LUT championship - Copthorne

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Apr 2, 2010
Tuesday 8th saw the third match in our championship held on carp canal on the Copthorne complex.Steady rain was the order of the day and despite a serious lack of water in the lake, the fishing was good. Paul W. Arrived late to take the golden peg in the corner (14) and bagged up all day without breaking into a sweat to weigh 75lbish. That man Froddie remained composed all match and didn't respond to the barraking from TT Ringer to take 2nd with 55lbish putting TT Ringer into third with 48lb 4 oz a clear pound in front of your truly with 47lb 4 oz. First misser for the second time in a week (see Four Seasons Bold Hotel)With little depth in my peg (17)the foul hooked crocodiles just decide to shoot off sideways at great velocity to test the breaking strain of the tackle with vigour.
Pellet was the bait for all concerned. Next match is the 4 man team on TunnelBarn in the Firstgroup championship. Tight Lines!
Not open for further replies.