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Dec 2, 2001
I thought Ray, Malc and myself deserved our own thread. I mean a trip into the depths of rural Cornwall is nearly as depressing as being in Wales.

Day One

I left Swansea at half past four on the Saturday morning, and after a steady journey reached White Acres just before nine. I had received a phone call from Ray telling me he was already down by the fishing lodge so after booking in Margaret and myself drove down to the lodge to meet with Ray and Jan.

It is impossible to keep Ray away from water so we decided to fish Jennys lake for a couple of hours while waiting for our caravans.

I set up a pole to fish at 8 metres and in the margins. For a taster this short session was very good. I caught several tench, roach and perch and a couple of carp while both Ray and Jan were also into fish. I caught nothing very big but it was enjoyable.

At twelve o clock we left the lake, and adjourned to the bar, where I duly bought Ray a drink with Trevs five pounds. You are right Trev, after buying four drinks in fact there was very little change from a tenner.

Caravan keys arrived and we went to our respective abodes.

Malc and family arrived about two thirty, and we had a quick natter before agreeing to meet at Rays van for a drink that evening.

That evening the Ray, Jan, Malc and myself had a nice evening chatting and discussing the week ahead. We agreed to meet at the Fishing lodge at 7-45 in the morning to fish Bolingey.

Day Two

I picked up Malc and we went down to the fishing lodge at 7-45 and met Ray. We obtained the key to Bolingey and drove the ten miles to the lake. Ray and myself had fished Bolingey last September and had happy memories of the place, oh but the change.

They have divided the lake into three parts with approximately 200 pound of carp per peg in each section. Bolingey used to be full of roach and perch but these have all been removed. It is now geared up only for the match men. Later in the week both Ray and myself spoke to the bailiff and apparently we were not the only ones to have a moan. But I digress.

I decided to fish at 8 metres and in the margins, as usual. I had success within the first half an hour with my biggest common carp ever, a little beauty of 11 lb 12 ounces, kindly weighed by Ray, who also took the photograph. It took a while to get in on 10 elastic as I had hooked it in the fin, still I always claim it is harder to lasso fish than to hook them.


I have now upset the weight structure of the lakes by putting the carp back in a different section of the lake.

I only had another four fish all day, the largest being about 6 pounds. I did spend time watching Ray and Malc fish and learnt a great deal which was to help me out later in the week. I wish I had their dedication but when it comes to preparation I am so laid back I am nearly comatose.

We finished fishing about five-o-clock, and admit to being disappointed with what they have done to a lovely lake.

Day three was spent taking Margaret to the Eden Project and Trego Mills. Well I had to take her out once on holiday and it was raining.

Day Four

Up at 6 in the morning, a quick breakfast, flask made and down to the lakes. I decided to fish Python. I set up the pole and two rigs, one for the margins and one mid way across.

Steadily feeding casters I pulled out 3 bream to about 3 lbs, several roach and perch and a couple of small tench very early.

Fishing half way across I managed to catch three small carp, then Ray and Jan turned up, followed by Malc a little while later. I still managed to catch a few fish, but not as regularly as before. Little Angel (Gemma) had great pleasure in showing me how it was done. I did manage to catch one nice tench of about three pounds, before I decided to call it a day, after about 10 hours fishing.

Day Five.

This was the day that Ray and I had decided to fish Gwinear Pools, on Windsor match lake. Reading all the reports about this water, meat at about 8 metres was the method to really bag up. A pity nobody told the fish because although I caught fish it certainly was not prolific.

I borrowed Rays cupping kit and fed two cups of corn, meat and pellets at 8 metres and settled down, to wait for the action. First carp came quite quickly, a common of about 2 pound. It was a long wait for the next one.

I tried in the margins on single caster and had several roach to about 4 ounces, but nothing big.

Back at 8 metres I was still picking up the occasional common carp of between 2 and three pounds, and two mirror of about 6 7 pound. Later in the afternoon the swim seemed to be boiling, with all the carp activity but they were slow to take the hookbait. I must be doing it wrong.

At close of day I had 13 common carp, two mirror, umpteen roach and a couple of skimmers. I should think about 40 pound in weight altogether.

After packing up I left agreeing to meet Ray and Jan at the fishing lodge in the morning to fish Bolingey once again.

Day Six.

Bolingey again. I had booked for the day, and dreams of how it used to be were still running through my head. It had to be better than Sunday. Well it was, but not a lot.

I set up two rigs again, one for the margins and one at nine metres. I fed both lines and decided to fish the margins first and first cast hit into a smashing common of about 8 pounds. This one gave my 14 elastic a bit of stick, because I had lassoed another fish. I am getting really good at that trick.

During the rest of the day I caught a lot of small carp of half to one pound and three decent sized ones of about 6 7 lb, one lassoed again, but I was missing the roach.

Last year I could feed caster and pull out Roach and Perch to over a pound, and the next minute get battered by a big carp but not now.

I left Ray and Jan to it, as I was getting back to get the drink on ice ready for the Maggot Drowners On Tour seminar in our caravan later that evening.

It did seem a bit sad pulling out of Bolingey car park knowing that I will not be fishing it again. I do not agree with what they have done to a wonderful lake, and I believe it has only happened to appease the commercial minds at Whiteacres. I wonder where all the roach are, in the new lakes at Whiteacres.

I have let my thoughts be known on the camp questionnaire, and by E-Mail, but I am only a pleasure angler, so I suppose I do not really matter.

We had our social gathering in my caravan that evening, and a photograph of the four maggot drowners on tour is in the process of being developed.

Margaret and myself left the site on Friday morning, the weather was atrocious and I wasnt fishing anyway. I will not be returning to Whiteacres, in fact I will be expecting a few of you to visit me in Spain.

I look forward to seeing a few of you at Semmer and Elvington.

There you have it, another holiday over and just a few fishing trips to look forward to.

Ray if you fancy a trip to South Wales the offer is always open, perhaps we can get daifish and Ray Owen to show us how it is done on Seven Oaks or Hazel Court.

thumbsup.gif Geoff

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Jan 9, 2002
Well Done Geoff my old buddy

The fish and the report are excelant!

The shirt in the picture is very nice too! Is it covering a tee shirt with a WELSH Dragon on it by any chance?

Dai informed me that you have one


Geoff P

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Dec 2, 2001
Actually Wayne it was a bulldog in disguise.

thumbsup.gif Geoff

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Aug 11, 2001
Nice report Geoff,

Like yourself i to was not impressed with WA as you know (and i'm a match angler although others will say different after Drayton..LOL).

The complaints section was not big enougth and had to use extra piece of paper for that one.

Due to not actually doing much fishing in the end i have not bothered to do any reports but will say that Crystal wont shut up about her Tench,Crucian and Mirror that she caught.

But what i will say though is that the company of yourself and Margaret and Ray and Jan was a big part of making the holiday a good one ( even if i did end up having a few beers)LOL.

And as for Spain well you know the answer to that one already.

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Oct 5, 2001
Nice Fish Geoff,
Thanks both for reports,

Back to our old agreement point that the unplanned often scores over the disapointment of the let down of planned trips!!!

Damn shame on a weeks holiday though!!?
We don't get that many,

Si amigo (or similar!) I'm learning Spanish already! C U there.

(Never fancied Cornwall anyway!)



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