MAP hardcase ? ( or an alternative )

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canal grey

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Sep 24, 2009
I was looking on Evilbay for a rod holdall which would take just one single rod and maybe a banksick or two when I came across a MAP hardcase which takes one made up rod.
Not having looked at these type of holdalls before, could someone tell me if I could carry just a single rod which is not made up and in its cloth bag and maybe a bankstick or two in one of these.
I am presuming that the hardcase is 6' long as it says it will take a 12' foot 2 piece rod.
Is this a standard size, as I could really do with a small one which will take a 3 section 13' foot rod ?
I only ever travel with one rod, so the more compact the better.
I don't mind what make the holdall is as long as it isn't expensive and does the job for me.
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