Maggotdrowning Pairs Matches & Pleasure Fishing days - Alders Farm 2021

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Jun 9, 2010
My 34lb haul on Pines. Not much compared to others on the lake but I’m proud of it all the same. All caught in the last hour. Wish I’d found the fish earlier but there you go. Thoroughly enjoyed myself :)

Well done !


Nov 1, 2003
Me and godber are masters of guiding inebriated mds into their tents dougue lol
Plenty of practice 😁

I do seem to remember a certain incident michael

"Arky arky i cant find the door to the bivvy "try the front not the back mick it normally helps" 🤣🤣


Nov 1, 2003
It’s taken me a couple of days to recover sufficiently to give an account of my series of disasters.

Disaster 1) I could not come down on Friday as I got a last minute call up for a hospital appointment.

Drove down Saturday morning, leaving home at 4.30AM having not slept a wink. Arrived as the gates opened at 7.30 and proceeded to make my way straight to the tent field. The lane was an absolute quagmire and I needed to swing quite wide to get through the gate.

Disaster 2) Got completely stuck on the slope with wheels spinning everywhere. Set off cap in hand to find @Dave and his trusty Hilux. Dave was very obliging and efficiently pulled me out backwards onto the lane.

So I reversed down the lane and seeing a car parked at the car park end of the dam I pulled up behind it. Unfortunately I was about a foot further over than I thought I was.

Disaster 3) I slid into the ditch with my van leaning over at 45 degrees. A small group gathered and assured me that my situation was a lot worse than it looked from inside the van. Put your handbrake on hard and get out veeeery carefully was the advice. One kind guy ran to get help whilst I cautiously dismounted. The situation was indeed as bad as they had suggested. One wheel was on the path but the back wheel on the same side was in the air. The two nearside wheels were on the slope at the edge of the precipice. I was advised not to fart near the van or it would be in the lake. At that point help arrived in the form of a man in the Alders Mule. I can’t describe how anxious I felt whilst they towed me very slowly back onto the track. Gratitude does not do justice to what I felt towards the Alders man who had got me out. Park over there was all he said.

So I parked over there and got my tent out. I found a lovely spot fairly close to @John Step on Oaks and not far from the van.

Disaster 4) Took the tent out of the bag, a nice new Khyam quick errect job which cost me a bob or two. I am no newcomer to Khyam tents and am completely familiar with how you erect them in two minutes. Something was definitely amis with this one. The poles were sticking out at completely the wrong angles and the top hub from which everything is supposed to position itself was upside down. After about twenty minutes of wrestling hopelessly with it John Step came over to assist. There followed a further twenty minutes, this time with two of us wrestling with it and we had to admit defeat. At least John assured me it was the tent that was wrong and not just me being an idiot and many thanks to him for his efforts. So I was sleeping in the van. Decision made.

By this point I realised I was quite late for breakfast. Off to the caf I went looking forward to getting filled with a full english

Disaster 5) I was too late. They had run out of everything. They had eggs left. Right I said I’ll have eggs. Any beans? Yes beans and tinned tomatoes. So I had a rather compromised breakfast that I’d prepayed £7 for.

Really enjoyed the match and the barbecue on the Saturday. Maggotdrowners are without exception top lads and I really enjoyed to banter. And thanks go to my long suffering pairs partner @Knight of the round pond and to @chefster and @crayfishtraps who were unfortunate enough to draw next to me and who provided some good advice and banter on the Saturday. I managed 50lb on the best peg on the lake which had provided the winning weight of getting on for 300lb on the Friday. I‘m sure I caught 200lb or more, my peg was rammed with big carp, but I just kept getting broken off in the reeds and undergrowth. I had to have my clutch wound down completely and then I was failing to back it off quickly enough when I’d got them out into the lake. I should probably have backwound but I didn’t.

Disaster 6) Slept through my alarm and woke up at 10.00 on Sunday when the all-in was 11.00. By the time I’d struggled to get my trolley up the hill to Pines and through the mud and found out what peg I was on, peg 3, I had half an hour to get set up so I was a bit flustered.

