MD Fundraiser - Lindholme Lakes - 4th October 2014


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Aug 12, 2006
I had a great time as per usual. Big thanks to Rambo for organising it and NeilG for his hospitality.
The F1's didn't show up in my peg, 43 Willows, so paste down the edge for lumps brought me a few decent fish and 3 ragged paste rigs [:(] for 2nd in section. Well done to Ecky's young lad, a great display and a tidy net of fish
The party chalet saw much drinking and a stupidly sized Chinese take away on friday night. The beer flow just stopped after we had scoffed it down, all of us were stuffed stupid and struggled to drink, except of course PaulN who must have had at least 5 for the road[:D] Great company lads, an entertaining evening.
Saturday night and we went posh or rather we went to the 'lodges' up top. An evening with Dave Len Paul Arky and myself even though I did fall asleep.
Sunday and me Dave and Paul decided to fish the 'Bennies bash' I caught what felt like thousands of 6oz F1's for 84lb. I dont know how I could have caught more??? but the winning weight was 145lb!!!![:0] Ah well there's anglers and there's maggotdrowners[;)]

Great weekend well worth the long journey, 500 mile round trip. Shame not more turned up, surely MD's must have a strong membership in the Lincs/Yorks area??? Come on folks, help support the forum and turn up for these events. ITS A DAYS FISHING, well worth 5 hours of your time.[:T][:T]

Oh yes another thing, both me and Shogun are poo at guestimating the weight of Perch [:eek:)]
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Aug 17, 2007
Originally posted by Godber
Oh yes another thing, both me and Shogun are poo at guestimating the weight of Perch [:eek:)]

Whereas I on the other hand was a whole 2 ounces out. On the other hand, you absolutely stuffed me at the whole fishing thing, so maybe I'll shut up [:I]

Another thanks though [:)]