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Aug 8, 2001
Hi All,

This was recently posted on the Notice Board

I'm working on a tv documentary about fishing for the History Channel here in the States. I've heard that Britons use mostly maggots for bait (whereas we normally use worms) and that some maggot farms dye their maggots different colors. Anyone know of such a maggot farm they could refer me to? Thanks.

If anyone can help out, please do:

Ms.Ansley Bell
Associate Producer

Actuality Productions
4730 Woodman Avenue, Suite 300
Sherman Oaks, California 91423
United States

818-377-7200 x226
818-377-6200 fax
818-377-3390 fax

And don't forget to let us know as well

Cheers, Dave


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Jan 19, 2002
A copy of the post I sent her:

quote:Ms. Bell - I saw a copy of your request for maggot information on a UK fishing bbs. You might try an email to the address below. Paul is an avid fisherman from Michigan I think. He is very familiar with the use of maggots as done here in the US. BTW - they are called "spikes" in his area - probably to keep from offending non-fisherfolk.

Paul - I took your name in vain but didn't imagine you would object. Here is a copy of this lady's posted request.
(and a copy of the request was included)

For Trogg and any other AN regulars, Paul is AKA nightwing.

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