Maybe a fresh start for England?

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Jun 1, 2009
Being an Arsenal fan, I've just heard the news that Jack Wilshire, Kieron Gibbs & Theo Walcott have been called up for the freindly v Hungary.
Not sure on the remainder of the squad, but a step in the right direction I think [:)]
The 'Regular' England players have had 3 tournaments to prove themselves and completely let our nation down!!!
I know it's only a freindly but a step in the right direction Capello [8D]


Jun 7, 2005
I find myself rarely caring about England these days. I just look at the results and I didn't bother watching many of the matches except for the World Cup games. I know someone will call me unpatriotic or something but I can't stand international football on a whole anyway. A friendly four days before the start of the season? You'll all call me daft and say 'They get paid enough so they should be playing every day of the week' but imagine Wayne Rooney busts his leg or Gerrard does his cruciate ligament in? I certainly won't be the only when then that's for sure. There'd be uproar.

As for the squad, half the player there should have got in the World Cup squad. I still cannot believe he didn't take Zamora or Walcott. Good to see the most blinkered and hypocritical manager in Europe taking some youth for hunger to really show what it means to play for England. Then again though with Don Fabio, it'll be the same 1990's tactic, rigid and strict creative freedom just with different players.


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Nov 13, 2009
Agree with Stemlfc, there a whole host of 'friendly' internationals, which means having their pre season interupted and their players scattered all over the globe!!!

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May 4, 2009
Peter Crouch dropped. 40 caps, 21 goals, time on pitch 2111 minutes. Or a goal every 100 minutes. Equivalent to a goal a game.

Jermain Defoe dropped. Goal every 140 minutes. Equivalent to 2 goals every three games. Only striker to score for England in SA.

We must be bringing in some great goalscorers to drop strikers with that record.

And Wayne Rooney? 187 minutes per goal. Or a goal every two games. But not as bad as Emile Heskey, a goal every 487 minutes.
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