Maver mx4000


New member
Oct 22, 2009
Having bought a Maver mx4000 seat box last year i'd like to share my opion with you . Firstly the wheel kit that comes with this model is absoloutly useless, the wheels sit about 4 inches down from the legs and unless your four foot two are almost impossible to push on any other surface than tar mac , having snapped the front feet off pushing the box at hampton springs i took box back to shop where the manager phoned maver , the soloution was a new set of wheel extenders that i think come off the lower model the mx3000 and a new set of legs. with this new longer wheel kit i have to complement maver on a fantastic versatile sturdy box that is also a fantastic barrow for all my tackle. looking at mavers new box for 2010 its seems that has the same wheel kit as mine so i think they need to do some more research !!!