Middy 2nd generation top kits

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Jun 14, 2006
I bought one of these top kits and am more than happy with it, infact i even bought the cuppin kit aswell! firstly the topkit fitted straight onto my pole without needing to be cutback and it has made my pole even stiffer than with the original match kit fitted. it has a good responsive action and recovers well after striking. secondly, the cuppin kit is extremely stiff and comes with 2 cups, even when the largest cup is filled with a great big ball of groundbait there is only a slight bend. i am contemplating buying the silverfish model after summer because you can never have too many top kits!!! if anyone has problems finding a top kit to fit a fast taper pole with a large base diameter i recommend you try out one of these kits and for 30 you wont be disappointed.
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