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Jun 26, 2002
hi all,

im going to purhase a new matchrod.
planned use is stillwater wagglerfishing across max. 50 meters distance. floats needed up to approx. 15 grams.
second use is waggler fishing (float slides) in quite large canals with a loat of traffic on the water. floats not that heavy but waterdepths greater than 5 meters..

which matchrod do you suggest for this usage?

i have seen the maver respect match on the net- does anyone have experience concerning that rod?
any suggestions are welcome. what about the italian rods?

any help is welcome.

thx in advamce.



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Jan 19, 2002
Welcome to the bbs ganderhead.

I'd offer suggestions but that sort of fishing is all something I know nothing about. But hopefully someone on here who does know about it will make a suggestion or two.

Newt Vail


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Aug 8, 2001
Hi Marc and welcome on board

I haven't used it but I have found this bit of info if it helps:

The Respect match was new for 2001 and is the flagship of the match rod range incorporating the very best in rod technology. Built on a high modulus, ultra slim carbon blank the Respect has an excellent tip action, although the rod automatically transfers additional playing pressure to the middle section when playing hard fighting fish like carp and chub creating a through action to prevent hook pulls. Top quality single leg titanium guides ,full cork handle with high quality screw reel fittings and put over joints make this rod look as good as it fishes. The extra dolly butt supplied extends the rod from 13' to 15' and also produces a more through action. The ends of all sections are capped so sections float if dropped into the water.

Regards, Dave

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