MD Fundraiser - Lindholme Lakes - 4th October 2014


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May 3, 2009
Neil has kindly offered maggotdrowning 100 pegs across three lakes, to raise some money which will help Dave with the running costs of the site. However I'm sure there could be more pegs made available if we manage to get the support.

So we can give Neil the final amount of pegs that are needed, a 10 non refundable deposit is required before 14th September 2014. Please send me a PM for payment methods.

Accommodation is available at Lindholme and should be booked direct with Bev

Usual maggotdrowning tradition, craic & banter priority. Prize money secondary

Venue: Lindholme Lakes

Date: 4th October 2014

Draw: 9am

Fish: 11am - 4pm

Lakes: Willows, Laurels & Oasis

Cost: 20 all in (includes peg fee, pools & fundraiser)

Please remember if you put your name down and then you are unable to attend, just drop us a message. This makes life so much easier with the planning [:T]

1. Dave (Paid [:T])
2. Rambo (Paid [:T])
3. Mrs Rambo (Paid [:T])
4. Sam the Man (Paid [:T])
5. Mal Lawrie (Paid [:T])
6. Worker1 (FULLY PAID [:T])
7. G Turner (Paid [:T])
8. Semtex
9. Ecky1972 (Paid [:T])
10. Pole Addict (Paid [:T]) (now not fishing, deposit gone into pot for fundraiser)
11. Shogun969 (Paid [:T])
12. Wayne Marshall (Paid [:T])
13. Godber (Paid [:T])
14. Dum Dum (Paid [:T])
15. Johnnyg2210 (Paid [:T])
16. Tricky10
17. Len Wade (Paid [:T])
18. Texpert (Paid [:T])
19. Ulladubulla
20. Juzzy (Paid [:T])
21. Geoff P
22. Fuzzy (Paid [:T]) (now not fishing, deposit gone into pot for fundraiser)
23. Teasi
24. Pauln (Paid [:T])
25. Pfenc (Paid [:T])
26. Mocnscott
27. Steak (Paid [:T])
28. Sidewinder2 (FULLY PAID [:T])
29. Tez Naulls (arranged to pod)
30. Pottsy (Paid [:T])
31. Corn Master
32. Dave2787
33. Brian Pallister (Paid [:T])
34. Big TG (arranged to pod)
35. Neil bratby (Paid [:T])
36. Linda bratby (Paid [:T])
37. Greg Norris
38. Lobba
39. Gazbo49 (Paid [:T])
40. Richard (arranged to pod)
41. Debbie (arranged to pod)
42. Yuccaman (Paid [:T])
43. Midge99 (Paid [:T])
44. Gemmagee (Paid [:T])
45. Mike Globe
46. Bobbyw (Paid [:T])
47. Choppygraham (Paid [:T])
48. Arkwright (arranged to pod)
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May 3, 2009
Originally posted by ecky1972

go on stick me down pal
are we bringing anything for a raffle to raise a bit more

If anybody wants to take control of a raffle then that would be great


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Aug 2, 2004
If we get over 50 fishing i will give all my peg fees to the site ,so get your names in please Neil