Malc Doyle Summer Series 6th and Final Round 7/09/

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Aug 11, 2001
Date : 7/09/02
Venue: Trotters Lake (Holly Farm)
Time : 2pm till 7pm

Before i go into the report i'll apologies for this being a day late but i fell asleep Saturday night so have not got to do this till after fishing today.

Today saw the final round of the 6 match series that i ran this summer to raise money for THE BRITISH DISABLED ANGLING ASSOCIATION and was generously sponsored by SILLYBAIT.

Before going any further with this report i would just like to say a big thankyou to all who fished on this series making it a success in both raising money and for making new friendships and for all the laughs we had along the way.

Reports on all the previous 5 matches can be found by following the links below.

Match 1 Drayton Reservoir

Match 2 Browning Cudmore

Match 3 Clattercote Reservoir

Match 4 Moorlands Farm

Match 5 Stockton Reservoir

The series was run on a total weight basis with the worst result to be dropped and from the first match it was Keith Ashby that took the lead with a 61lb 8oz catch.

But from then on his weights dropped but he still managed to hold onto the lead all of which can be read in the links above.

Well today would sort out the final positions and we would find out who would walk away with the following prizes for the top 3 anglers and also the best individual weight Fleece/T-Shirt/Cap...Bottle of Champagne. Fleece/T-shirt/Cap....Bottle of Wine. T-Shirt/Cap.............Bottle of Wine.

Best Individual Weight.......Sillybait Cap....Bottle of Wine

Well i arrived at Holly Farm at 11.45am so i could sort out with Dell (the owner) as to which pegs we would be using and to give us all plenty of time to do the raffle and all have a chat.

With this being the last match in the series (
) Keith was out in front with a Nett weight of 128lb 7oz opposed to Kev in second with 107lb 15oz and sitting just behind them was Vic with 105lb 11oz and then it was the rest of us chaseing hard.

Holly Farm is a venue where the fish seem able to read the books as they tend to follow the wind (unlike other waters)
so the pegs that had the wind blowing into them were the one's every body wanted to draw.

View up the lake from peg 11

Dell had allowed us the use of 30 of the pegs and as there were 14 of us fishing we put the best pegs in which ment most of us had 1 or more empty pegs to fish to which hopefully would mean a few extra fish for every body and so finish the series off with "A BAGGUP"

Well the draw was made and of the front runners Keith drew peg 3 which was an unfancied peg with the wind blowing away from him.

Kev drew peg 10 which was in the corner with the wind blowing into it.

And Vic pulled out peg 20 which is normally a banker feeder peg.

Well every body made their way to the pegs and at 2pm i shouted the all in and within 10 minutes of the start from where i was on peg 40 i could see Dave down on peg 30 already into his 3rd fish so things were looking good for a good final match.

Well as they say time flys by when your enjoying yourself and it seemed like no time had pasted when it was time to shout the all out at 7pm, (the time flew by so quick that i never even got to walk around and get the normal pictures)

And so it was time to pack away and do the weighing in and see who had done what.
Word was that both Dave and Kev had both caught well.

And the result of todays match was as follows :

1st....Kev A....61lb 12oz
2nd....Dave M...31lb 3oz
3rd....Steve W..25lb 1oz
4th....Vic N....24lb 7oz
5th....Keith A..24lb 4oz
6th....Nick J...16lb 8oz
7th....Churt....14lb 12oz
8th....Malc D...10lb 5oz
9th....Tim W.....7lb 10oz
10th...Scott E...6lb 9oz
11th...Dave L....4lb 11oz...Guest
12th...Paul D....4lb 4oz
13th...Jimmy L...3lb 3oz
14th...Peter T....D.N.W.....Guest

Total Weight caught 234lb 9oz

As you can see Kev romped home with a fine 61lb 12oz to secure the Best Individual weight of the series, well done Kev

The Raffle today raised 36 thumbsup.gif

And it was good to see Dave get 2nd as the mile's he's clocked up to fish the series must be unreal as he's travelled from York to fish with us (well done Dave it improved your miles to fish ratio

Right onto the final result's,

band.gif band.gif
The table below is the FINAL WEIGHT AND POSITION'S for everybody.

