Ended Mixed Terminal Tackle & Line. - Free P&P on everything.

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Jul 10, 2019
Will upload pictures when I can - Everything is brand new albeit the packaging isn't perfect on it all.

Selling as pairs / lots only.

1x Middy Hi-Viz Hollow Bungee Elastic - £7.00
2x Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon Professional Grade 183M Spool of Line (2LB) - £8.50 / Both.
1x 30Plus Barbel Weigh Sling - £7.50
3x Maxima Chameleon 2LB Mono Line (250M Spools) - £12.00 / All.
2x Berkley Nanofill Spinning Line 125M Spools. 1x 0.10 & 1x 0.04 - £12.00 Both.
6x Matrix Power Micron Mono Line (100M Spools) (3x 1.36Lb 2x 2.16Lb & 1x 2.68Lb) - £17.00 / All 6
1x Berkley Fireline exceed fused PE Braid - 6LB - £9.00
1x Firesilk PE Coated Braided Line (Brown) (24.93Lb) (100M) - £6.00
3x Matrix Large Squeeze and Feed Method Moulds + 1x Unbranded Method 'Flexible Mold' Medium. - £8.00 / All.
Hook Joblot - 4x Matrix Carp Riggers Size 20 Barbless, 1x Drennan Barbless Carp Size 18, 1x Kamasan Animal eyed Barbless Size 20, 1x Mustad Size 20 Wipe Gape Power, 1x Matrix
Hooks to Nylon Size 12 to 2.1Lb. 2x Banzai Paste Hook to Nylon. 1x 12 to 6Lb, 1x 16 to 4Lb, 1x Middy Carp X Strong Hook to Nylon, Size 12 to 10.3Lb. - 11 Packets total / £12.50 / All.

Dno if any of this is any good to anybody. Took a look at eBay prices and majorly uncut them all to list here.

Thats with Free P&P On all. Bank Transfer or Paypal.

Reason for sale; Purchased this all as a bulk buy, Nabbed what I needed and selling the rest on.

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