M,Ds Individual Champs & Wooden Spoon,


21/03/06 - 05/12/15
In Memoriam
Mar 21, 2006
Maggotdrowners Midlands Individual Plus Wooden Spoon,
Venue Lavender Hall Fishery Balsall Common,
Anglers drawn on Dragon Pool,
DRY NETS 64lb.06 (Champion)
Skeggy 61lb.08 (Third)
Neil Crozier 36lb.11 (Section B)
Fishingjazzman 34lb.03 (section C)
Silver slug 31lb.12
Tragic Fin 20lb.13 (Section A)
Pole Addict 20lb.02
Notneeded 19lb.07
Mike999 12lb.10
Bucko 06lb.08
Woody123 05lb.03
Dave C 03lb.08
Fish4alarf 00lb.13 (Wooden Spoon)
Perch basher D.N.W
Milo D.N.W.
Stokie D.N.W.
Ray Harris (D.N.W. Retired)
Anglers drawn on Bens pool,
Pikehall 62lb.01 (Second)
Tinny 37lb.01 (Forth)
Dave Markham 26lb.00 (Section B)
Rob Hollis 21lb.10 (Section A)
Gazzy 24lb.06
Royst 22lb.04 (Section C)
Scrat8 21lb.02
Chubb66 19lb.11
MarkC 19lb.11
Sparrowlegs 17lb.05
Steve Davies 16lb.02
Rich Hurdman 13lb.15
Livingstone 3845 11lb.13
Keith Webb 03lb.00
Crayfishtraps D.N.W.

The match was under some smashing sunshine but a keen wind first thing but after a time became a little warmer we arrived at the fishery after a meal and a few bevvies from the night before twelve including neil of the nene wife Marion and of course my boss lyn,

We met all the other M.ds, who was fishing on the day tucking into a Lavender hall breakfast and that is just worth the trip.

I had 32 in the end 17 on Dragon pool and 15 on Bens Pool which worked out well, Dragons fished very different to the Friday as all little stockie carp and silver fish with only 30lb wining with 8 on the pool but not a day to be fishing but we all had a great day and a laugh and well worth a visit back.


Neil ofthe nene

Doing things differently.
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May 4, 2009
Casting lessons anyone.[:p]

And don't ask about the Weetabix[;)]

Thanks to Bucko and Lyn for organising. Great weekend.

perch basher

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Oct 30, 2011
did not weigh only had few skimmers
but enjoyed the day.good bunch of guys,good days banter.
thanks to bucko&lyn for organising looking forward to next year
and y
think i will pass on casting lessons thanks neil

Neil ofthe nene

Doing things differently.
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May 4, 2009
In my own defence, I was hampered by the overhead trees. My excuse and I'm sticking to it.


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Mar 6, 2003
I had a great time fishing with the lads at lavender hall fishery. I was Sat next to the winner on the day. We chatted through the match he ended up winning with 64lb. I ended up with 20lb of mainly silver's when I showed Steve me rig he couldn't believe it. I was fishing a 1gr paste float 7lb9 line straight through to a size 12 hook and using 6mm expanders. His face was a picture he said he would never read another fishing mag again