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May 1, 2016
The older you get the more nostalgic life becomes. A thought crossed my mind, wouldn't be nice to see a scaled model of your own ideal peg with minute detailed seatbox, trays, bait, keep nets,landing net, cool bags, carryalls, flask, accessory bags, rod, reel, line, pole etc. All situated in your dream peg, something to look at for years down the line.
The detail of those Model Railway exhibitions, wish I had the dexterity to create such a thing. Surely those with the skills could replicate your own personal tackle and how you set your stall out at your peg.
A business opportunity for someone maybe.
Dave, you could have a "Rive junior" set up in your living room ;)


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Apr 23, 2008
you can make some good money, in scenery modelling

I used to make keeps, towers and small castles and various terrain features for wargamers in 15mm, 20mm HO scale, and then progressed in the AD+D boom into passageways and rooms etc for the fantasy gamers

had a stall at a lot of conventions, always sold well, and got a fair few commissions