This time I was next to @chefster again (poor bloke) and @Nickp69 the venue expert. Tried down my right hand edge and had two, of which I landed one. At the end of an hour I had one fish. At the end of four hours I had one fish. I had tried everywhere in my swim, down both edges and out in the lake, same distance as @chefster was catching carp and a constant stream of skimmers (ok they weren’t skimmers they were bream, Gaz called them skimmers though. Due to my casting technique which I call ’random’ I fished in @Nickp69 s swim quite a bit of the time. He was very gracious about it but probably thought I was a bloody idiot.

With an hour to go I found fish at 5m. Method feeder with maggot. I was bagging for the last hour and got my weight from 4lb to 34lb so I managed to save face a bit even though I think I came last on the lake.

Disaster 7) Loaded my trolley up and rolled it six feet at which point a wheel came off. Not just the wheel but the bracket. Completely broken it was. Once the weigh in was completed the mule arrived to see if anyone was struggling. I don’t know the name of the guy but he works at Alders and he is a big strong lad. He wheeled my trolley on three wheels all the way to my van. I owe him a huge debt. I couldn’t even hold it upright on three wheels. It must have taken a lot of muscle to do what he did.

Despite my 7 disasters I had a terrific time. I’ve decided there might be something to this match angling lark. I think only MDs would be willing to put up with me but I will certainly be fishing more MD events.

It was great meeting all these guys, I have only mentioned a few but they are, without exception, top blokes.
I wouldnt be bothering with the lottery mark lol..


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Aug 27, 2021
Maggotdrowning Pairs Weekend 2021

In line with the current UK Government guidelines, you are all cordially invited to come along to the Maggotdrowning Pairs Tournament & Pleasure Fishing - Alders Farm Fishery 2021
Each day will be separate matches and those who are attending will be able to camp overnight should they wish. For those not wanting to fish the matches, pleasure fishing is available across the complex including the specimen lake (Oaks).

Maggotdrowning Pairs Matches & Pleasure Fishing Days - Alders Farm Fishery 2021

Venue details:

Alders Farm Fishery
Ivy Lane,
Milton Keynes,
MK17 9AH (see map: Google Maps)

Pleasure Fishing: Friday 30th July - Sunday 1st August 2021 - Whole complex with the exception of Pines (Friday) and Ash Lakes (Sat/Sun)
Pairs Matches: Saturday 31st July & Sunday 1st August 2021 - Ash Lake (plus Pines if needed)
Friday Match: Friday 30th July 2021 - Pines Lake (plus Ash if needed)

Number of Places:
We have the whole complex at our disposal



Pleasure Fishing:
There will be a free for all and you can fish where you want as long as it is by the fishery rules. The only exceptions will be Ash (Sat/Sun) and Pine (Friday) as we have matches on them.
There is ample mixed Coarse fishing for all levels of skill from beginner to the more seasoned angler amongst us. (Day tickets £10.00)
Cost: £10.00 deposit required to secure your place, refunded against the cost of your day tickets.

In addition, there is the Specimen lake (Oak Lake) with some big Carp in there up to 40lb. (Day ticket £16 on Oaks, minimum 2 days, Night fishing is allowed)
Day tickets to be purchased on the day however please let me know if you are coming so we can inform the fishery of numbers - please state 'Oaks' if you want to fish the Specimen Lake as numbers will be limited.
Cost: £16.00 deposit for Oaks Lake to secure your place, refunded against the cost of your day tickets.

The Pairs Matches:
There will be Two Matches, on the 31st July and 1st August 2021
On Day One (Saturday) the entrants will be split into groups of TWO drawn from a hat to make up 'The Pairs'
These Pairs will fish as a team for the duration of the weekend

The peg draw will then take place for the Saturday Match with each angler drawing a peg as per usual
At the end of the Saturday match points will be awarded based upon the combined weight of each Pair

Day Two (Sunday) everyone will again draw a peg but keep their Pairs Partner and at the end of day two of the tournament again points will be awarded based upon the combined weight of each pair.
Saturdays and Sundays points will be added together to determine the Maggotdrowning Pairs winners

Cost for the Pairs Tournament: £25.00* per person + Pools Money (£5.00 per day) (*This is to cover the peg fees and the cost of the trophies)

Friday Match (Pines):
Meet at the fishery on Friday morning, 30th July 2021 , Draw at 11.00am, Fish 12.30 - 5:30 (ish)
Cost all in - Peg Fee and Pools £15.00


Friday and Saturday Evening/Night: by kind permission, Bivvies/Tents will be allowed to be pitched on-site but no further fishing will be allowed. (subject to UK Government camping restrictions).
Cooked breakfasts will be available onsite on a take-out basis
All being well a BBQ will be available for all to use on Friday & Saturday night if anyone wants however please bear in mind Social Distancing rules apply at all times.

