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Dec 23, 2002
Picked your message up from the Club House which I hadnt been browsing until now. Brynmill continue to run the Fendrod Lake and Half Round Ponds in Swansea. Although the Fendrod has fished poorly for silver fish, carp fishing has come on leaps and bounds. The introduction of 4x16lb+ Mark Simmonds fish has certainly increased interest with more on the way. The bream fishing has also been good with fish to 9lb being taken. Unfortunately winter is never a good season on the lake especially since the Dace havent been seen in any numbers recently.The HRP's have continued to benefit with stock from the old Brynmill Lake being transfered on a yearly basis, though the tench havent shown in any numbers this year. They've also been stocked with skimmers and small carp this year.
Club membership has boomed this year with a 27% increase to 261 with junior membership up 57% to 61.
We've also got a 15,000 EA Project ongoing including a fish screen on the outfall and new father-&-son pegs.
There's a lot happenned since you were last a member of BDAC and there's a lot still to do.Hopefully I'll still find time to fish though.

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