Maggotdrowning Virtual Fishing Match (2) - Sunday 26th, 8:00pm

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Aug 8, 2001
After last Sunday's Maggotdrowning Virtual Fishing match, I've had lots of requests for another one, so this Sunday 8:00pm, if you wish to attend it is free, no monies involved, just a laugh - Just post your names down below and I'll close the list at 6:00pm Sunday evening

(Last week's results)

I've modifed the sheet somewhat to help speed it up as last week's match was 2hours long lol

Also, we've restocked the match Lake following some southerners complaining about too many Silvers lol - Fish now range in weight from 0.1kg to 4.0kg

The Random weight selector will change after every net weigh

Anglers names go in Right hand sheet, 5 weighs to the side plus total weight column.
Angler selects column/row (ie H5) get weight shown at time in that row, ie 0.4KG and Species as shown ;)
After 5 rounds the highest aggregate weight wins
Screen shot after each round and Live Stream in to the match thread showing results and weighs at all times ;)

1st, 2, 3rd place, plus sections :)

32 Pegs - First come first served



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Nov 30, 2015
Going to have to pass... video call with in-laws on sunday...