Message for Newt - Florida Keys fishing?

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Aug 14, 2001
Hello Newt,

I am not sure which part of the US you are in but hope that you can help me please. I am aiming to go to the Florida Keys all being well in or around June or September this year with Mrs G. and was wondering if you could advise me on the type of fishing that I might find whilst there and suitable tackle that I might need.

Thanks, Frank


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Jan 19, 2002
Frank - can't help you directly since I am pretty far north of the keys and have never fished there. Have heard some great things though.

FWIW, I am close to the Atlantic Coast (100 miles or so) but in about the center of the country in North Carolina.

I can recommend you post the question to one of the US boards with FL members and you should get lots of nice answers.

One suggestion would be to have some additional fun and plan to buy your gear after you get here. It is really inexpensive when compared to UK prices and there are some styles of rod/reel that are popular here and almost unknown over there - but that should be great for certain types of angling once you get back.

Another good idea would be to plan on hiring a guide for your first outing. There are roughly a zillion acres of water down there and only some places will have good fishing.

Try looking Here

and good info including florida fishing regulations from Here

a bbs Here

or try this long list of links to various angling bbs Here

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Oct 5, 2001
Hey Frank,
Never mind Florida!,
If you live as close to me as Nottingham, how about a day on the Trent?

Don't worry about the Zippy Curse!

You have got life insurance I take it?



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