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Aitch, Cantankerous old gimmer with "Views"
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Nov 30, 2015
Y'know it's never really fun, being stuck alone indoors
The wife's away 10 hours a day, and sometimes even more
The shopping and odd little walk are all the fun I have
Or 20 minutes on the exercise bike, then potter up to the lav

This Covid thing's an utter arse, everyone's turned bloody rude
There are arguments and fights, and most are in a mood
Wear a mask! keep some space! wash hands as often as poss!
Seems some can't even manage that... What load of stinking dross

So here I am, I'm sat indoors, there's nothing much to see
All my cats are fast asleep, and I'm fed up with TV
I can't do this, I can't do that, can't even see my mate
Can't even go to the local pub, this covid thing I hate

The NHS are working hard, its them I feel sorry for
The denier's the morons, and stupid come to the fore
Facebook is utterly full of it, it's really making me sick
But the vaccination's coming, hopefully a lifesaving prick

My only one salvation is to wet a line sometimes
To gently go a'angling and catch a fish so fine
To see a rod top nodding or a quill slide gently away
Are two of the simplest pleasures to brighten up any day

But the east wind is blowing hard and bloody cold it's turned
So even those simple pleasures are ever so gently spurned
The river it is belting through and the water muddy brown
O how I long to see those water levels drop down

January and February are damn cold months for sure
But I'll hopefully keep toasty warm, by casting out a lure
A stripey Perch, a toothy Pike, it's not too much to ask
But I think they'll have do me, till in the sun I can bask

My holiday's in jeopardy, my health is not the best
I'm 62 and paranoid about all the bloody rest
So just remember all you folks, when yer stuck indoors and whining
There are other folks in different walks, trying to repair your silver lining

It won't be long, I fervently hope, that this madness comes to an end
And as sure as I look at the sky azure I'll see my rod once more bend
So now I'll get the dinner on, for my lass I'll be glad to see
Cos sure as hell housework and cooking beat the s**t out of daytime TV......

Stay safe lads and lasses


Aitch, Cantankerous old gimmer with "Views"
Site Supporter
Nov 30, 2015
Cheers chaps...😀