Memorial Match - Sufolk Water Park

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Waveney One

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Mar 1, 2006
Well, it was a great match and the weather was benign for the 39 who eventually fished it. Not enough wind for M1 perhaps but perfect for the pole on M2 where the top 5 weights came from. Unfortunately I was on M1 and in the worst section on there judging by the weights.I did manage to win the section though so that was OK.

Top man on the day was Aaron Coleman of Gipping Valley AC who caught most of his fish on the method feeder from peg 57 in the corner on M2. Aaron had 71lb 5oz on banded pellet.

2nd was Pat Denny from Saxmundham Angling Centre who fished paste on the pole and was just 2 fish away from winning. Pat weighed 67lb 12oz.

3rd was Jimmy Ellis, Nisa Waveney who doesn't make many trips to the Water Park but seems to frame whenever he does. Jimmy had 57lb 2oz and fished red maggot on the method to start and then fished the paste on the pole.

4th was Jimmy Randall, Colmic Whizzo, with 54lb 7oz

5th Richard Reynolds, Ipswich, with 52lb 7oz

6th Mick Godfrey, Viscount Tackle, with 49lb 6oz who had the top weight on M1 and was section 3 winner.

Section winners included Mick Godfrey above

Lake M1
Section 1 Richard Watson, Nisa Waveney, 32lb 14oz
Scetion 2 Scott Douglas, Nisa Waveney, 41lb 12oz
Section 3 Mick Godfrey, Viscount Tackle, 49lb 6oz
Sections defaults on M2
Section 4 John Dale, Ipswich, 47lb 11oz
Section 5 Kenny Rolfe, 43lb 5oz
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