Important Bits

Social Distancing Guidelines must be adhered to at all times, in addition, Alders Farm Fishery rules regarding COVID-19 safeguarding must also be adhered to: Alders Farm Fishery
If anyone attending is suspected of showing any signs of Coronavirus they will be asked to leave straight away. If anyone is self-isolating prior to the event please ensure that you have done so for the required duration.
Tents must be pitched with a minimum of 3metres between them. No one to share a tent or bivvy with anyone from outside of their own household.

2) The criteria for entering the Pairs Matches is that you must have been a Member of the Maggotdrowners Forum prior to Midnight 31st December 2020 and you must be a Site Supporter when entering and also during the weekend (this is only applicable to the Pairs Matches)

In the interest of fair play, last year's attendees who are current Site Supporters are to be given an invite which they need to confirm their attendance ASAP. However there needs to be a cut-off point and this will be Midnight Sunday 30th May, after that any remaining places will be offered to the reserves list on a first-come first-served basis.

To register for Pleasure Fishing please add your name to this thread stating 'Pleasure'. Day tickets to be purchased on the day - A £10.00 deposit is required to secure your place (£16.00 for Oaks Lake) - this will be offset against the cost of your day ticket(s) - Please click the following link to pay your deposit: Account upgrades

4) To register for the Pairs Matches you must add your name to this thread stating 'Pairs' and names will be taken on a 1st come 1st served basis. All entry fees, £25.00, are payable in advance - Please click the following link to pay: Account upgrades

5) To register for the Friday Match please add your name to this thread stating 'Friday Match'. Pools money payable on the day (£5.00) however the £10.00 peg fee is required to secure your place - Please click the following link to pay: Account upgrades

6) No person under the age of 18 may enter unless they are accompanied throughout the weekend by an adult

7) Alders Farm rules apply to both matches (

8) Landing Nets, Keepnets and Unhooking Mats: You must supply your own nets, keepnets, and unhooking mats and ensure they are dipped before use.

9) Deposits: In the event that anyone cannot attend due to Self Isolating with Coronavirus Symptoms or having been advised to Self Isolate having paid their deposit, their deposit will be refunded; likewise should the UK Government change current guidelines which would prevent the matches going ahead. Any other refunds will be at my discretion.


That's it, go for it and any questions please ask
Hi Dave, sorry to bother you.I am contacting you on behalf of Shearsby Valley Lakes. We have a match booking for this weekend in the name of Maggot drowners but we don't have a contact number. Is this anything to do with the forum


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Jun 9, 2010
Hi Dave, sorry to bother you.I am contacting you on behalf of Shearsby Valley Lakes. We have a match booking for this weekend in the name of Maggot drowners but we don't have a contact number. Is this anything to do with the forum
Hello there,I have no idea but Dave Webster might I will
Hi Dave, sorry to bother you.I am contacting you on behalf of Shearsby Valley Lakes. We have a match booking for this weekend in the name of Maggot drowners but we don't have a contact number. Is this anything to do with the forum
Hello there ,i have just messaged Dave Webster ,forum man to see if he can help and have given him fishery name ,will update you if i get a reply


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Sep 18, 2001
Andy, as far as I'm aware the only Member who may have booked it would have been @davered5 (David Pontin) but I know that he's spoken to someone at the fishery about this this morning..

The Landlord

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Jul 26, 2018
Damn & ballax :mad:

My barman, who locks up for me a couple of times a week & looks after the place if I have a weekend away, has just given his notice in. No nights off for about 6 months as even if I get a replacement, it takes a while to know you can trust them.
However, all I could think about was next year's Alders weekend and potentially missing that :(


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Sep 22, 2020
The good lady and I would love attend the next one. After the weather beating us into submission on our last visit we really want to return in "warmer" climes. Will it be held over the same weekend and if anyone has a crystal ball, will we need to be dressed like Eskimo's again?