Malc Doyle Summer Series 4th Match 10/08/02

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Aug 11, 2001
Date : 10/08/02
Venue : Moorlands Farm (Moors Pool)
Time : 2pm till 7pm

Made a few mistakes but have now changed them they will appear in red SORRY

Today the Malc Doyle Summer 6 Match Charity Bagup Series Sponsored by SillyBait and raising funds for THE BDAA moved onto Moors Pool at Moorlands Farm near Kidderminster for this the 4th round.

Moorlands Farm is one of the top commercial match and pleasure fisheries in the country and in the 10+ years since potatoe farmer and fishery owner John Talbot created the fishery it has hosted many of the country's top team and individual competitions.
There is a tackle shop on site selling all baits and smaller items of tackle as well as a 100 seater cafe doing a good value selection of hot and cold food.

The fishery has 6 pools which are all stocked with 70% Carp and a 30% mix of Bream and Roach and even in the depth of winter it's almost impossible to blank .
With the venue match record just below 200lb and most matches this time of year being won with around 100lb todays match looked like being the fairest and best one so far.

Well with the draw being set for 12.30 myself Paul, Steve and Lee arrived at Moorlands nice and early (11.00) so as to double check on the way the other pools were fishing and to give plenty of time to have a good breakfast and a walk around although Nick (Polepot) was there before us as he and wife Hilary had came straight from their holiday and were unhitching their caravan as we arrived.

The rest of the lads started to arrive around 11.30 with the exception of Churt and Ant (who took a wrong turn) and Scott who was stuck on the M6.
At 12.30 after talking to Scott (still stuck) we started the draw and seeing as Scott was not there yet Kev drew his peg for him first.

From information received prior to the match hot pegs to draw were 1, 7 to 10, 12, 13 and 21.
Only 13 fished and as we had all 20 pegs booked there would be a few pegs that ended up with an empty peg next to them which is also worth a few extra fish on any venue and it's no different here, also it meant that some of the hot pegs might not be drawn.

Going into this round the series leader board looked like this
Keith A....114lb 1oz
Kev A........80lb 14oz
Paul D.......70lb 11oz
Steve W.....64lb 8oz
Malc D.......62lb 13oz
Vic N.........61lb 15oz
Peter C......61lb 8oz
Dave M......47lb 4oz
Andy S........9lb 8oz
Jimmy L.......8lb 3oz
Tim W.........4lb
Nick J..........1lb 2oz
Scott E.............9oz

So as you can see we all had our work cut out to catch and overtake Keith who has been out in front since the first round at Drayton.

Keith is also winning the heavyest individual weight as well as the overall series but after this match things will start to get interesting as only 5 out of the 6 match results will count.

At the end of this report i'll post the possible positions after taking away the worst weight to give everybody a more accurate show as to the positions.

As with all the matches in this series fished sofar something always goes wrong.
Example's of some past mishaps.

On the first match at Drayton BritishWaterways had let out a lot of water so most ended up with less than 2ft of water to fish into, plus a couple of broken pole's and it fished below parr with 4 dry nets.
At Cudmore they had lost the 50 deposit so that had to be payed again (cheers post office), Churt had is top kit taken by a Coot resulting in my swimming lesson and it fished below parr with more dry nets recorded.
Honest it is a BAGUP series

Clattercote was not so bad in the problem stakes but it fished bad and again more dry nets.

So now back to todays match.

Yes the Postal Orders for the deposit were posted at the same time as Cudmores and had never arrived (but that was no problem today as i'd payed last week) (cheers again post office) but with phone calls from Churt (lost) and Scott stuck in traffic today looked as if it was going to follow the previous 3 matches and have a few setbacks.
At least we always have a laugh though.

At the draw a few of the hot pegs were not drawn but some were and on corner peg 1 we had Kev and opposite him on corner peg 21 was Paul and up the other end of the pool on corner peg 12 was Nick who on his way to his peg pulled a muscle in his right leg and could not put any weight on it and struggled on for the match in what can only be described as pain (hope you've sorted it now Nick).

Every body was looking forward to the start of todays match as fish were showing all over the pool prior to the start and Nick even managed to hook a Carp whilst he plumbed up on his pole.

Kev just nets a Carp as Ant (guest) baits up

And now on to the result ( and what a result it was )
1st...Scott E.....25lb 11oz
2nd...Andy S......25lb 9oz
3rd...Kev A.......21lb 1oz
4th...Dave M......18lb 10oz
5th...Vic N.......18lb 8oz
6th...Steve W.....18lb 7oz
7th...Ant (guest).17lb 4oz
8th...Malc D......15lb 13oz
9th...Keith A.....14lb 6oz
10th..Peter C.....13lb 11oz
11th..Nick J......10lb 13oz
12th..Lee (guest)..8lb 5oz
13th..Paul D.......7lb 12oz

Total weight Caught by 13 anglers was 215lb 14oz.

As you can see by the results above Scott has come good at last (well done it's about time).

From right to left Scott in action, Lee (guest) and Nick

The table below shows the total weights and position before lowest weight has been deducted.

