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Mar 22, 2012
Just got back from a short two hour session down on my local river. I’ve not been out fishing for a while, and I’ve literally not been out of the house for 10 days after my wife tested positive for Covid. So today was the first day of freedom for us both, she’s gone to her her hair done, I went to wallow about in mud, wind and rain.

I’d planned to target the chub with bread flake and bread mash as feed. I prepped the bread this week and made my rod up in its carry case. Grabbed a landing net and a zip up ground bait bowl for the bread and terminal tackle, on with the boots and waterproofs and off I went, full of hope.

That hope disappeared as fast as my float went from in front of me to 30 yards away, on my first cast. The river was a foot or two up, but tonking it though at quite a pace. Making my favoured spots redundant. I walked downstream dropping into any likely looking swims, mostly searching for slack water where I could trot my crystal Avon down the crease. The wind was getting up and the rain was coming down, making it hard to present my bait well. I’d gone for a 2.4g float, with a bulk of 5bb, and a bb dropper 5 inch form a size 8 hook. In hindsight, I could have done with a heavier float.

With an hour gone, I’d made my way down to a bridge so plonked myself in between some trees with the wind in my face. Almost ready to give up. In went a golf ball sized ball of mashed bread, followed by my bait. Then the float went under, I lifted into it thinking it was the bottom and something pulled back. An actual fish!! A spirited fight with a few scary moments later, and a very welcome chub was in the landing net. Guessed weight of 2.5lbs (a new set of scales is on my Christmas list) but I didn’t care about the size. I was just happy to get outside, breath some fresh air and feel the rod bending.



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Jul 31, 2016
Well done for persevring and getting rewarded for sticking at it.