1st....Kev Arathoon......169lb 11oz
2nd....Keith Ashby.......152lb 11oz
3rd....Vic Nugent........130lb 2oz

4th....Steve Wilson......123lb 4oz
5th....Dave More.........107lb 15oz
6th....Paul Dolby.........96lb 4oz
7th....Peter Churton......89lb 15oz
8th....Malc Doyle.........88lb 15oz
9th....Scott Essery.......38lb 13oz
10th...Nick Jones.........36lb 7oz
11th...Andy Stevens.......35lb 1oz
12th...Tim Westmoreland...18lb 6oz
13th...Jimmy Leedham......15lb

Well done to every body for making this series an enjoyable experience and (even if some of the venue's fished a bit off LOL) also for the donation for the raffle.

Below are the happy lads for their final group photo displaying the prizes donated by Sillybait

As a final note before finishing this post i would just like to thank everybody for the unexpected gift of a Drag-On-Net (LOL Nick)after the match it was a great surprise and i'm glad it was dark so you could only hear my reaction and not see it
Thank you all very much.

The money raised by the raffle will be handed over to Terry Moseley of THE BDAA at their National Final at Woodlands View on September 26th.

Here's to the next Series next year (promise not to call it a BAGUP Series though)

Follow the link below to visit the BDAA website.

Fish with Friends @

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Sep 18, 2001
Great report Malc,
Well done everybody,It's been great fun reading all the reports,and following all your adventures.
Just wish it was a bit closer for me,I'll have to try and make a couple of "Guest" appearances next year if you can fit me in Malc.


Make Friends,Go Maggotdrowning.


Mar 9, 2002

A great series and a great bunch of guys. I have already said it in another thread but it would not have happened without your tireless efforts.

I am already looking forward to next year - and will leave it to you to sort out the rules and the waters.

You have a good base on which to improve LOL.

Anyone who did not join in with this group certainly missed out on a good time so watch for Malcs posts and join us next year.


Great info, great guys, great fun, thats Maggot Drowners


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Aug 11, 2001
No problem Peter.

The following is a part of an E-Mail i've received today from Terry at The BDAA.

Just a message of thanks for your support and to all the members on maggot drowning who have raised funds for the BDAA via your matches, the trustees wish me to offer our sincere and grateful thanks for all you hard work and the support of those involved through the year.

The BDAA have and will continue to provide access into the sport of angling and allow disabled people skills from grassroots to world level in all areas of angling, with support such as yours and maggot we can ensure that our plans for the future of disability angling come to fruition in the very near future.

Once again many thanks and I look forward to meeting up with you in the near future.

Thank you
Terry Moseley

Think the above say' it all
Well done to every body involved

Fish with Friends @

kev coke

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Apr 30, 2002
Just to say what the others have malc and that is a big thanks from myself to you for organising and running a very successful series .
A big thamks goes to all the people that took part as well people came from all over the place and at each match there was only laughs to be had and no negatives at all which goes down to you malc and every body that fished the series.
Malc you know you said that we had raised 140 quid for the BDAA well make that 141 as you know you said those words of i think there is a pound side bet coming on and i took that bet but it was close i only beat you by 51 pound so the quid that you probably forgot to give me at the end of the match can go to BDAA as well .
As for next year i hope you can organise some thing so that me and my fellow coke heads can defend are top 3 places

Just to say again malc thankyou


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Aug 8, 2001
Excellent Malc,

I've enjoyed reading about the series that much it looks like you'll definately have to organize another one



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Aug 11, 2001
Kev sorry about the 1
it totaly slipped my mind.

The following is every one's total weight over the 6 matches.

Thought i would put them up so all can see what their totals were.