Keith...128lb 7oz
Kev.....101lb 7oz
Steve....82lb 15oz
Vic......80lb 7oz
Malc.....78lb 10oz
Paul.....78lb 7oz
Churt....75lb 3oz
Dave.....65lb 14oz
Andy.....35lb 1oz
Scott....26lb 4oz
Nick.....11lb 15oz
Jimmy.....8lb 3oz

Now the series positions with the lowest weight deducted

Keith...114lb 1oz
Kev.....82lb 7oz
Vic.....77lb 5oz
Malc...73lb 2oz
Paul...70lb 11oz
Churt..69lb 1oz
Steve..65lb 3oz
Dave...63lb 2oz
Andy...35lb 1oz
Scott..26lb 4oz
Nick...11lb 15oz
Jimmy...8lb 3oz

As you can see by the above table Keith is still out in front but then the next 7 anglers are only seperated by 17lb 3oz from 2nd to 8th

All weigh sheets are available to be double checked at each match

The group at the raffle

The Raffle raised 23 this week

The next round is at Stockton Reservoir on Saturday 31st August see you all there.

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05/10/01 - 18/10/02
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Oct 5, 2001
Brilliant Scott, Pleased for you!
Hope I can emulate you tomorrow!

Good stuff MALC,
Keep it up lads!



Ziptrev pug.gif Shouldn't happen to a DOG!

scott essery

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Oct 16, 2001
Great report Malc and THANKS EVERYONE!!!

Kev whats the chances you can draw my pegs at Stockton and Holly farm?

Its amazing really as Malc suggested i fish to a method i have confidence in. and as loose feeding little and often with pellets or casters is the way to go at Izaak and Boarder, i did just that. loose fed 4 pellets and 4 casters every 30 seconds and waited to see what happened.

There was a HUGE head of 3oz rudd sitting at 7m so i set up a shallow rig (0.16 - reduces tangles- to 10s elastic and a 16 B611 with single caster as best bait) fished at 8 inches deep and just plundered them for a few hours until the carp decided to feed. well the carp werent playing ball so i fed an inside line with corn and pellets while sticking to the rudd. i tried a monster crab pellet and picked up an amazing long finned crusion/common hybrid with HUGLE long fins about a 1lb but that was it. No carp. I thought sod it, ive caught bugger all in the series so far and im enjoying catching these tiddlers so i'll continue. it dyed off a bit towards the end so i tried the inside line for the last 30mins and to lees horror (sitting on peg 15 to my right) hooked 4 carp (lost 2) in 4 put ins and they both weighed about 5lbs each! About time i was the jammy bugger!

I reckoned id got about 20lbs but had no idea what everyone else had done, so when the scales went over to 25.11 i couldnt believe it!!

sorry Andy only 4oz off 1st spot, but your clawing back the points!

I still cant believe i actually won. Right im brining those squats to Stockton, as im on to a winner Kev! Watch it Keith im after you mate

Malc another fantastic days fishing and its credit to all the hard work youve put in, cheers mate! just look how close the top 6 results are!! Its going down to the wire and the next 2 matches will be make or break! Exciting stuff.

Nick, hows the leg mate? hope its getting better.

Right, see you all in 3 weeks.... now, where my 3s elastic and size 26's??


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Aug 11, 2001
Cheers Scott but credit where it's due you read the day right and came good.

thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif WELL DONE SCOTT thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif

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Mar 9, 2002

Just to say I spent Sunday, Monday & Tuesday in hospital - and am now home on crutches, so I'll have to hang up my pole for a while.

Malc - please ensure we do not have to walk too far at Stockton as these crutches will frighten all the fish away, I 'spose that wont affect me much but the others wont like it.

cya at Stockton


Great info, great guys, great fun, thats Maggot Drowners

scott essery

'Silver man'
Oct 16, 2001

Really sorry to hear that mate and i hope your feeling better and recovering well.

You dont have much luck do you mate!
What have you done to deserve it??

No worries about Stockton as im sure us spritly youngsters will help with ferrying your kit to the peg.

From the results at moorlands you were only 110lbs short of the hope for weight but your getting much better mate.... beats those two chub at Cudmore!

Your getting better mate but if i were you, forget the bait and just fish with a plummet on the hook, thats a cunning tactic!!!

Take it easy mate and hope you get better soon.... its YOUR turn now to catch some fish!!!


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Sep 29, 2001

Well done on your win it makes it interesting know that over the last 4 matches there has been 4 different winners.


Hope the leg holds up for the rest of the series.As scott says we will all rally round to get you and your kit to your peg.


The series is getting tighter,just waiting for you to make your move.



Golfs a game for people who can't catch fish

steve wilson

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Oct 16, 2001
malcs making his move alright hes not turning up to the last 2 matches so that we can actually ( BAG UP ) without the doyle curse kicking in
their going to take me away haha hehe


Dave Moore

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May 9, 2002

Funny you should mention this Doyle curse thing...

3 days at Makins, 2 days bagging up with no Malc...

Malc turns up for match day result no fish...well very few...

Coincidence, I think not...

Anyway great day at Moorlands, well done Scott, looking forward to Stockton...



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Aug 11, 2001
quote: please ensure we do not have to walk too far at Stockton as these crutches will frighten all the fish away, I 'spose that wont affect me much but the others wont like it.

Sorry to hear it's that serious all the best for a speedy recovery.
If you draw a walking peg at Stockton there's always room on my Barrow for you. LOL
Seriously though Nick we will see you alright on the day.

quote: Malc,
The series is getting tighter,just waiting for you to make your move.

I'm saving myself for after the series

Steve & Dave,
Don't know what you mean "DOYLE CURSE" indead

Dave you should have known better than to ask me to join you yesterday at Makins LOL

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