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'Any indications?
Aug 2, 2012
As i landed the first fish-a Bream, i asked the lad if they count in our half term knock up, after some debate, agreement was reached with them worth a point, same as a carp. 1-0 then mate.............

We had settled on today with conditions looking ok and were greeted with a mild breeze and fish showing that had clearly been enjoying the mild temperatures, finding a couple of pegs with a decent ripple and our backs to the wind, match on........

Been a while since i have fished this lake and did recall much of a variety of sizes, but we settled on lightish setups given the time of year, that promptly got swapped after our first carp each! The lads going 9 or 10lb and mine a lively fish of around 6lb.

Sometimes i can't help myself in advising the lad to ease on his feeding, but his natural lack of fear, that i put down to his young age and also experience of summer fishing largely, sees him fish very positive....plink plink plink in go the loose fed pellets over the micros he has already potted in and seeing the fish responding well to it, i was now 3-2 down.

Having eased myself in, i followed suit with another pot and in relatively shallow water at 2 plus 3 i could see the evidence that the fish wanted some food today as they stirred the bottom up. Having decided that i wanted to just pole fish today, i kept a lightly and loosefed pellet line going at 2 plus 1, as i reaped the rewards on the long line. The lad is catching steadily too and in him landing another double, being good justification for putting his 11 hollow top away in favour of a heavier one. Weight wise he did me all ends up and with some lovely fish, but we had agreed a point per fish for today, which also suited him fine as he took a 6-5 lead.

An early afternoon lull ensued, so we took our break time too with a couple of sarnies each, then game on as i went back in and put 3 carp and another bream together for a 9-6 lead then slowing. Out goes his method feeder as i mention i will start to pack my kit together, and he gets a couple quickly. I start to pack up some of his kit to see if he can get some more, but it wasn't to be.

'Good day mate, enjoyed that, did you?', as i'm packing his pole up.
'Yea......did we say Bream counted Dad?' as he's doing the maths.

Ive never let him win at anything, but on this occasion he knew my smile was one favourable to a decision that went his way, he had fished well and earnt it on weight too, so why not.


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Jul 31, 2016
I think it's absolutely brilliant Chris, that you and your lad have fishing days to remember. Given the number of fondly remembered stories MDr's have of fishing with their Dad, I hope the both of you have many memorable days, that will last a lifetime.