LUT Championship - Lathom number 4

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Apr 2, 2010
The series continued with a match on the lake that should sort out the men from the boys but no one could have anticipated the way the fish decided to stay away................
33lb won the match from peg 2, peg 22 throwing up 31lb to White man, 3rd came in with 25lb.
A very disapointing day for all but - hey that's angling............
Hopefully the Ron Oakes Memorial on the same venue should be a different kettle of fish.
Next championship match is on sixfields in 3 weeks time.
Tight lines.

Paste prefect.[:T]


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Feb 9, 2010
Well Well
If this is what the commercial fishery scene has become when folks are disappointed with winning weights of 33lb followed up with another 30 and 25 for third then Im glad I dont fish them.
This leads me to believe that anglers today have expectations which are not really in line with angling but more with catching.
How would the modern angler feel if they were to turn up and catch nothing[:0]
This happened on many occaisions in my youth and even today I would not be surprised to blank on the more difficult local 'natural' waters including rivers and canals.
This is not meant to be a controversial post more an observation on the expectation levels of todays anglers.
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