Manor Farm Leisure,River Avon.

Mar 10, 2019
Had an opportunity to fish early afternoon into evening on Thursday 6th August,and having never seen the stretch before I was excited to give it a go.
Arrived at 2pm,and there were already plenty on anglers already fishing. The river was really clear with no flow,and the bright sunny day didn't exactly fill me with hope!. After a wander up and down the length,I chose peg 1(I think!) on the concrete sidings,just down from the weir.. Had a nice fast( ish) glide over the far side that went under a willow tree.
Plan of attack was going to be waggler over( under the tree)in about 3-4ft,bolo down the middle in 5-6ft,and a feeder in case.
Started feeding casters and hemp across,and maggots down the middle. Didn't want to start feeding maggots across in case it attracted small fish,which is exactly what happened down my middle swim. No matter how heavily I fed,I struggled to get through the bleak. When I did manage to get a bait down,I had a few roach and some nice dace.
After an hour of feeding across,I started casting a waggler over. Was a bit tricky,as I had to cast slightly upstream to make sure my float went under the willow is. This made controlling the waggler difficult,but after 20 runs through the float buried and a nice chub of 2lb was snared. I had to chop and change depths and hook baits to keep the fish coming,but managed several more chub over the next few hours till it died a death. Dropped back on my middle swim,but the bleak were just ravenous and couldn't catch anything apart from 4 to the ounce bleak!...I fed 3 pints of hemp+caster,and 3 pints of maggots over the course of the session.
Ended up with around 15lb of mainly chub in 5hrs fishing. Very happy considering the conditions!