Matrix Top Kit Rig Clips

Paul Cresswell

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Jun 14, 2006
These are the new devices to act as a doobrey but also enable you to leave the rig attached to your top kit and safely stored (video on matrix website). Bought some to try. I fish somewhere where you know what rigs you need before you go, I usually attach the rig to the Dacron then put on a winder (after attaching the hook length) and put a loop of elastic to attach to folded top kit, saves time when sett up. Thought these new devices would be better, some observations:

- you cant use them if you have a rubber aligner in your top kit (have some WE ones in some top kits of mine)
- I use the excellent new Preston rig hook ups so that I don’t have elastic exposed when the rig is attached and the top kit put together. So I put the new Matrix clip, folded my top kit and found a couple of inches of elastic out of the top kit. This is because where the two bits of your top kit overlap no longer overlapping. So to avoid elastic hanging out (some people won’t be bothered by this I’m sure) I then need to adjust the rig hook up position. At this point I thought I’ll stick with the winder method I used. I am sure some people will have the rig hooked into the bottom of the number 3, have elastic stretched out and not worry. I don’t want the elastic stretched more than it is in the top kit, in the Matrix video you can even see the elastic stretched over the clip which must be a short rig - in this case I'd use the small rig hook up on the top section and it wouldn’t even reach where the top kit sections join therefore putting no additional stretch on the elastic in transit.

I’m sure many will use them, just not for me.


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Jul 21, 2003
Hi Paul,
Matrix have manufactured the Top Kit Rig Clip based on idea that I had which I called the "Double Doobry" .
I posted this below on the elastic protection post earlier today.

I have always used a "Doobry" to protect the elastic whilst storing top sections. I also liked to leave rigs in place on the top kit
but was only able to this with shallow rigs that were no longer than the length of the number 1 section. Then about 3 years ago I came up with an idea that I called a double doobry which enabled deeper rigs up to the total length of the top kit to kept in place ready to use. I showed this idea to Matrix and this resulted in the recent launch of the Top Kit Rig Clip, which will keep your elastic protected and enable your rigs to remain on the top kit.

Unless you want to, there is no need to have any elastic exposed other than a couple of mil to tension the rig in position and simply slide the hook on the rig under a loop of elastic made from using offcuts which are basically home made "hook ups", no need to buy the Preston product really.
I'm not sure why in the Matrix video you can see elastic stretched over the outer part of the clip which is only for the rig line.
I'll point this out to them.


Mar 27, 2019
Great product, especially nowadays where you know what peg you’re on the night before, no elastic exposed, just use a piece of elastic to put hook under as MarkC suggests, job done.