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MikeT Amman

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Jul 24, 2021
As usual I do things "wrong" :)

I still use a solid elastic (no puller) for my Summer fishing on commercials. 16 most of the time, 14 if the fish are smaller. In fact on Sunday I was using a solid 14 even though it was a silvers only match. I very rarely bump small fish even on that elastic. People tell me I should be bumping loads, I can only say I don't without being able to explain why or how. Sunday I landed fish from half ounce roach to 4lb carp. I may have lost two of the tiny roach.

In Winter, depending on venue and expected stamp of fish I will still use the 14 but also a hybrid 12-14 in topkits with a puller (self fitted).

I now use Nick Gilbert's elastics. The solid (14 & 16) is his latex (multi coloured) at £3.50 for 6m. The hybrid (Matrix Slik type) 12-14 is his Ultra Core, £8 for 6m. Used that last Winter for the first time and was very impressed.

You do have to find your own way with elastics and use what you are comfortable with.
hi Neil,
I have read your pole guides through a couple of times and referenced back to them, they are very helpful. I've ordered a selection of elastics, including some solid 10-12 and 14-16 (I bought these before this post after refusing to your blog) plus some hybrids as mentioned above. I also have some puller and winder bungs on their way to me. ill just have a play about and see what I find works for me. In your guides everything is subjective and you make it clear what you use might not be what someone else likes.
I get a feeling i'll be posting more pole related questions in the coming months. as always, thanks your your input, any help is always appreciated.


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Feb 25, 2020
Personally i found hybrid elastic too stretchy. My loacl is pretty much only carp and i found the fish were screaming of through severla swims on the first run. Ive switched back to original preston slip now on a pulla bung and have the fish under control much quicker. Price is half of that of a hybrid so its a win win for me