Kev.....188lb 8oz
Keith...155lb 11oz
Steve..141lb 10oz
Vic......133lb 4oz
Dave...109lb 5oz
Paul....100lb 8oz
Churt....93lb 2oz
Malc.....88lb 15oz
Scott....38lb 13oz
Nick......36lb 7oz
Andy.....35lb 1oz
Tim.......18lb 6oz

Total weighed in by the above 13 anglers over 6 matches was 1,155lb 13oz

Guests fished on 8 occasions and weighed in 249lb 8oz

Total weight on the scales in the series was 1,405lb 5oz

Thanks one and all.

Fish with Friends @


Mar 9, 2002

Scott and I feel that as we all are members of Md's it should be mandatory that in the next series we have a silver fish venue with Maggots are the only permisable bait.- indeed I belive Scott thought that we were supposed to bag up on Roach. Rudd, .... LOL.

Don't forget to let Scott and I know when you and Steve are going to Rolfs.


Great info, great guys, great fun, thats Maggot Drowners

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Jul 29, 2002
Malc i am gutted that i had to miss the first three matches but i had to let the coke heads win, somebody said there would be teddys and dummies flying out of prams all over the midlands if they didnt. ;o)

You have to organise another series now with kev laying down the gauntlet, and i need a chance to save some face. You also need to win yr pound back now.

Give yourself a big pat on the back Malc and all in aid of a good cause as well. Great series and a great bunch of guys nuff said.

Cheers Jimmy

steve wilson

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Oct 16, 2001
well done malc
well done coke heads
Watch out the next time we meet there will be NO letting you lot win
when i get my new pole it will be all guns blazing from myself and malc.
(have had words with an old gypsy woman and she has agreed to lift malcs said curse And transfer it too you lot)
sorry hahahahaha



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Jul 24, 2002
what a great match series for a good cause, i've enjoyed reading the trials and tribulations of the 'dirty dozen'
. If there's another blanking series happening next year, then you can count me in. keep up the good work malc

Dave Moore

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May 9, 2002

Just a quick note to say thanks for all your efforts this year in pulling together a wonderful series...

Thanks to all concerned for the laughs that we have had through the summer, and making us Northerners feel welcome down 'South' been a pleasure, I know its all been said already...

Hope you put that margin pole to good use, not sure about the nets for Dragons not much call for those in Yorkshire...

A quick tally on the mileage about 1700 over the six matches, but guess what, we will do it all again next year...

I think my bait used weighed more than my fish caught, but what the hell, thats fishing...

Till next time, look after yourselves...



12/04/02 - 10/01/19
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Apr 12, 2002
Malc, well done to you and everyone involved,

Keep up the good work.

All The Best


scott essery

'Silver man'
Oct 16, 2001

Thanks again for running a fantastic summer series that has had so many ups and downs with everyone doing well in the end and producing a thrilling finalle.

As Daves pointed out, at times trying to understand what you southernes were saying with your strange cockney like accents was a struggle but i think we managed it!!!

Im not sure what they feed you coke heads at work, but can i please have some! the coke head conspiricy worked well but if only Steve had a pole (great excuse mate!) then it would have ooooh so diferent!

I think Dave and Nick should have a special prize for most dedication and greatest contribution to global warming!!!!

Malcs award (apart from the DRAGON net) has got to be the fella with the biggest smile.

Churt, youve got to win the best entertainer with your dedication to Browning sponsorship (mate, after dying your hair red they should bloody well give you a bob nudd sized persoanl deal!!!), determination to silly pellets at the raffel and Stuart Hall style fishing comentary. Thanks chap!

Kevs coot smaking seat standing laggy stretching antics entertained me no end and both Keith and Vic are genuinly great blokes (who know how to catch some fish!!)

Its been a great summer and one to remember. Not for the fishing as that was rubbish!!!

But for the great bunch of guys and the laugh we had.




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Sep 29, 2001
Well what can i say to follow the tributes that have already poured in.

Great blokes already said

Good craic already said

Churts hair already said

As for next year we will be there enough said


You have gained a lot from this motley crew,not financially i know,but with the dirty dozen behind you good friends for the future have been made.You have linked this all together with a positive attitude sometimes in the face of adversity and personal issues.

Take a bow and see you ALL soon.


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