Maver Signature Series Seatbox.. Any way to remove the footplate without sacrificing the entire compartment?


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Jul 10, 2019
I recently purchased a used second hand Maver Signature Series Seatbox. I originally wanted to get a Daiwa S50 Seat box because ergonomically, It suits me but when thiscome along I couldn't resist for the price I paid.

Now, I didn't realise a few of the legs were f*cked up on it and need replacing. To do this, I'm going to need to spend another £70 to get it fully functional again. Considering I got the box cheap, I don't mind too much. But instead of using Maver Signature 30MM Spring based legs, I'm going to purchase MAPS 30MM Screw legs for the reliability of the screw system.

Now, Upon purchasing I wasn't keen on the idea of a foot plate. I don't really need one, It adds extra weight and isn't at ergonomic as it would be without the foot plate. I didn't originally intend on removing it, But, Being a 6 legged box, It's going to be a major pain in the ass getting all 6 legs level and set up on the bank with a screw leg system so I'm thinking this gives me the perfect excuse to remove the footplate, And that way I'll only need to replace 4 legs instead of 6.

Hoooooowever. The piece that's attached to the footplate is also attached to the part that holds the removable middle compartment. I can't figure out if theres a way to remove the footplate without also removing the piece that holds the removable compartment, Because the removable compartment is a MUST for me.

Anybody know if theres a way to remove the footplate alone or am I going to have to go barbaric on this thing?

Thank you