Middy 5G Trinity 13'


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Sep 22, 2020
I will just start off by saying WOW!
Moving on... Some of you may be aware that the tip of my Agility 2 snapped on me just a couple of days before the Fur N Feathers match. I was looking at the 5G anyway but I simply did not know if I would be able to get the Agility sorted in time, so fearing the worse I ordered it from Bobco just up the road for £99.99.
Little did I know when ordering the rod the Agility was under warranty and they would swop out the top section for me. Brilliant, I was now doubly sorted!
The day of the match arrived and I duly set up the new Middy and I was amazed at just how light it was and the way it falls into your hand is just superb, the A-Nomic handle grip as they call it really does fit like a glove. Having used the Agility as my main weapon since September I was used to its weight and characteristics on the cast etc, nothing prepared me for the subtle power and accuracy the 5G supplies. A simple flick out sent the float way past where I would usually expect it to land and an overhead sent it miles beyond...
1st fish was a small roach of a couple of ounces, I could feel the fish darting and the tip was just tracking every little movement, then the big guns moved in. an F1 of about 4lb was the next one and the rod just soaked up everything bending way down the blank, every pull and surge was absorbed effortlessly, netting was easy as the rod just kept on bending beyond even the 1st eye. What a curve it has! The biggest fish of the day was a common around the 6lb mark and rod just took control, 1st run the drag on the reel was borked it had somehow tightened itself after the last fish and would not release any line but the rod bent way down to the handle absorbing the run and giving me enough time to loosen the drag sufficiently and bring things under control, I dare say that would have been a lost fish on the Agility.
Casting accuracy is excellent and the recovery rate is amazing for something so light.
It is also a very nice on the eye too, very subtle with matt black guides that are spaced well and really help the rod absorb those big lunges.
Am I happy? Oh yes!
This is now my main weapon of choice for commercials. If it can handle everything from a couple of ounces to a nice 6lb common without bottoming out or not forgiving enough for small silvers for the price given it really should be on your radar as something to consider..
Shame about my reel choice though, but I will be addressing this shortly!

Tight lines all.


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Mar 9, 2019
I was in my local tackle shop on Tuesday and came across one of thei 5G feeder rods which I looked at pretty carefully. This prompted me today to look to the forum to see if anyone had reviewed them. Brilliant review so thanks for that. I thought the rods keenly priced and I came to the conclusion that the range would be ideal for anything up to just double figures. Having those little add on sections (or take off) on the feeder made this rod so versatile for either commercials or bigger waters for bream fishing. Not quite sure what "Liquid Carbon" means, but I agree the through and absorbing action of these rods felt terrific!
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