Minutes Of RSSG EGM 2/11/2002

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Chris Goddard

Jun 8, 2002
The River Systems Support Group (RSSG)

The minutes of the Emergency General Meeting.

Venue: The Bush Public House, Midland Road, Royston, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Date: 2nd November 2002.

Time: 10.00am prompt.

Purpose of the meeting.
The initial purpose of this meeting was to dissolve the RSSG due to the situation the group found itself in after the recent resignations of several key members of the committee and the lack of forthcoming volunteers coming forward to take their place.
However, at the eleventh hour a rescue package was put forward to the remaining Officers of the RSSG and the meeting took a turn in direction towards attempting to keep the RSSG alive and on course.
Chris Goddard contacted the remaining Officers of the RSSG and said that he would like to attend the meeting and put forward a proposal to keeping the RSSG in continuance. He stated that he had put out an e-mail for other likeminded people to come forward and offer help to him in order to keep the RSSG in formation. This plea had been received reasonably well in Chriss mind and he had several people who were prepared to work alongside him in order to further the RSSGs existence.
The remaining Officers of the RSSG welcomed this new initiative and agreed to this new meeting proposal being submitted.

Members Present
Chris Goddard, Dick Dowling, Dave Wingfield (Assistant General Secretary), Andrew Davies (Catchment Officer), Ian Jobling (Treasurer) and Steve Richardson (Vice-Chairman).
Neil Burrows, Paul Whiteing, Mike Heylin, Nick Rose, Andy Thatcher, John Callam, John Smith (sent a donation of 5.00 towards cost of the meeting) Steve Turner, Alan Fawcett, Alan Pearce, Chris Plumb, Keith Banks, Leon Roskilly, Eddie Courtnell, Malcolm Bason and Liam Smyth.

The Meeting was minuted by Steve Richardson and was Chaired by Dave Wingfield at the agreement of all those present.

Introductions were made from those present.
The meeting was then opened up to Chris Goddard to put forward his reasons for keeping the RSSG alive.

Chris Goddard said that he thought that the path the RSSG had been taking was wrong and that it had never been right from the outset. Chris said that he believes in rivers and in river fishing with a passion and pointed out that he didnt get involved at the initial stage of the RSSGs formation and now saw that this was a mistake. He said that he felt guilty at not having come forward before now to take on a committee position and added that the realisation that the RSSG was going to fold had focussed him on coming forward to keep the group alive.
Chris stated that he had been in recent contact with Lee Fletcher, who informed Chris that if the RSSG were kept alive, then he (Lee) and Ray Wood would come back to the RSSG. Lee had told Chris that he had some ideas in mind, as had Ray Wood as well. Chris was looking at this new information as a point to move forward from.
Chris said that the association with the SAA was down to Lee Fletcher, Steve Richardson and Ray Wood and he thought that this association was wrong and not in the best interests for the RSSG. Chriss thoughts were that the RSSG does not need to affiliate with anyone but should work independently alongside other organisations.
Chris ended by saying that he felt the concept of the RSSG was needed and that river anglers needed a voice to speak on their behalf.

Ian Jobling then proposed that we, the remaining committee members of the RSSG, use Rule 16 of the RSSG Constitution to Co-opt Chris Goddard on to the RSSG committee. The position that was felt most suitable for him to take up was considered by all present to be the vacant General Secretaries position and Ian Jobling amended his proposal to That Chris Goddard be Co-opted on to the RSSG committee under Rule 16 of the Rules and constitution of the RSSG, in the position of General Secretary.

Steve Richardson said that he would second this proposal but not before informing Chris Goddard that once this action had been proposed, seconded and hopefully passed unanimously, that Ian Jobling, Steve Ralph (via written documentation to Steve Richardson prior to this meeting), Dave Wingfield and Steve Richardson were intending to resign their positions for the future good of the RSSG and to pave the way for the potential new RSSG committee Officers who Chris would soon bring on board.
Those named Officers were happy to be handing over the RSSG to a new era and personnel, who should and could take the RSSG in to the future with a clean record.

Chris Goddard said that he had not been expecting this development and added that he hoped that one day some or all of those who were resigning would come back on to the RSSG committee. He stated that they would be very welcome.

Steve Richardson then asked Chris Goddard if this new information was going to alter his decision to take the RSSG forward. Chris said that it would make things a little harder and that he was not happy about losing the people but he understood the reasons for the resignations and would accept them in good faith, if this came about.

Steve Richardson then seconded the proposal by Ian Jobling and a vote was held and the proposal was carried unanimously.

Chris Goddard was then welcomed and offered best wishes for the future as the new General Secretary for the RSSG.

