Map top two kit advice please?


Jun 10, 2021
Just got back into things again after a 20 year break. Things have changed slightly since my days match angling at club level all these year's ago. Heaviest elastic i ever used was 8 and that was considered rope back then lol. So, pickrd up a really cheap map 14.5m carptek commercial power pole that already had an easlticated top two with it. Used it once but didn't have full fait it the elastic so went through the headache of removing a stuck bung and re elasticated with 12 elastic and a preston pulla bung. New to me.

I have a few questions I'm hoping you guys can help me with.

1.) What top two kits can I get for this model of pole? Wpuld it be possible to purchase match top two's to accommodate elastic 4-6?

2.) When does a puller kit really come into it's own?

3.) Can I get spare top two's with side puller lots or do I need to fit them myself?

Hope you boys are all enjoying being on the bank again after the last year or so. Been out 3 times already in the last couple of weeks -can't believe I even stopped. Haha.


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Feb 4, 2012
Hi Churchill ive got the same pole and the only top kits you can get now is universal ones, you can get them with puller kits already fitted so you just put elastic in them and you are ready to go, just measure the large end of your topkit and look on ebay mate, off top of my head I think they measure 20 or 21 mill,if I can help in other way just pm mate.