Lower Lough Erne at Killadeas


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Dec 2, 2018
May need the help of my Irish MD buddies here. On my tour operator's website I am looking at the Manor House cottages at Killadeas on Lower Lough Erne. The location seems perfect for me with fishing in the grounds of the cottages, and the Manor House hotel nearby (lockdown permitting). However there is no blurb about the fishing itself on that spot and I'm hoping someone may be able to provide me with some info regarding depths, tactics, will I need a platform; all the usual stuff.

I am assuming that the three usual Irish rules prevail: pre-bait, pre-bait and pre-bait, however any other advice would be great, thanks.

Ken the Pacman

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Aug 24, 2015
The owner allows matches along the length when there are no anglers staying in the chalets so it is fairly well known.
The early pegs are on small stone jettys but the better pegs are at the end furthest away from the marina on a natural grass bank. There is a large square solid jetty at the very end but I dont think they are keen on you setting up on there.
The grass bank is the owners lawn so please respect it and ask permission first. I also saw a boat fisherman land a huge Trout over 10lb in front of the early pegs while we bashing Perch out on the pole at 9 meters to hand.
It is deep at the better end so normally fished on the feeder no long casts required and expect the normal Roach some Bream and lots of Hybrids.
You can hire a small boat in the Marina and go exploring which we did in May if you want a change.


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Mar 11, 2006
This is one of my favourite sections but unfortunately us locals can’t pleasure fish it.

It’s usually used for matches in May and September.

Even though there are a few stone jetties, the best fishing is on the natural bank but I’m not sure your allowed to fish there as it’s part of the marina owners garden.

As it’s mainly roach and hybrids, per baiting doesn’t generally work.

As for tactics, it’s normally feeder at 40-60m. Occasionally you’ll get a few bites on the pole but it can get a bit wild there when it blows.