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dave the fish

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Mar 10, 2003
Well Friday saw the annual day out for the Interoffice competition between Norwich, London and Witham. Its not a cuthroat match more a good day out to catch a few, one of the benefits being a paid day off work for most.

We all assembled in the car park for an 8.30 draw with a little concern as half of the Norwich team hadnt arrived due to an accident on the A14 and the burger van was not open. Fortunately they all arrived in time for the off at 10 am. The weather looked good with hardly any wind and some sunshine ( although it clouded over later ) confirming my thoughts that floating baits would be the method, as often happens in the matches here.

I only set up 2 rigs, one for the margins and another with 2ft of line for floating pellet at 8 metres. At the off I cupped two pots of swim stim pellet in the margins but went straight out on the floaters. After 5 carp to 4lb in the first 25 minutes it looked good for some excellent weights, especially as Richard Rowell, the Norwich captain on the other side of the lake was catching well on the feeder.

The rules here state that you have to weigh in after 3 hours and the time was up all too soon. I had been catching consistently but probably had less fish than Richard but I still felt confident as I know the surface fish are usually bigger. John Holdsworth on Peg one was out of sight but he was also fishing floaters on the pole so I knew he would also be doing well.

So it proved at the first weigh in as John had 53lb, the surprise came on peg 3 as M Eden fishing floaters on the rod put over 62lb on the scales. I managed 10 oz less with Richard having an excellent 55lb on the feeder. As the next highest was 27lb it looked like it would be between the 4 of us in the second half, with well over 100lb being needed to win.

After an hours break we were off again and the fish kept coming for me, although Richard seemed to be struggling on the other side.

At the end I had 34 fish which I estimated at around 85 to 90lb. The moment of truth came as John weighed 81lb, M Eden had 86lb exactly. It was going to be close but fortunately for me my catch weighed 94lb 12oz just enough to win.


Dave Collier 156lb 8oz
M Eden 148lb 6oz
John Holdsworth 135lb 2oz
Richard Rowell 92lb 15oz
Kim Barnett 89lb 12oz
Gary Acres 63lb 0oz

Total weight 30 anglers 1242lb

Team Points
Norwich 22 points
London 21 points
Witham 17 points

All in all an exceptional days fishing with the top 3 all beating their personal bests easily.

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