Manners vs Patience


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Jun 8, 2020
So i'm in the post office queue and I knew it would be carnage today, however I wasn't expecting just one member of staff, everyone's agitated but seemingly patient, my twenty minute wait and turn at the counter is further delayed by the two in front of me who hadn't filled out customs declarations, I only had 7 small parcels/large letters which is a quiet day of late, the counter guy and myself rattle through them in no time at all as per usual.

As I walk off contemplating how late some folk leave their international post an old lady pipes up from the queue "Thank god he's gone" after which they all look at me. Despite taking less time than the two before, deep down I thought it kind of funny, there's something going wrong with the world if little old ladies can't have a gripe at the post office even if my actions didn't warrant the comment.

I jog on to another shop as I need supplies (there's something about buying stationery right? just me? ok fair enough) I get a job lot of five multi packs of tape and join another monster queue, it seems temp Xmas staff are a thing of the past. Lo and behold another till opens up which someone goes into quickly, and I join after asking the lady in front if she wanted to go there. She refuses and I joke that sometimes It's better to stay before adding that her queue would probably rush past mine in no time, The little old lady behind her thought it was funny and had a cheeky grin like my late mum would have had. Little did I know my words would be prophetic.

A quick glance behind me reveals my queue is now quite impressive as the lady with small child in front of me seems to be taking her time, I drift off into a world of thoughts before a murmur behind me makes me notice she is now opening a bag of chocolates and unwrapping one for her small child before she has paid,

At this moment I had four thoughts...

A) Bit rude, there is a queue here
B) It's Christmas no need to get narked as it's just a mum with a kid
C) Boy is this kid going to grow up spoilt
D) I bet the rivers are fishing their nuts off right now

I went with option B, that was until she started to faff around with no urgency trying to pay with a phone and I swear she texted someone first. Now I know growing up in London you don't even suggest to an African lady that she is being rude, oh no not a good idea but I did feel for the elderly couple behind me, I had walked a couple of miles and was hot and sticky but I'm sure their legs ached more.

Anyhow I was finally being served even if B&M bargains is far removed from Grace Brothers and as I walked of with my impressive stack of sticky tape I could see with my peripheral 360 Owl Vision that said lady was following me after sorting out her stuff, I breifly stopped in the only exit door to adjust the leaning tower of Sello within my bag, I wasn't looking for trouble but I knew what I was doing, I just had to see what would happen ..."Excuse me you are blocking the door" instantly came from behind.

I just said "Oh sorry" and got out of the way, there was no confrontation but manners v patience which one is better?


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May 9, 2008
I feel your pain. I have a major problem with selfish people in supermarket checkout queues. I think anyone who takes more than 2 minutes to pay should be taken out and shot :LOL:


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Jan 19, 2013
I feel your pain. I have a major problem with selfish people in supermarket checkout queues. I think anyone who takes more than 2 minutes to pay should be taken out and shot :LOL:
And who take ages packing their shopping into bags.
Its not that hard is it?
Another that get my goat are scratch card buyer's, I want a number seven, a three and a ten.
Then they find a bit more coinage and try to put together enough for another card...... a sad state of affairs.
As soon asout of shop - scratching and if they win, straight back in for another card.
Gambling is a disease - scratch cards are evil


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Nov 30, 2015
Saw a lad in Chelmsford on Saturday... begging for change... on his pile of blankets were loads of spent scratchcards... I mean... C'mon... there's taking the p!ss, and REALLY taking the p!ss

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...i don't think the issue is one of Manners vs Patience.
I feel it's the lack of repect for fellow human-beings, that has become the norm these days, is the real issue here!
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