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May 30, 2019
So I fancied a change (and needed some cash) so I sold my pair of 5500 Ultegra CI4's that were being used on my pike rods.

I opted for a brand that you don't really see over here, Mivardi.

A Polish chap I met on the bank had these (non baitrunner version) and I was intrigued.

So after flogging my lovely Ultegras I've dropped some cash on a pair of Mivardi Omicron FS reels.





Spool diameter on these are a massive 75mm, that's 10mm more than a Daiwa Cast'izm. Slow oscillation gives immaculate line lay as you can see with the 0.32mm braid I've spooled them up with.

The reel is on the heavy side at 710g but some more expensive and smaller reels can weigh more.

The reel is quite agricultural, it really is function above form at this price point, the drag isn't the smoothest (no carbon washers here) and no spare washers to alter line lay, but luckily line lay is dead flat straight out of the box.

Drag is quick, not as quick as an Ultegra but very pleasant.

Winding the reel is very free and smooth, I can send the handle spinning and it goes for ages, a sure sign the reel isn't crammed full of cheap Chinese grease. Big rubber handle is very pleasant to hold.

Out of stock now but I bought these from muziker.co.uk for about £57 a pop, no spare spools with these so I bought a couple as extras for only about £11 each. They even threw in a 3kg bag of Mivardi V1 extreme method mix which smells divine.

I have ordered myself some carbon washers and proper drag grease so I'll get back here and report in once fitted and used in anger ?

If you're after a really robust, no messing, big pit baitrunner and you're on a budget these are really worth a look ?

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Feb 25, 2016
@rd115 ......You do love a reel, and good luck to you....;).....Looks an interesting reel and thank you for posting(y)....Do love my Shimmies though.:love: