, while bait was the usual variety of hard fishery pellets, corn and GOT Baits soft hookers, though I did have paste with me as well.

For company today on peg 7 I had Justin Watkins who fishes for Browning Crowsports and it looked like he was going to be fishing the pole across……​


Having set up we were then treated to a sharp shower as the sky turned grey, such are the joys of an English summer. A quick stroll while I waited for the All-In revealed Mark C still getting set up, obviously out of practise at Rolfs ……​


Royst was still beavering away too, evidently he’d forgotten how deep the big lake is and had found that none of his rigs were long enough, so had to make up new ones ……​


Larry meanwhile has settled himself into peg 18 and was hoping that the next 5 hours would finally provide him with his first ever ‘Ton’……​


So at 12 noon John rang the fishery bell for the All-In. I potted a mix of pellets and corn onto the 5 mtr line and a big handful to the bush, but before I could get a bait in the water Justin was playing his 1st fish of the day having shipped across and had the float bury before he could feed.​


Not good for me, could I be on for a battering? I shipped out with a banded pellet to 5 mtrs, but the float tip obviously didn’t want to get wet as it stubbornly refused to go under.

Simon meanwhile was obviously into a good fish over on 32, in fact it proved to be hooked in the tail, but he still managed to bundle it into the net and at 15 lbs+ a great start for him. Well an hour in and I was still fish-less. Simon was starting to put a few together, but after that initial fish Justin was suffering from foul hookers and missed bites. I’d heard a bit of splashing coming from the other side of the bushes on peg 10 so ‘The Brick’ was obviously putting a few together so decided to take a look by the bush myself.

Now the fish know every root and twig that lurk under the bushes, so it’s a question of how brave you want to be with how close you edge the rig in, the closer you get the more likely you are to get a bite. Well after 5 minutes I obviously got it right as the float buried and I was attached to a feisty Mirror that was determined to seek the safety of the roots, but plenty of side strain saw me gain the upper hand and after a couple of minutes an 8 lb’er was safely in the net.

What followed though was one of the most frustrating couple of hours that I’ve experienced in a long while as time and again fish stormed off through the bush trashing rigs. I must have gone through 7 or 8 rigs and only had 4 smallish fish to show for it, and a couple of those had been foul hookers. The trouble was that if I fished short I just wouldn’t get a bite and they just didn’t want to be tempted further out by feed.

Simon by now had slowed down and was having to feed and fish over the top of the bush toward peg 33, and it seemed he was suffering from foul hookers as well, indeed one ran him ragged surfacing past the platform on peg 33 almost in front of me before he managed to get it in the net.

Then with about an hour to go it all seemed to come right for me in that I was hooking fish and getting them out into open water and safely in the keepnet, I even got a weigher, only 10½lbs but most welcome as I’ve really struggled to find the larger fish at Rolfs this year. As the clock ticked down I felt that if nothing else I was catching up with Simon. Glancing up I could see John going to ring the bell for the All-Out and just before he did my float buried again just as the bell rang. Fish On, at least Simon was pleased for me, though it may have been something else as I didn’t quite catch exactly what he said, fortunately it stayed attached, an 8 lb Mirror that joined the others in the net as others started to pack up.

As we packed away Justin and I discussed the day, he’d suffered real frustration and only had 5 fish to show for his efforts.
I’d had a good last hour, once again to little to late, but was left ruing the fact that we hadn’t fished the match to more usual Rolfs times as the peg was getting better and better.

Having got the gear back to the car park it was obvious that some had had decent weights and once the weigh-in got under way those soon became obvious. froogy on peg 38 recording the first ‘Ton’ with 126½lbs quickly followed by Mo M with 102¾lbs. My fish pulled the scales round to 88½lbs. Then round to peg 9 where ‘The Brick’ put a fine 161¾lbs on the scales which would prove to be good enough for 2nd on the day as ’20 Metre Bob’ on peg 10 topped it immediately with a fine 187½lbs to take the win. Dan(awesome fish) finished just out of the frame however with 142¼lbs as Jay on peg 24 took 3rd place on the day with 149 lbs 10ozs. Finally I just pipped Simon in our personal battle when his fish came to a level 84 lbs.

Back at the car park and after a few minutes of spirited debate Larry and RiveT managed to sort out the monies……​


…… and a pleasant surprise for me as I managed to take my section money. So an enjoyable day with the TalkAngling lads drew to a close as farewells were said and a hot air balloon drifted serenely past overhead……​


I’m of to Rockells Farm on Sunday for a club match, so keep a look out for the report.​

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