Mitchell MD60 Free Spool Reel

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Aug 8, 2001
A few months ago, I bought a Mitchell MD60 reel as 'spare' reel, an addition to a couple of baitrunners. The main thing that attracted me was the price, 29.99 and with the name and reputation of Mitchell it seemed a bargain.

The reel itself is described as a specimen reel for Carp, Pike & Zander fishing.
It has a free running spool system which allows line to peel from the reel with minimal resistance by pressing a button on the front of the spool, this in turn disengages the gear mechanism. The tension of the system can be altered slightly by turning a collar on the spool.
To re-engage the spool you simply wind the handle and the gearing comes back into play.
Features include rear drag control, anti-reverse, ball bearings, ambidextrous handle and Teflon multi disc drag. Capacity is 300yds of 14lb line. Gear ratio is 5.43:1

It took a little while to get used to winding the handle initially whilst the gearing re-engaged, requiring a couple of turns of the handle, and it doesn't come with a spare spool but these are available, for around 4.75.

All in all, for the price a very good reel. Shop around and you can find it for 19.99 + p&p (2.50) at mail order outlets such as Mullarkeys (01283 566777)
Mitchell Predator 600 Free Spool Reel

This is the 'deluxe' version of the above, but with 3 ball bearings and also supplied with 3 spools of varying capacities. I haven't had the opportunity to try it against the MD60 but it retails for 34.99 again at Mullarkeys (RRP 59.95) so may be a more viable option if you will be requiring additional spools.

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