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Mar 16, 2005
Got to mention that Middy the company recently were very good with there service when my Big Gob keepnet angle lock bust. With the net being just over 2 years old I wasnt holding much hope of getting anything done.
They originally , via email, said that I should contact the shop I bought it from and ask for a replacement net.
This I did and after speaking to the shop on the phone they refused to have anything to do with the net stating it was too old to consider for a replacement. They said that Middy were not particularly good at after sales service and I wouldnt get a replacement lock as the nets were manufactured "off site" and no stock/parts are held by them.
Well one email later and Middy said they would send me a replacement angle lock which arrived 2 days later.FREE....

Not bad service in my opinion and worthy of a mention.

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