Maggotdrowning Pairs Matches & Pleasure Fishing days - Alders Farm 2021

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Aug 12, 2006
Yep, beer still flowing, thinned out to a few hardcore, Len Wade entertaining us with forward rolls.......... well, thats his drunken excuse, trying to upload videos but wont let me. Might pee the bed tonight but l've been been wet all weekend so whp cares.


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Oct 26, 2004
Blimey it was wet! - Our pegs on Oak looked like The Somme. Biggest fish we had (hamish had) was a 14lb-er on Sat evening.
Apart from that we probably had a dozen carp between us, all between 6lb and 10lb. Plus there were a few bream and a random rudd.
When it wasn't sheeting down it was chucking it down, and when it wasn't chucking it down it was peeing it down.
Metcheck said Sunday was going to be completely dry, until they looked out of their window on Sunday morning, then they changed their minds!
We decided enough was enough and packed everything away wet in the rain on Sunday morning.
Who'd be a Maggotdrowner eh? ;)(y)


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Dec 19, 2012
Brilliant weekend all round despite the constant downpours!
Great to see everyone.
Well done Gaz on your haul of nuggets and that was a cracking net of skimmers today!
Cheers mate, and well done today , lake 2nd ??

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Nov 12, 2015
Got home at 9pm. Unloaded most of the wet stuff. Was a fabulous weekend and great to meet some of you guys. Most notably @chefster , @Godber , @Stewie74 , @The Landlord , @matt (sorry mate,I fished like a muppet), @Martin25664 , @BobbyD @Dave , @Peter . I’m sorry if I missed any of you out. I’ve met that many new people this weekend I’ve forgotten half of you.
Bit of a mare getting the camper out. I did think being front wheel drive it might be a bit of a problem to drive forwards, then thought, ahh it’s pretty dry now, she’ll be alright. Got half way up and started spinning. Reversed back down , turned around and reversed up. Went a bit to steady and spinning again. By this time Jacquie was getting a bit worried . She’ll be fine I said , I’ll give her a bit more stick. Give her the beans the third time and just made it over the top. I think next year we better park up by the shop, even though the spot we had was perfect.
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