Steve Richardson offered to continue taking the minutes of the meeting for Chris Goddard and also said that he would write up the minutes and circulate them between the members present for ratification, before Chris Goddard sent them out to the full membership of the RSSG.
Chris thanked Steve for this offer and accepted it.

At this point, a break for refreshments was made and afterwards a discussion was held between all, based around questions concerning the RSSG actions to date and Chriss ideas for moving forward. These discussions were held with a very healthy and helpful attitude and some positive thoughts were constructed from the areas covered.

Steve Richardson read out a letter from Liam Smyth, who had e-mailed him with a plea for it to be read out at the meeting. The contents of which were received by all as being very constructive. Liam was given a vote of thanks for his endeavours to the RSSG cause, both from his efforts with building a web-site forum for members to be able to discuss where the RSSG was going and from the contents of his letter. The letter was then passed over to Chris Goddard for his future attention.

Ian Jobling then read out two letters he had received from members, one from Mike Heylin and one from Paul Whiteing. Both letters were then passed to Chris Goddard for his future actions.

It was decided by all present, that due to Chris Goddards thought process of Ray Wood coming back into the RSSG set-up, Ian Jobling would forward all matters pertaining to the finances of the RSSG on to Ray Wood via 1st class recorded delivery. Chris then said that he would contact Ray personally and try to sort out the financial restraints placed on the RSSG fundsfunds that had been effectively frozen since Ray Wood resigned as a member of the RSSG. (Ray Wood being the secondary signature, after Ian Jobling, for any cheques being issued from RSSG funds.)

Andrew Davies then stated that he was prepared to continue as a committee member in his capacity as a Catchment Officer. This news was welcomed by Chris Goddard.

At this juncture, after all issues had been dealt with amicably by those present and the reins of the RSSG handed over to Chris Goddard as the new General Secretary of the RSSG, Steve Richardson, Ian Jobling, Dave Wingfield and Steve Ralph all tended their resignations from Office en-bloc to Chris Goddard. The reasons given were so that the RSSG could make positive steps forward with a new and dynamic committee base. They said that they had been acting only as caretakers within the committee set-up since the unfortunate resignations of Ray Wood and Lee Fletcher..and the resulting resignations of other Officers, who had taken the action of resigning due to abuse being aimed at them from fellow RSSG members when the RSSG was looking to try and re-group after the news of Ray and Lees leaving.
All the resigning Officers informed Chris that he would have complete access to any help or advice that he needed from them, in the future months ahead.
Chris, with some reluctance, accepted these resignations and once again reiterated that, as far as he was personally concerned, all were welcome to put themselves up for committee positions at anytime in the future.

The resigning Officers thanked Chris for stepping forward and turning this meeting into a life saving exercise rather than a winding up exercise. They wished him well and much success in the coming days/weeks/months and years ahead.
Chris, in return, thanked them for allowing him to take the opportunity to take the RSSG on to better things in the future.

The existing RSSG committee personnel still in Office as of 12.35pm on November 2nd 2002 was as follows
General SecretaryChris Goddard.
Andrew DaviesCatchment Officer.
Clive DennisonEnvironmental and Conservation Co-ordinator.

The meeting was closed at 1.00pm.

The Minutes of the RSSG Emergency General Meeting.
Steve Richardson, on behalf of Chris Goddard, 9/11/02.

Chris S Goddard
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the bouncer
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Aug 11, 2001
Thanks for posting the minutes Chris, much appreciated.

Now, is there anyone on here who wants to join the RSSG?

When i first posted about it one of the first people from this site to join was Ziptrev, we all know where Trevs heart sat when it came to rivers & although we had our differences i for one knew that Trev was a very intteligent man & he saw what the RSSG is capable of & still is.

If any of you would like any info on the RSSG then please contact either myself or Chris, you will be under no obligation at all to join so see what the RSSG plans to achive & maybe just maybe you might see that joining up would be beneficial to you as well.


Just cos i ain't postin, it don't mean i ain't watchin

Chris Goddard

Jun 8, 2002
Ladies and Gentlemen, anyone else wanting to join the RSSG should in the first instance contact myself (Chris Goddard) with your postal address in order that I may send you out a membership form for you to give us a few details about yourself and with the form you enclose your membership fee which is at present 3. About the cost of a pint of casters or 1 1/2 pints of maggots!! We will then send you a "Joiners Pack" with some background to the formation of the RSSG, a membership card, a copy of the constitution and details of how you can help anglers in YOUR neck of the woods!!
You will then become a voice in the RSSG with the aim of helping all RIVER ANGLERS whatever race, creed, or colour they may be!!
The address you require:
3 Mayroyde, St. Giles Road, Halifax, HX3 8BQ.
Please mark your envelope "RSSG"

Thank You and good luck!

Chris Goddard

Wanted! RSSG Members!! Contact @ enquiries@rssg.org
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