Midlands Individual, Janson's, Aubry's Lake

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May 4, 2009
A fairly quick write up of my match at Janson's on Aubry's lake for the Midlands Individual title.

Having been arse kicked on this lake in past matches because I tried my normal commercial tactics I decided to bite the bullet and buy 2 pints of maggots. I dusted off the 13 & 14.5m sections, packed a third pole roller and prepared to fish to the island for the mixture of fish that made up winning weights in previous matches.

Drew peg 10, not that that made much difference in reality as this lake looks fairly uniform. Possibly end peg might have been a slight advantage, I was one from that.

Four rigs were made up, two for the close margin that would also do for fishing close to the island. Then two to fish at topkit +1 and the same depth up the far slope. That covered four potential areas.

The two shallow rigs were 0.2g dibbers, one for maggot/corn/expander, the other for hard pellet. |The deeper rigs were a 0.1g float for maggot so I could lift and drop for a slow fall, the other 0.2g for hard pellet. The day was calm and I thought the bites of smaller fish would show better on a lighter rig.

My plan, based on previous experience was to fish 13m with maggot and get involved in the inevitable fish race catching the ide, skimmers and small carp that lived close to the island. So why the other rigs and spots? The lads in the tackle shop told me that the lake had matured, its only around three years old, and the fish had become more confident in the year since I had last been and could now be caught close in.

I started feeding maggot at 13m and also a line with maggot & micros at ten metres, down the slope. I also threw some 4 mils on the +1 line and in the margins. A very slow start saw me catch two 3oz chub at 13m. Seemed like a lot of hard work for 6oz. I took off two sections and tried the deeper line but had no bites. I then tried the +1 line. Throwing a few 4 mils regularly and lifting & dropping to try and induce bites. Nothing.

Last resort was to look in the near margin. That worked! I started catching skimmers from 8oz to 1 1/2lb. At first on hard pellet then on corn. Initially I was fishing at the extent of my topkit. But I started to throw some micros into the nearer margin around 18 inches either side of my keepnets. First look on this spot, the one to my left, and I had another large skimmer from around a foot of water.

I was in my element now. Feeding pellets, catching on corn and at a distance less than the length of my topkit. I suppose I had a good hour before the margin slowed. I looked to the +1 line and given the fish's reaction to micros in the margin fed micros there and with corn on the hook caught a few fish, small carp & skimmers, before that too went quiet.

The rest of the match followed this pattern. All thoughts of maggots, 13m and ide gone, I just switched between margins and +1.

Eventually the carp moved into the margin which was a disappointment as they were generally smaller than the skimmers but not coming quicker.

By the end of the match I had an estimated 35-40lb. Luke to my right estimated I had over 50. By any counts I thought I had been well and truly battered by both Luke and the angler to my left on end peg 11.

Luke had 74lb, I actually had 57 and peg 11 had 59lb. I obviously lost all count of the amount I had been catching.

My weight was average for the day. But I had spent an enjoyable day in good company and fishing a method I love. Bonus was the half bottle of Famous Grouse I picked up in the raffle.

Time to put the 13 & 14.5m pole sections back in mothballs. And does anyone want 2 pints of red maggot?


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Jul 31, 2016

Good to see you on Sunday and thanks for the advice on the day. I am almost, but not quite sorry I walked up beside you as you were playing a fish and distracted you, as it came off. :D That's Karma my friend, one more to go and were even...... (y)