Midlands Individual - Jansons Match Lake - 27/09/202


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Aug 8, 2001


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Dec 19, 2012
If I hadn't said to Luke I was going for two pins I wouldn't have bothered. Just my heart really wasn't in it,

Started with prep I had planned last weekend to get some rigs & hooks tied. that went out the window with family visits etc. This Saturday set up to do rigs and had to work instead. Hate turning up not as prepared as I wanted to be and coupled with a absolute duff week, I could have done with a game of rugby to get rid of my frustration (not that I would last more than 5 minutes !)

Was late leaving and by the time I set up it was half an hour into the match. had carp climbing over themselves at my feet in between the keep nets, but wouldn't take a hook bait tried different sized / colour pellet banded and expanders as well as couple of casters but no takers. Gave up and went down the track which was only 2 ft deep and any feeding resulted in swirls of mud as the carp rooted around, it has really silted up badly.

Had Neil (Gixer13) on the next peg and he very kindly offered me some of his rigs, but I declined, didn't seem like cricket to use borrowed rigs, I am a big believer in either stand or fall on your own merits.

To be honest I just didn't enjoy it on the day, even when I was catching, had a few foul hooked too tried limiting the feed to just 2 x 6 mm pellets and no bites or more pellets / caster and bites or foul hooking.

No reflection on the match itself all credit to Luke for organising all of the matches at Jansons, just me on the day,

just a couple of thanks to go out to @Gixer13 & @dirk on the day and apologies for being a miserable git.
All them lessons off Neil have stood you in good stead ??